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Distinguish gender in chickens or how not to confuse a rooster with a chicken

Most of us have ever bought a chicken, and if not, we would like to buy it. But what if we want to get more chickens? And often we buy cockerels, even though the sellers assure that this is not so. How to distinguish a chicken from a rooster? And how to discern another little bird? Read on in the article. Distinguish chickens. One can learn the sex of a chicken by several methods.

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Why the rabbit can eat his litter

Those who are just starting to breed rabbits sometimes wonder why rabbits eat their litter. Is it normal? Or they lack the nutrients in the feed. Or maybe they are sick and need to be shown to a doctor and treated. Coprophagy, or the consumption of your feces, is completely normal behavior for rabbits.

About calf skin

The most valuable material for the leather industry - calf skin. Genuine leather of young individuals is a unique basis for the creation of household items and decorative items. Since ancient times, people knew how to process the skin and used it to make shoes, bags, clothes and all sorts of accessories.

Listeriosis - malicious liquidator of rabbit offspring

Listeriosis is a rather complicated disease that has been under investigation for more than 100 years, and information about its prevention or treatment remains almost unchanged. Despite this, we will try to fill certain gaps and help the owners deal with this disease. In our article, we consider what is listeriosis in rabbits: symptoms, stages of the disease, pathogens, and precautions.

Sanitation of rivers and lakes - wild ducks

Birds belonging to the duck family are the favorite object of hunting and home keeping. One of the species of birds that live in the wild and can breed in household conditions is the wild duck. What breeds are there? The most popular and common in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and neighboring countries is the duck breed Mallard.

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We make apilift for convenient work in the apiary

A useful and even irreplaceable technical tool for a beekeeper is a beekeeper cart or apilift (as it is also called). Apilift with your own hands will serve for many years and will be of great help in your apiary. What should be? Such a device as an apilift or apiary carriage for the beekeeper is of great importance.

What makes cow's salted milk?

The quality of milk for many of us is not determined by laboratory analysis and evaluation of its composition, but by taste and smell. It is these criteria that give us a clear notion of a “good” or “bad” product. Today we will talk about why cows have salted milk and how to solve this problem. Possible reasons As a rule, if a cow lives with you for a long time, it is already more than 15 years old, then over time a characteristic salty taste may appear.

About rabbits pens

The article will discuss how to make a pen for rabbits. This is a place where animals can walk and breathe. This design is not used for permanent habitat of animals in it. Usually, krols live in cages, but they need a walking space. This is an additional maintenance of a healthy lifestyle of eared individuals.

Breed of rabbits Poltava silver

The name of the rabbit Poltava silver owe unusual color of fur. The main advantages of the breed are their ripening and ruggedness. This characteristic is justified by the fact that the line was created specifically for growing in the factory. At the moment, domestic giants are not too popular both on large farms and in personal farmsteads.

Chinchilla rabbits

In rabbit breeding, the chinchilla rabbit belongs to industrial breeds. In the countries of the former USSR, he received great popularity because of his fur, which was used for the manufacture of various products. But the meat of these animals has excellent taste. It contains a maximum of nutrients, easily absorbed by the body.

Characteristics of the Pavlovian breed of hens

Pavlovian chickens are considered the oldest breed of chickens. They also act as the worldwide benchmark for chicken beauty. But despite its merits, this breed was considered until recently lost. What led to this? And also, why are they considered the most beautiful? Read on in the article. Breed description Pavlovskaya breed of chickens - a real decoration of the yard.

Fermentation litter - clean careless pigsty

Keeping pigs in deep bedding is a very convenient and economical way. But Netto Plast offers all farmers to take a step further, using new technologies, namely the non-replaceable floor covering. This is an innovative product of modern agriculture, which allows the cultivation of animals without manure.

We independently make the machine for sow

In small and medium-sized farms engaged in breeding pigs, much of the equipment is done by the farm owners personally. In this article we will talk about how to make a sow machine with your own hands, and how it should be. What should be the machine? In farms, cages for pigs that have recently been farrowed are commonly used.

Bird of Paradise Diet

Because of the special beauty of these large birds from the subfamily, pheasant birds are called nothing but heavenly ones. Yes, yes, we are talking about peacocks, about these proud and such beautiful birds! This species of birds was domesticated three thousand years ago and has since been decorated with human life. They are bred and kept solely for the sake of beauty.

Apitherapy or live medicine in evidence

Bee products have long been known for their healing properties. And the treatment of bees is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. Apitherapy centers offer bee therapy as a panacea for all ailments. Let's see what is useful, except honey, can give people bees. What is apitherapy? Since ancient times, healers have used the unique properties of honey, wax and bee venom.

Salmonellosis - the torment of domestic chickens

Salmonellosis - it is precisely this disease of the gastrointestinal tract that so often frighten us specialists from local sanitary epidemiological stations. A person can become infected with this virus if they eat a product infected with salmonella. In acute illness, the disease can cause pneumonia and arthritis. Consider salmonellosis in chickens, symptoms of its manifestation.


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