How to breed hens

Breeding laying hens at home is not only beneficial, but also very interesting and exciting. Just imagine that every day you will receive fresh eggs, and regularly on your table will be delicious dietary meat. Moreover, you will be confident in its quality and benefits. Breeding So, you are a beginner farmer and are just about to start laying hens.

Laying high line - a find for the poultry farm

High-line chickens came to us from America, but quickly won the hearts of farmers with their excellent productive qualities. Why is this poultry so good? First of all, its high egg production: with this chicken, you can easily get an egg on an industrial scale. An overview of the Kura High Line breed is egg production.

How to catch a live pheasant?

The cooked pheasant used to be a favorite treat for kings and kings. He also certainly enters the old traditional cuisine of our country. Every avid hunter dreams and thinks how to catch a pheasant. At the same time, it is not necessary to kill him immediately, because the bird can be caught in a humane way, and then kept in his yard.

About infectious diseases of cattle

What is cattle mycoplasmosis? How to treat listeriosis? If you are engaged in animal husbandry, you simply must know about the most common infectious diseases of livestock. This will help to properly organize the farm, competently carry out prevention, and if necessary, recognize the disease in time and save the animals.

How can you keep a dairy cow: basic ways

The maintenance of a cow today is carried out in four basic ways, each of which requires adherence to certain rules. At the same time, meat and dairy animals have their own peculiarities in care and feeding. Since most often in private household farms they keep mainly cows of dairy or combined species, we’ll talk about their content in more detail.

Is it possible to keep rabbits outside in winter

Of course, the maintenance of rabbits in the winter outside has rules and features. Many livestock breeders are concerned about how well pets tolerate cold, which frosts they can withstand without harming their health. Watering and feeding in the winter time also has nuances. In this article we will talk about how to properly organize the street content, how to insulate the cells and queen cells, than to feed ushastik in the winter.

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Giant rabbits - the pride of the breeders

The pride of any rabbit breeder is his wards. The most enthusiastic reviews usually get rabbits giants, and this is not surprising. After all, these animals achieve great weight and look very impressive, while farmers all over the world are successfully breeding them. Features All the eared giants currently selected in the world are descendants of the Flandor or Belgian giant rabbits.

Characteristics of the Viennese blue rabbits

The most beautiful breeds of meat in rabbit breeding are Viennese blue rabbits. Covered with amazing fur with a fabulous bluish-blue tint, gleaming with bluish eyes, these restless eared crowns conquered the hearts of many breeders. How and when the representatives of this breed were first bred, what are their characteristics and what types exist today, learn from our review.

Brama - chickens with an Asian character

Someone starts egg breeds of chicken, others are engaged in breeding meat. Chickens Brahma are perhaps the brightest and the best representatives of this group. However, despite its popularity, it is quite difficult to raise chickens at home. Description Hens of breed Pomrah are birds of American origin.

Dandelion - a tasty addition to the diet of rabbits

Dandelions - one of the most favorite treats rabbits. However, livestock breeders who are just beginning to be interested in breeding animals are often asked whether it is possible to give dandelions to rabbits ?! After all, there is a perception that they are not too useful. In our article you will find out the answer to this question, as well as how to give the plant, so as not to harm the animals.

Causes and treatment of bloating in rabbits

In industrial and amateur rabbit breeding, a huge problem is bloating in rabbits, which is called tympania or gastrointestinal stasis. Occlusion of the intestine and its filling with pressed fecal masses can occur for various reasons, including helminthic invasion and feeding with poor-quality feed.

Cabinage - an old method of beekeeping

Side beekeeping or beekeeping is the oldest form of keeping bees in which they inhabit the hollow of a tree. The beads can be created naturally or formed by beekeepers. To learn how to make a border with your own hands, and how to keep bees in it, read on. Features Borti is a specially formed cavity inside the tree, which is used for the further breeding of bees.

Frequent problems of layers - eggs without shell

Eggs without shells - do you think this is something unreal? And no! It is quite common in domestic laying hens. Why do chickens lay eggs without their shell? Let us try to answer this question together. Causes Such a problem, when chickens lay eggs without shell, happens quite often. How does this happen? This product is in a special membrane (film), so that the protein and yolk do not spread.

Russian heavy truck - the perfect assistant and enduring handsome

Massive and beautiful - these are the two most common epithets with which all award the Russian Heavy Draft breed. This breed combines the best that was inherent in Russian sled horses and their relatives from Belgium. Therefore, it turned out the perfect assistant for agriculture, which we will discuss in our article.

Choosing a name for a rabbit

The sonorous and memorable names of rabbits help not only to distinguish the producers in the industrial rabbit breeding, but also to establish communication with the decorative pet living in your apartment. Ushastik are intelligent animals and quickly get used to the nickname, reacting to it. The sonorous nickname allows you to tell him about the time of lunch, getting a treat or going for a walk.

Domestic pig breeding: how to organize a successful business

A good farmer has always been considered one who could independently raise livestock and care for him. One of the most popular animals for home keeping is pigs. Pig-breeding as a business in domestic conditions is currently profitable, because it has several advantages over other animals.


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