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African brush pigs

The African (also called the river) spear pig is unlike the usual pig. She received the name because of the vegetation on the face and the tassels on the tips of the ears. Her place of life, appearance and character are different from the known species of these animals. And this is understandable, she is wild. And lives in West and Central Africa.

Kids bees or all the fun about the larvae

In its development, each bee, whether it is a working individual or a uterus, goes through two main stages of development: embryonic and postembryonic. If the first stage is characterized by the development of a fetus in an egg, then the second implies the presence of a pupa and a larva of bees. If you can say so conditionally, the larva is the germ of bees.

Tundra swan - a rare but very vociferous whooper

The flying tundra swan with a yellow mark on the black beak is not only a beautiful, but also a rare sight. Birds are listed in the Red Book and their shooting is prohibited. More facts and useful data on feathered white can be found in our article. Features of the species This bird from the family of ducks has two names: small and tundra.

Wild and Free Mustang Horse

It is believed that the Mustang - a horse rampant and not amenable to training. But this is not entirely true, because initially the representatives of this breed were purebred Spanish horses. Today there are few Mustangs left, they have almost been exterminated, but spotted and red wild beauties are still found in Eurasia and America.

Growing Vietnamese low-fat pigs

In recent years, in our country, the breeding of Vietnamese pigs as a business is becoming increasingly large. A few years ago, the pigs of this breed were grown mainly in small farms and on private farms. But the high income and ease of maintenance attracted the interest of industrial pork producers, who began to increasingly acquire pigs for maintenance in large pig farms.

How to make a harness to your rabbit?

The domestic rabbit is one of the most popular types of pets. This animal is tamed quickly, causes affection from its owners, it becomes affectionate. Many people in the warm season, want to go to the park with their eared or take a walk on the street, and for this you definitely need a harness for a rabbit. What is it and how to do it yourself?

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What if calf has a hernia

Do not think that it is not necessary to treat an umbilical hernia in calves. In fact, this is a serious disease. If the necessary measures are not taken on time, the animal will suffer, will lose its appetite and will lag behind in development from peers. However, not every hernia is amenable to conservative treatment. In some cases, only surgery will help.

Grass in the diet of ornamental rabbits

Greens and hay are the main source of fiber for rabbits, as well as the basis of their entire diet. They help them digest food, maintain the necessary vitamin-mineral balance and grind down their teeth. However, not every herb can equally beneficially act on the animal's body. What kind of grass can be given to decorative rabbits, let's talk in more detail.

Pregnancy pigs and all the details of childbirth

Every pig owner sooner or later faces such a concept as pregnancy and farrow sows. At the same time, unlike most other inhabitants of the barnyard, pigs can produce offspring twice a year. Of course, to get a healthy offspring, it is important to know and comply with all aspects of pregnancy.

About rage cattle

It is very easy to become infected with rabies by drinking the milk of a rabid cow, suffering from the bite of a sick animal or eating infected meat. It is a mistake to believe that animal diseases do not pose a threat to human life and health. This is not true. For humans, this disease is just as dangerous as any other organism.

Gold, sun, sand - the warm components of the salt color

Honey highlights and melted gold, hay in combination with cream shimmer. All this is the nightingale of a horse, the photo of which you will see in this article. Let's see in more detail what is special about it and why it is so popular. Features A spectacular solo horse will never go unnoticed.

All about the diseases and treatment of ornamental rabbits

Rabbits, like any living organisms, are susceptible to various external stimuli: viruses, infections. In this article we look at the most common diseases of ornamental rabbits. We will examine in detail what symptoms speak of a particular disease, as well as what measures to take to treat an animal.

Hobby pigeons: what to do and how to fight?

Whip in pigeons, it’s Newcastle’s disease is perhaps the most common and most devastating viral disease. Every year it takes the lives of hundreds and thousands of both domestic and wild birds. Is there a way to fight it? What is known treatment and how to prevent the disease, let's see together.

Illnesses of birds of paradise or how to treat peacocks

The peacocks have such a beautiful plumage that it sometimes takes our breath away. Today these birds are bred and raised exclusively for beauty. It is very annoying and unpleasant when they fall ill and even worse when they die. After all, how difficult it is to part with such a beautiful creature! Consider the disease of peacocks and their treatment in order to better preserve the health of these birds and admire their perfection.

How to castrate piglets in the household?

Castration of piglets is a rather difficult and delicate matter. But you need to know about it enough to properly breed pigs. In this article you will learn how to carry out this procedure correctly, at what age it can be done and whether it can be done at home. When is the procedure performed? Different breeders on this issue even have disputes, but everyone agrees that castration of pigs should take place before the age of 2 months, and preferably up to one and a half.

We analyze all aspects of the death of rabbits

The death of pets is an infrequent phenomenon, however it brings tangible upsets and losses to the breeders. Today there are many reasons why krols of different ages die. Starting from the wrong conditions of detention and ending with airborne viruses. If your rabbits die: what to do in this case and how to prevent death?

Basic equipment or what you need for an apiary

The process of creating your own apiary requires a serious approach. Not the least role in this business is played by the beekeeper’s high-quality inventory and beekeeper equipment. What you need for a successful activity, we invite you to familiarize yourself right now. Necessary equipment and devices Of course, every beekeeper is worried about how to make his work fruitful.

Paralysis curia - Marek's disease

Marek's disease in chickens is the most common type of disease - lymphoproliferative. Of course, for many this word is not familiar. The peculiarity of the disease is that it occurs in three forms: ophthalmic, in the form of tumors and neural. Description The cause of the disease is a virus that is transmitted by airborne.


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