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About classic swine fever

The main concern of the pig breeders is the health and growth of the wards, and the classical swine fever (CSF) poses the greatest threat to this. Against the background of plague infection, complex complex diseases can develop that lead to a massive mortality of adult pig and young stock. Knowledge of the main symptoms, the principles of diagnosis, treatment, as well as the organization of proper preventive measures will help to preserve the health of pigs.

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Cries of swans

You can admire the beauty and elegance of swans forever. These sophisticated, though rather large birds, are majestic and elegant. I wonder what sounds they make? Have you ever heard such a name as whooper swan? Such a nickname this species of birds was due to a loud shout. As a rule, swans are not very noisy and similar sounds emit only during the mating season or as an alarm signal.

Feeding calves milk

It is necessary to immediately decide what to do if the calf does not drink milk, because it is necessary for his health. Newborn babies have too weak immunity, so without regular drinking they can greatly weaken, and in the future this will adversely affect the general condition and productivity. In this article, novice farmers will be able to find out how much milk to give, and how to be if there is not enough, or the young ones refuse to drink.

Chickens soil nests: solve the problem together

When breeding poultry farmers can face various problems. One of the most common can be called the fact that chickens shit in their nests. What is the reason for this behavior and how to deal with it, try to understand this review. Causes Chickens can soil sockets for many reasons. But most often this is due to the fact that the birds perceive them as perches.

Bulls with rings in their noses: why it is needed

Let's see why a bull has a nose ring. Not for beauty. Tribal males can sometimes be very capricious. In addition, they have enormous strength, power, and just weight, which makes them uncontrollable. Often this is a serious problem when dealing with them. It has long been observed that the representatives of cattle have several of the most sensitive points on the body.

Dropping for rabbits - tasty and healthy dressing

In the diet of the rabbit, as well as humans, there must be minerals, vitamins, dietary fiber and fiber. Of course, you can use purchased fortified supplements, but is it worth it when there is a lot of healthy and juicy food under your feet? Today we will find out whether rabbits can be let down. How it can be useful and what harm can bring, we consider in more detail in our article.

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About feed for piglets

In farms feed for piglets is used as one of the main sources of nutrition. Proper use of food resources directly affects the growth of animal mass and determines the quality characteristics of meat. At the same time, products should be of high quality, and the entire diet should be balanced.

The diet of geese: what and how to feed

Geese are large and fairly weighty birds. But in order to achieve their good development and growth at home, it is necessary to provide them with proper feeding. It is necessary to clearly understand how to feed the geese, because the main thing is the nutritional value of the feed in accordance with the age norms. Some features of geese in terms of feeding are different from other domestic birds, primarily because they are gaining weight well, consuming a large amount of green or succulent fodder.

Milk gift from Holland - Holstein Friesian cow

Dairy-type whiskers have an elongated body, high legs and, in comparison with other species, have more developed organs. This structure allows you to quickly process food and grass in high-quality milk. In terms of the number of milks, the Holstein breed of cows deservedly ranks among the favorites.

Humennik - hunting goose trophy

Goose bean goose is a large bird, well known to lovers of hunting. To get this wild goose, many hunters strive, because with a wide range of habitat to catch it is quite difficult. The bean goose is a migratory bird, like most of its waterfowl counterparts. About him and talk in more detail, and also consider the photo.

Secrets of goose weight and how to increase the weight of the bird

Geese are one of the largest domestic birds. Perhaps, they are only inferior in size to turkeys and ostriches. And this does not apply to individual modern breeds, which can have a weight twice as much as usual. Interestingly, how much does a goose weigh at home and how to achieve maximum indicators of its mass?

Symptoms and treatment of leukemia in cows

Disease - cattle leukemia - is a dangerous disease with unpleasant consequences, including death. The problem is complicated by the low degree of its knowledge, which does not allow to find an effective way of struggle. More recently, scientists believed that the disease is not transmitted to people, but today there is another opinion on this matter.

Serpastic pigeons - bold flyers

Flying sickle-headed pigeons is just fascinating. It is thanks to the unusual feature of the flapping of wings that these beautiful birds received such a non-sound name. In the people, their flight is simply called a serpastine dance. If you are wondering what kind of breed it is, then we suggest reading our article. Overview of the breed Pigeons are known to many of our domestic amateur poultry farmers.

Determining the age of chickens

Breeding and growing chickens today is a popular activity of many people, like a few decades ago. But not all breeders and farmers want to grow chickens. Many people want to immediately profit from their farm, so they already acquire adult hens. But how to determine the age of a chicken, in order to buy not old individuals, but young and productive ones?

Bee package: bee need or remnants of the past?

Are you a beginner beekeeper? Do you know what a bee package is and what is it for? Strange as it may sound, but today this concept is found less and less. We know the answer to this question, and we will also tell you how the bees are properly transplanted from the bee package to the hive. You can see this whole process in practice on video.

Slaughterhouse equipment

It is necessary to use equipment for slaughter of cattle in all large-scale farms. Private livestock breeders working “for themselves” may never encounter this side of farming activity. But, if there are hundreds of heads in your farm, then you need a slaughterhouse organization. We will tell you what equipment should be purchased, how to organize a slaughterhouse, as well as enlighten on modern developments in this area.

Cow worms

Breeding cattle inevitably accompanied by the fight against parasites, among them - the worms in cows. The world of worms is large and diverse, their infection manifests itself in different ways. It happens that the disease has no pronounced signs. At the same time, the productivity of animals decreases, they slowly gain weight, there are problems with reproduction.

All the wisdom of the saddle: the types and structure

A saddle for a horse is one of the most important elements of riding equipment. Often it is this part of the equipment that is the most expensive, since it requires high craftsmanship and manual work in manufacturing. The most ancient saddles were a simple blanket that was held by a cinch and other belts.


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