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How to raise a pig before slaughter

About how much a pig grows before slaughter and how many products you can get from it, we will tell in this article. The question worries many beginning livestock breeders, and for good reason. Piglet can not overfeed and delay slaughter. However, it is also not necessary to kill him too soon, because then you do not use the full fattening potential of the animal.

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How many rabbits live

There are a number of factors that affect the life span of rabbits. This topic is especially interesting for breeders at the beginning of the rabbit breeding activity. The number of years the animals have lived directly depends on the owner, since it is he who decides his fate. In the article we will describe how this figure differs from domestic, wild and decorative animals.

Rules feeding calves for months

Proper feeding of calves in the milk period and after it lays the foundation for their good health. Up to 1 month, mother's milk or artificial mixtures are mainly used, then hay, mixed feed, and fresh root crops are gradually introduced. You must ensure that the body of young animals received enough vitamins and minerals that are necessary for rapid growth.

Borneo Bearded Pigs

On the island of Kalimantan lives a bearded pig. This is the only habitat, (another name for this part of the land - Borneo) of these animals in nature. Similar pigs with a beard are found on the islands of Malaysia and Indonesia, but they belong to other species. Beardy's homeland is the largest island of the Malay Archipelago, so they have plenty of room to live.

Milk diseases: salty, sour and other defects

Large-scale farmers and private cattle-breeding homeowners often face serious problems: why cows have salted milk, or why they have a bitter taste and sour quickly. The most common causes are poor-quality nutrition and poor animal care, the wrong technique for obtaining a valuable product, as well as congenital and acquired diseases.

Broken glass in the ration of laying hens - a joke or a necessity?

The neighbor has been keeping chickens for a long time and is constantly adding broken glass, claiming that hens are less ill. Is it true? (Sergey) The fact that people give their poultry broken glass (and not only chickens), I have long heard. But I personally did not conduct such an experiment myself in my household. The fact is that it is necessary to carefully prick the bottles so that there are no sharp pieces and edges.

Why do broilers grow badly?

Broilers grow poorly, compared to last year, they are like a different variety. They are 3 months old, and some weigh only 1 kg. We feed well, experience breeding is. What could be the reason? (Zinaida) Assumptions Hello. In principle, your situation is quite common. Of course, the first thing to do with poor growth is to sin on poor-quality feed, content, etc.

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Limousine - meat breed of cows from France

Limousine - a breed of cows originally from France, very popular in the world, is known for its good meat qualities. Today, these beautiful cows with an unusual name are bred in over 70 countries on 5 continents. In Russia, this breed is also used when crossing with domestic meat and dairy cattle.

How to make a nipple drinker rabbits

To make nipple drinkers for rabbits with your own hands is a cost savings and a way to improve the lives of pets. High-quality care for eared fish ensures their rapid growth and health. If the water is dirty and the tank is not properly located in the cage, it can get sick and even die. To buy or make this device yourself, you need to pay attention to its safety for animals.

The most common diseases of pigeons

Pigeons are beautiful ornamental birds that are found both wild and domestic. Both those and those suffer from the same diseases. Only if the law "survives the fittest" works in wild birds, will domestic pigeons be protected from various sores, treated and vaccinated. Consider the most famous diseases of pigeons and their treatment in more detail, because they all have their own characteristics and symptoms.

All about quail: care, maintenance and breeding

Breeding quail at home was known in ancient Egypt. Pharaohs, as well as people close to power, greatly appreciated the tasty and healthy meat of this bird. Then the ancient Romans, Greeks and other peoples were engaged in its cultivation. In Central Asia, surprisingly, but the presence of quail in the house is still considered a sign of well-being and success of the family.

Factors affecting the milk production of a cow

Let's find out what factors make up the milk production of cattle and why consider it. This information is fundamental in the farm business, because the bodies are then grown to sell its products. The amount of milk a cow produces depends on the farm profit.

Features of rabbit rearing in winter

The maintenance of rabbits in the winter on the street does not cause special costs and difficulties for rabbit breeders if we take this process responsibly. Animals tolerate low temperatures, and in this they help fur. However, it is worth taking care of providing favorable conditions for animals. This will help avoid problems such as freezing of paws and ears, the appearance of various diseases and other ills.

About feed for piglets

In farms feed for piglets is used as one of the main sources of nutrition. Proper use of food resources directly affects the growth of animal mass and determines the quality characteristics of meat. At the same time, products should be of high quality, and the entire diet should be balanced.

Introduction and recommendations for growing broiler ducks

Broiler is a broad concept and unites all meat breeds to poultry. In most cases, these breeds are derived by piece. Broiler ducks are no exception. Breeds The ancestors of all broiler breeds of ducks are considered to be two breeds. This is Beijing White and American Musk. The Beijing species is more common, and also on its base in England, quite popular today in Europe was created and not only the Cherry Valley cross.

Interesting from the world of horses: what do we know about them?

Horses are amazingly beautiful animals. Their strength and grace can be envied by many representatives of the animal world. No wonder why so many people love them. Moreover, these animals together with the person made history. However, what we know is interesting about these animals? Interesting facts about horses offer to learn right now with us.

Symptoms and treatment of poisoning in piglets

Characteristic symptoms and treatment in case of poisoning in pigs can be completely different, because the animal is able to accidentally eat anything. Each case requires separate consideration. Pigs are omnivores and do not feel full. They are ready to sweep everything in their path. To avoid a negative impact on their body, the farmer needs to make a clear menu and remove all potentially dangerous substances.

Pig farrowing calendar with table and signs of close birth

Those who invented the sow farrow calendar facilitated the work of future pig farmers. Thanks to such a table, you can quickly determine the estimated date of birth of the babies, which means you no longer have to keep long records or keep important information in your head. We will help you figure out how to work with such a cheat sheet and how not to miss the upcoming labor.

Peculiarity of keeping rabbits in aviaries

For full breeding is very convenient captive content of rabbits. It can be provided in the apartment and on the street. The design allows you to constantly be on the air and in motion, which helps to maintain the health of the herd. The method of breeding rabbits in enclosures requires free space in front of the cage or shed on a dry area.


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