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How can you keep a dairy cow: basic ways

The maintenance of a cow today is carried out in four basic ways, each of which requires adherence to certain rules. At the same time, meat and dairy animals have their own peculiarities in care and feeding. Since most often in private household farms they keep mainly cows of dairy or combined species, we’ll talk about their content in more detail.

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Serpastic pigeons - bold flyers

Flying sickle-headed pigeons is just fascinating. It is thanks to the unusual feature of the flapping of wings that these beautiful birds received such a non-sound name. In the people, their flight is simply called a serpastine dance. If you are wondering what kind of breed it is, then we suggest reading our article. Overview of the breed Pigeons are known to many of our domestic amateur poultry farmers.

Properly pruned wings duck-flyers

Duck trimming is a technique that hunters often use. Thus, they make it impossible to fly a decoy duck. But often, trimming is also needed in poultry, because it is also not deprived of the ability to fly. How to cut duck wings and do it correctly read further in the article. Trimming methods Method one It is widely distributed among hunters.

Beekeeping by law: consider its provisions

Sometimes it seems that domestic lawmakers have already penetrated into all spheres of our life. Now they have reached beekeeping, which confirms the law, which is gaining momentum since January 1, 2018. A flurry of criticism has already fallen on him, but maybe not everything is so regrettable as it seems at first glance? We tried to figure it out and put his main points at your court.

About pasteurellosis in rabbits

A high percentage of mortality in the environment of eared pets gives pasteurellosis rabbits. This pathology is caused by the stick Pasteurella. When ingested, the bacterium multiplies rapidly, penetrating the lymphatic and circulatory systems. The mucous membranes of the respiratory tract and intestines are initially affected. As a result, septicemia, hemorrhagic diathesis, edema occurs.

Udder device at the cow

People far from animal husbandry believe that a large udder of a cow or, as a layman's dilettantes express it, indicates a high productivity of the animal. In reality, the external dimensions of the udder are not a sign of high or low yields. Let's analyze together what is the anatomy of this important organ.

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The skeleton of a cow

The complex structure of the skeleton of a cow requires careful study in order to make it easier to cope with all sorts of diseases in the future. Like other general knowledge of the anatomy of cattle, it is important for veterinarians and breeders who can more accurately assess the situation. Thanks to our article, you can understand whether the calf is developing correctly, assess the risk of fractures and monitor the general condition of cows and bulls in the herd.

Why the pig lies and does not eat

A novice cattleman does not always understand why a pig does not eat, but lies. This situation can not be ignored, because the appetite of cattle is one of the main indicators of its health. There are several reasons for this problem: from inappropriate animal conditions and poor diet, to serious infectious diseases.

Master nest for laying eggs from plywood

If you do not want to daily scour the chicken coop in search of eggs, organize feathery nests. Moreover, it is not difficult to do it yourself with the help of plywood. This is the material for the construction of nests recommended. Armed with the tool and go: detailed instructions are attached! Basic requirements Nests for birds are quite simple, as the type of boxes, and may have a more complex shape, the cunning design of which will help save more product.

Why do chickens fall to their feet and what to do about it?

Chickens fall to their feet, what to do? - this question is quite common among newcomers to farming and poultry farming. In this case, the problem often arises very sharply, unexpectedly, and at the wrong moment. Possible reasons Many novice farmers, when broiler chickens fall to their feet, sound the alarm and think that their birds are “crippled” by some terrible disease.

Effective methods for determining sex in chickens

In professional poultry farming, there is a fairly large list of methods for determining the sex of a chicken. This is important, because each owner of chickens wants to have as many hens and only a few roosters. There are six ways to determine the sex of a chicken correctly. Ways Certainly, specialists of poultry farms have information on how to correctly understand the sex of birds.

Features of rabbit rearing in winter

The maintenance of rabbits in the winter on the street does not cause special costs and difficulties for rabbit breeders if we take this process responsibly. Animals tolerate low temperatures, and in this they help fur. However, it is worth taking care of providing favorable conditions for animals. This will help avoid problems such as freezing of paws and ears, the appearance of various diseases and other ills.

About the bonding of cattle

To assess the productivity and breeding characteristics of cows, cattle grading is carried out. Due to the fact that it is possible to earn good money in your farm only on a pedigree herd, and this event is being held. The process involves the selection of the best representatives of the cattle, to create a good breeding and maintenance of livestock.

Nikot - system for the withdrawal of queens

Breeding bees involves the use of various devices in order to facilitate the work of the beekeeper, and at the same time to protect the life of the bee family. Today, among the beekeepers, the Nikot system for hatching is becoming increasingly popular. On the features of this device, we describe in detail in our article.

Pakistani pigeons - excellent flyers with a variety of colors

Pakistani pigeons are considered one of the best among the high-flying breeds. Outwardly, they resemble our flyers and have a modest plumage. But, as for these birds, pigeon breeders do not attach any importance to their coloring. After all, the main thing for this breed is the height and duration of the flight. Breed description The first thing to note is the unusual style of flight of Pakistani pigeons.

Manure rabbits as a fertilizer: all about its use in the garden

Crawls are useful and highly productive animals. These animals do not only go for meat and skins, but also produce rabbit dung, which is used as a fertilizer in the garden. Rabbit manure is considered the most valuable type of manure among all that give pets. Farmers even jokingly call it "rabbit gold."

Is it profitable to keep cows

Not only professional farmers are concerned about whether it is beneficial to keep a cow, but also private gardeners who have a small farm for themselves. The maintenance of these animals is hard work, and before you buy a calf, you want to understand how justified it is. We will try to tell our readers what the purchase of a cow or goby translates into in practice, and whether it is worth professional breeding of cattle.

River beauty - the duck pucker

Surely many of you have seen on the river a brightly colored duck with a green head and a wide beak. This is a scampus duck. The traditional river breed of ducks, which is hunted for both sports and commercial purposes. We offer to learn more about this breed of ducks right now. Breed description You can get a kelpower through a large, rather disproportionate beak, short neck and small head.