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Lionhead rabbits

A nice little rabbit lion head is one of the new breeds. These dwarf fluffies with a chic mane around their neck are enjoyed by many animal lovers. The line was created by crossing long-haired Swedish fox breeds with short-haired Dutch dwarfs. All representatives of the line has a so-called "gene of the mane."

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We make a trap on a boar from PVC pipe in 15 minutes

Perhaps in the place where you live a lot of wild boars have divorced or you just wanted to hunt them? Then you should be aware that this beast is not stupid and strong. The hunt will be argued if you make a trap for a boar with your own hands. And you can lure an animal with a cheap device from a pipe.

Leading countries in world sheep breeding

Sheep is one of the most ancient domestic animals. Historical sources say that this branch of animal husbandry flourished in the most ancient times. This is evidenced by biblical stories. However, today sheep farming has not lost popularity. Countries leading the number of sheep provide the whole world with valuable wool, meat and dairy products.

Why milk can smell like a cow

If the milk smells like a cow, then there are many reasons for this. This is rarely seen when buying a store item. That's because the raw material passes through the stages of high-quality factory processing. The smell is especially pronounced when this product is purchased from private individuals. And once the purchase can be successful, and on the other - with a distinct smell.

Ketosis in a cow: symptoms and treatment

Ketosis is a disease of cattle associated with excessive accumulation of ketone substances. And the treatment of ketosis in cows is the topic of our discussion. The disease disrupts the metabolism in the body, which leads to the accumulation in milk of acetone and acids that make the product inedible. Pathology can cause serious damage to livestock farms, since the loss of dairy products reaches 70%.

Grivuny - the diamond decoration of the sky

Surely you will be interested to know that there are Grivunas - pigeons, which received a lot of compliments from breeders throughout Russia! What is this breed and what is its feature? This will be discussed later in the article. Overview of the Grivun breed is a Russian breed of pigeons, which is very common at present and loved by many pigeon breeders because of its beautiful appearance and beautiful way of flying.

How to move hens from one place to another?

How to move the hens from one place to another so that the stress was minimal? (Fatima) Hello, Fatima. Thank you for your question, as it is very important. I think many poultry farmers have noticed how sharply the egg production of chickens decreases if they experience stress when they change their surroundings or move. Birds, like any other animals, get used to their mode and daily routine, to the conditions and habitat.

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Bunny slaughter: how and when

How to score a rabbit, will be discussed in our article. We are raising this topic because breeding eared fish for meat is becoming one of the most popular branches in animal husbandry. But it is difficult for novice breeders to deal with the subtleties of killing, when they first come across this. We will help you to understand this topic and teach you how to stab an animal, at what age to do it, how to prepare yourself and the animal, what to do with the skin, what tools are needed and why rules are needed.

Feeding piglets for fast growth at home

Breeding and fattening piglets for meat at home is somewhat different from how animals are raised on large industrial farms. But in any case, the goal is one - in the shortest time to achieve the desired slaughter weight. In the article we will look at how to feed pigs for rapid growth, what are the standards of food consumption, and whether it is necessary to further enrich them with vitamins.

German cross brown nickname - are the hens good?

For a long time, breeders worked on the creation of a breed capable of carrying a record number of eggs and at the same time with excellent unpretentiousness. And they completely succeeded! Chickens of brown cross nickname with whom even a beginner will find a common language are the scale of the poultry farm in their yard with minimal effort.

Incredibly beautiful and free wild horses

Wild horses are the progenitors of our modern horses. About them we will tell in our article. And interesting videos and photos will help to better know how these animals looked and how their few, living to our times relatives live. Tarpans The first wild horses that lived in Europe are tarpans.

Treatment of white muscle disease in calves

Dangerous white muscle disease in calves occurs immediately after birth or in the first weeks. She is very cunning and requires immediate, serious treatment. If you do not notice the symptoms in time and do not help the calf, he will die. The fact is that the “whitefish” is one of the most serious diseases of newborn calves.

Plastic bottle in the case: master drinking bowl

Every poultry farmer knows how important it is to provide high-quality food to his birds. But, in addition, it is necessary to take care of the smooth access of chickens to a source of clean drinking water. For this perfect drinkers for chickens from plastic bottles, made by hand. Features of such drinking bowls In order for chickens to enjoy decent performance indicators, proper conditions should be created for their maintenance.

Worms in pigs: symptoms and treatment

It is no secret that worms in pigs can cause disruptions in the body. Animals become lethargic, sedentary, suffer from diarrhea. Infestation with parasites leads to a deterioration of appetite and slow muscle mass. This is directly reflected in the cost of pork and the profitability of the livestock farm.

Meat rabbits: what breeds are the most popular?

Remember the famous joke that rabbits are not only valuable fur? Yes, indeed, the meat of these animals is valued for its delicate taste and dietary indicators, so many farmers now breed rabbits. Crawls meat areas have good health, fecundity, high productivity. If you have not yet decided what to choose, then in our article you will find the most popular eared representatives.

What to do after calving a cow

It is necessary to ensure proper care for the cow after calving, to prevent the development of complications. After birth, the animal must be kept in a clean spacious room with a dry bedding. Diet should be observed, the cattle should be given a sufficient amount of drink and should not be allowed to pasture for health problems.

All about the exhibition of bees in the spring

Many beekeepers striped insects overwinter in special winter houses. But not everyone, and especially beginning breeders, know when to expose bees from the winter-house and what time is the most optimal for this. From this can flow a variety of consequences. When can I start the exhibition? Each beekeeper conducts the removal of bees in the spring in his own way.

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