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The ideal village layer with the proud name of Pushkin

The breed of chickens Pushkin is an aristocratic bird with a proud bearing and an unusual beautiful lush appearance. But it is not so. In fact, Pushkinskaya is a typical village layer, which is considered ideal for a small Russian hinterland. Description It sounds strange, but the hens of this breed are absolutely unable to fly, they do not run well and are generally extremely calm.

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What makes cow's salted milk?

The quality of milk for many of us is not determined by laboratory analysis and evaluation of its composition, but by taste and smell. It is these criteria that give us a clear notion of a “good” or “bad” product. Today we will talk about why cows have salted milk and how to solve this problem. Possible reasons As a rule, if a cow lives with you for a long time, it is already more than 15 years old, then over time a characteristic salty taste may appear.

How to determine the pregnancy of a cow at home

Far from every village live veterinarians, so you need to know how to determine pregnancy in a cow at home. There are several ways in which it will be possible to independently detect pregnancy. The most common are the following: visual inspection, manual method, diagnosis using milk and special rapid tests.

How to help the goat regain its shape after lambing?

After lambing, almost 2 months passed (3 goatlings), and the goat does not get into shape, eats badly. And milk yield decreased in comparison with the first lambing (2 babies). Kids are taken away from mom from the first day and are fed from a bottle. Feeding from the female quality and diverse. How to increase her appetite? (Natalia) Good afternoon.

Farrow pigs for the first and subsequent times

Having studied the process of the appearance of offspring in a sow, you will be able to observe the animals throughout the entire period of pregnancy without any fear and to render the necessary assistance, seeing violations. Immerse yourself in the situation from the beginning to the very end, and we will help you to figure out what to do when delaying the farrowing, complications during the labor process, the difficult rehabilitation period.

Infectious stomatitis or simply sod on rabbits

Wet muzzle - this is one of the very first symptoms of such a dangerous disease of rabbits, like sling. Treatment, prevention and symptoms of this disease excites every owner. We will tell you more about the disease of the wet face in rabbits, its treatment and prevention. What kind of disease and how does it manifest itself? Stomatitis in rabbits, or as it is also known by the people as “mokrets”, is a viral disease that is characteristic of young pets aged 1 to 3 months.

When can I cut a pig

In this article we will talk about a convenient time for the slaughter of sows, as well as tell you about when you can cut pigs, if they are walking out. The situation with boars will not be overlooked. After all, to obtain high-quality products, it is necessary to take into account all the physiological states of females and males. It even matters what they eat before this process.

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Fastened way of keeping cattle

The modern tethering of cows in specially adapted premises allows farmers to make the production of meat and milk much more profitable. This content greatly simplifies the process of mechanization of livestock farms, uses less manual labor, and also allows you to reduce feed costs by up to 10%, while accelerating the growth of muscle mass and increasing the yield of cows.

Why do cows sweat

At first glance, the question of why a cow is sweating should not be too disturbing to breeders, because this is a natural physiological process. But in fact, hyperhidrosis - that is, excessive sweating - can be a serious enough symptom to pay attention to the health of the animal. Sweating occurs for various reasons.

Rabbit menu: what to feed at different ages?

Little rabbits, like all babies in the animal kingdom, need a balanced diet. In the first days and weeks of their life is completely dependent on breast milk. But then the whole responsibility falls on the shoulders of man. There are several options than to feed the little rabbits and how to organize their diet at different ages.

The second building in the hive - what is it for?

Setting the second building on the hive - the video of which is given in the article, a crucial task. But there is nothing difficult and any beekeeper can deal with it. All that is required is to know what to do and how. This will be discussed in our article, and at the end the procedure will illustrate a visual video.

Signs and treatment of common calf diseases

With the wrong treatment or late diagnosis, calf diseases can lead to death or serious developmental disorders. Newborn babies they lie in wait at every turn. It is in the first years of the calf’s life that breeders need maximum attention and awareness in first aid.

The main methods for catching partridges

A partridge is one of the most popular birds among hunters. Today there are already many ways to catch a partridge. If you also want to try yourself in this business, then find out about the main ones with us. What methods can I catch? If you think that a bird can be caught only by shooting it with a gun, you are deeply mistaken.

How to grow turkeys at home: breeding and care

Turkeys were domesticated over a thousand years ago in Mexico and for a long time remained the only species of domestic birds throughout the continent. For economic purposes, their breeding is very profitable: only a few adults can provide the family with valuable and useful dietary meat. However, growing a turkey is not so easy.

Rabbit house for decorative eared

Dwarf rabbits, though small, but the room for their habitat should be spacious. If you have got yourself a fluffy pet, make sure that his home is comfortable and takes into account all the natural needs of the animal. Today you will find out what qualities rabbit houses should have. And learn how to build them with your own hands.

How to make a framework for hives?

Beekeepers are people who are able to do a lot with their own hands, because we are talking about the convenience of a bee family. High-quality and proper manufacture of the framework for hives with your own hands, it is very important for the bees and honey production. We invite you to learn from our article what types there are and how exactly to make them.

Laying high line - a find for the poultry farm

High-line chickens came to us from America, but quickly won the hearts of farmers with their excellent productive qualities. Why is this poultry so good? First of all, its high egg production: with this chicken, you can easily get an egg on an industrial scale. An overview of the Kura High Line breed is egg production.

Paratyphoid in calves: treatment and symptoms

The causative agents of diseases such as paratyphoid calves (salmonellosis) are Salmonella bacteria. Outwardly, they look like sticks, with round ends. These pathogens have good resistance, and only special disinfectants can destroy them. Therefore, it is worthwhile to study in greater detail the causes, actions of pathogens, symptoms, and the possibilities of treating a disease.

Illnesses of birds of paradise or how to treat peacocks

The peacocks have such a beautiful plumage that it sometimes takes our breath away. Today these birds are bred and raised exclusively for beauty. It is very annoying and unpleasant when they fall ill and even worse when they die. After all, how difficult it is to part with such a beautiful creature! Consider the disease of peacocks and their treatment in order to better preserve the health of these birds and admire their perfection.


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