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Such unusual ornamental rabbits: interesting facts

They are incredibly cute, fluffy and funny. Favorite children and adults. Of course, we are talking about decorative rabbits. But do you know all about them? We have prepared interesting facts that will not prevent every owner of this fluffy bundle of happiness from knowing. Teeth that grow all their life Have you noticed that rabbits are constantly chewing on something?

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Goat-thrush or how much milk does it give?

How much does a goat give milk per day? This question, of course, worries many who want to buy this animal. Let's find out the answer together. When does milk appear? Like other mammals, the milk of a goat appears to raise offspring. Under the influence of specific hormones, the udder develops in the female even before the time of the goat.

What can feed Vietnamese piglets

The industrial housing and breeding of visually bruised pigs in the first place puts their food, so you immediately need to decide what to feed the Vietnamese pigs and in what amounts. These animals have a short digestive system with thin intestinal walls, and far from any food they digest with the same efficiency.

The danger of African swine fever for humans

Understanding the danger of African swine fever for humans will help to understand the most important moments of keeping animals and suggest the necessary precautions. When infected with this pathology, most of the diseased individuals die, and the survivors become carriers of the pathogen. Wild boars and domestic pigs can become infected, regardless of age and breed at any time of the year.

Products from sheep's wool should be in every home!

Sheep wool is a unique product that is harvested harmlessly to sheep - shearing. Products from it possess valuable and medicinal qualities. How are such products better than others? What are the healing and beneficial properties of this material? Read about it later in the article! What is the most popular wool today?

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For whatever reason, the calf is grinding its teeth.

A number of health problems can be diagnosed by the characteristics of the animal's behavior, for example, if the calf grit its teeth. This is not always paid attention to, but such a pathology may be a sign of serious diseases. Gnashing of teeth is a serious reason for consulting a veterinarian, because a cattle can have a violation of the gum, and even dangerous gastroenteritis.

All about the correct painting of hives

Painting hives for many beekeepers is a must-have procedure. This protects the wood or other material from external factors, prevents the processes of decay. This procedure significantly increases the life of bee houses, but even it, despite its simplicity, must be done correctly.

Beekeeper Tsebro and his contribution to the practice of beekeeping

Swarming of bees is one of the most common situations that any beekeeper faces. The famous beekeeper Tsebro, the video about which we will present in our article, founded his method of leadless apiary. The formation of several layers, the special design of the hive, the cultivation of queens - all these methods are successfully used in practice and help many beekeepers to organize their work correctly.

Treatment of rabbits for worms

Rabbits are deservedly considered one of the cleanest animals, but, oddly enough, they are also susceptible to various diseases from parasites. In particular, such a problem as worms is becoming increasingly common. They can cause many ailments, and in the absence of timely intervention - to provoke a lethal outcome.

Farm Design

It is believed that a well-prepared farm project guarantees 30-40% of the success of the future enterprise. And this is true, because even with strong funding, mediocre planning eats away the entire budget. Plus, then the owners, and the cows themselves, will be constantly tormented. Businesses are different in the number of cattle and profile.

Breed rabbits butterfly

Rabbit breeds of the original butterfly breed are very popular with farmers, breeding them for a large amount of dietary meat and beautiful skins with unusual coloring. Due to the high fertility and rapid muscle growth, breeding these animals is a profitable occupation, and the docile nature of the pets allows them to be used as living toys for children.

How to grow turkeys at home: breeding and care

Turkeys were domesticated over a thousand years ago in Mexico and for a long time remained the only species of domestic birds throughout the continent. For economic purposes, their breeding is very profitable: only a few adults can provide the family with valuable and useful dietary meat. However, growing a turkey is not so easy.

Chickens soil nests: solve the problem together

When breeding poultry farmers can face various problems. One of the most common can be called the fact that chickens shit in their nests. What is the reason for this behavior and how to deal with it, try to understand this review. Causes Chickens can soil sockets for many reasons. But most often this is due to the fact that the birds perceive them as perches.

Pigs of Mirgorod breed

The Ukrainian Mirgorod breed of pigs is popular not only in its homeland, but also in Belarus, in the south of Russia. For over 70 years, animals have been valued for the excellent quality of fat and the ability for its intensive deposition. Piglets are bred with pleasure by private farmers and larger farms. These pigs do not require special conditions for housing and feeding.

Can I give milk to a rabbit

If you decide to start breeding eared animals at home, then you will definitely think about whether a rabbit can be given milk. It would seem that these animals are mammals and fed by their mother. However, this product is not always useful for eared animals. There is not just a number of restrictions in its use, but there is a dependence on who owns it.

About pig tails

It is noticed that the appearance of the animal's health can be determined by the appearance of the pig tail. In the case of strong and vigorous piglets, it is held by a crochet or curled in a spiral, and the denser the curl, the tighter the pig and the merrier. In case of any problems or disorders, the process on the sacrum straightens. But what role this part of the body performs in the body has not yet been clarified.

Clostridiosis in cattle

A group of diseases called cattle clostridiosis occurs when bacteria of the genus Clostridium enter the body of an animal. Infection refers to the anaerobic group. These microbes can cause great damage to the entire body of a cow. Rod-shaped elements can get inside and cause damage to the intestinal tract, connective and muscle tissues, the nervous system and respiratory tract.


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