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Chickens in a white wig: Dutch white-crested

The Dutch white-chilled breed of domestic chickens is an amazing example of breeding results. This chicken has such an interesting appearance that, it seems, it only travels around exhibitions and on the farm is completely unsuitable. But this is not at all the case, because the chicken in the white hat is kept not only as a decoration of the yard, but also for getting eggs from it and quite tasty meat.

Parse the features of granovsky honey extractor

In the life of any beekeeper every year comes the long-awaited moment of pumping honey. To do this, each has its own device, which someone is happy, but someone is not very. In any case, both granovsky honey extractor will be interesting for us, which we will now discuss in detail. The device Medogonka of this type has a convenient design, providing for the presence of manually rotating cassettes for pumping honey.

English tipplers - born to fly high

Among the many species of birds, those who had an attractive appearance or outstanding qualities were especially famous at all times. These types include tipplera - pigeons of English origin, which were bred specifically for long flights. Breed description Tippingra flight were bred in the middle of the XX century in the UK.

How many teeth do rabbits have?

In this article we will find out how many teeth a rabbit has. And also we will examine the features of the structure of his jaws and talk about the diseases that most often torment the animal. When incisors or molars begin to hurt the animal, it refuses to eat, dermatological diseases appear, and abscesses in the region of the face.

Adoration of the sacred animal: a cow in Hinduism

Many people know that habitual cows in our region in some countries, for example, in India, have a special status. Have you ever wondered why the Indians chose this animal as the object of worship? And why does the sacred cow in India have rights almost on a par with man? We invite you to learn more about this aspect of Asian beliefs and customs.

Nucleus - a small bee family

Many have heard the name of the nucleus, but not everyone knows what it is. Some believe that this is a small beehive for one or two frames, others call it so small bee families. In any case, this word means a small, but quite self-sufficient colony with a queen and workers. But let's talk about this in more detail.

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How can I determine the hunt at the rabbit

There are situations when it is necessary to stimulate hunting in rabbits, but first one must be able to determine the readiness of the female to mate. Animal reproduction is an important stage in rabbit breeding. Everyone knows about the fertility of eared animals, but some subtleties in breeding animals are not always clear. It is necessary to properly evaluate the inadequate behavior of the animal.

Does hens need salt?

Good day. You have written in the article, the diet for chickens, salt 0.5 gr per day. In other articles they write the opposite - categorically you can not give salt. Need or not? (Anatoly) Yes or no? Hello. Entering a white product in the menu of chickens is not safe for their health. This is a fact that is not challenged. However, on the other hand, white crystals are a valuable mineral supplement that the bird's body needs.

Guests from England - Yorkshire Pigs

Initially, this species was bred in England and was highly valued there for its universal qualities. Then, when a large white breed of pigs was brought to Russia, more and more breeders began to prefer it. What is the reason for this and many more interesting facts about Yorkshire pigs read further in our article.

Mini-pig dwarf pigs - ecozotic pets

What kind of animal dwarf pig? Let's find out how home piglets appeared and how interesting they are. Where did it come from? The modern dwarf pig is a descendant of German experimental pigs, bred back in the 50s of the last century in Germany. A small funny pig appeared as a result of the crossing of a Vietnamese vislobryu pig and a dwarf wild boar.

What are the meat breeds of sheep?

Meat production is a successful industry, and animals such as sheep make up a large part of it. How different sheep breeds and breeds of sheep exist, we will describe in this review. Prekos French breed of sheep, which appeared as a result of the crossing of leicesters and rams Rambouillet. After hatching in France, prekos were imported to Germany, where, by additional selection, meat-type merinos were obtained.

Why calves can gnaw boards and eat ground

Today we will talk about why calves gnaw boards. Usually a young calf begins to take everything in his mouth and bite objects after weaning from the colostrum. This happens against the background of a lack of vitamins in young animals and the development of hypovitaminosis. Animals begin to eat the ground, suck up wooden structures, tear rags and paper.

Golden reserve of Russia - Budennovsky horses

The Budennovskaya horse breed is a relatively young native breed, which was obtained as a result of the crossing of Don and purebred riding horses. Bred for military purposes in the Rostov region, it was officially approved only at the end of 1948. Today, many buyers from Europe and the United States are lining up in order to get a full-blooded Budyonnovka.

Questions to a specialist from livestock breeders: cat goat, cow horn shot down, baby rabbits feeding

The goat is pregnant, her morning began to discharge cloudy, like diluted milk and much. What to do and why? Childbirth at the end of October. (Hope) Hope, good afternoon. Discharge from a goat, if it is exactly cat (pregnant), may be due to a cold. During this period, it is especially important to ensure that the goat is not in a draft, does not supercool, and does not stand on wet bedding.

How to treat diarrhea in cows

Bacteria can enter the body through diarrhea. This disease can greatly affect the health of livestock and cause damage to the entire economy. Diarrhea virus, once ingested, can lead to the development of escherichiosis. In 70% of diarrhea is fatal. Despite the fact that pharmaceutical companies are developing new drugs, viral diarrhea in cattle is one of the main causes of high mortality in agricultural enterprises.

Baku pigeons are flight record holders of our country!

Baku pigeons, videos and photos of which you will find in our article are the most famous flyers in our country, as well as in the North Caucasus. Having received the name of the place of elimination (Baku, Azerbaijan), they spread to all countries of the former USSR. They love these birds not only for their unique flying abilities, but also for their wide variety.

We study the anatomy of horses from A to Z

Horse anatomy is the science of the body structure of an animal and its components. It was first founded by Leonardo da Vinci. Among his works, the work "Hippotomy" was preserved, which became the basis for writing many subsequent books and works. Of course, in order to properly use a horse, ride it and maintain, you need to know at least the basics of its anatomy.


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