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Pigeon's nest and human intervention

We have a pigeon's nest on the balcony. I constantly gave seeds while the dove was hatching eggs. And when the chicks hatched, too, did not forget. I often went to the balcony to see if everything was fine. "Parents" were around all the time. But one day I went out to feed and noticed that there were no "parents".

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How long does the cow carry the calf

Information about how long the cow lasts for pregnancy is needed to organize proper diets and care for cattle. The period of gestation of the offspring is also called pregnancy, which lasts about the same time for each individual. A cow may start a preterm labor or it may happen that it passes the prescribed period by several days.

The biggest and smallest rabbits

In the world there are several breeds of giant crawls. Many of them are grown for industrial purposes. However, some animal lovers give birth to large eared animals, like pets. Who is the largest rabbit in the world, annually determines the Guinness Book of Records. Here you will find information about giant rocks and champions, as well as their photos.

The breed of landrace pigs

Among elite breeds that produce high-quality lean meat, landrace pigs occupy a special place. They are distinguished by high productivity and quality of meat products. And they received them as a result of selection work more than a hundred years ago, crossing a Danish pig and a large white from England. Since that time, they have gained great popularity due to the rapid growth of a pig, a large yield of excellent soft meat without fat and streaks that are easily absorbed by the human body.

On atrophic rhinitis in pigs

Inflammatory activity in the nasal mucosa, called infectious atrophic rhinitis of pigs, most often is of a chronic form. Complications cause irreversible changes in the nasal conchas, in other words atrophy, as well as the thinning of the bones of the upper jaw. The disease is considered infectious and most often occurs with the active breeding of animals on large farms.

The diet of the decorative rabbit from A to Z

In recent years, decorative rabbits have increasingly appeared in ordinary apartments and houses. They are gentle, obedient, unpretentious and do not bite, which is good for families with children. The main question in keeping these animals at home: how to feed an ornamental rabbit? After all, the food familiar to other pets for them is absolutely not suitable.

Yakut cows

At the moment, the Yakut breed of cows is almost the only one among the cattle, which has been overlooked by the breeders. In fact, it is an animal taken from the wild. As a result, shaggy Yakuts have unique characteristics. Milk and meat obtained from them are much higher in quality, fat content and content of useful microelements than their artificially derived sisters.

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Diseases of sheep and fleece breed selection: answers to readers' questions

Since last winter, an incomprehensible disease has appeared in domestic sheep. The sheep began to fall out of wool, they began to feed on each other's fur. Several sheep died. Experts said it is avitaminosis. They started feeding in a different way, enriched the diet, and vitamin preparations were injected intramuscularly into sheep. At first, the positive effect went, but then gradually the 5-6-month-old sheep began to die.

Signs of fast calving in a cow

Any cow in front of the hotel needs care and increased attention from the owner. You need to understand what symptoms are harbingers of imminent labor, to prepare the animal and provide him with comfortable conditions. It is not necessary to have a veterinary education to determine the signs of approaching calving.

Beekeeping of the Southern Urals and its features

Today, beekeeping in the Chelyabinsk region is actively developing, but the main role is played by beekeepers and enthusiasts. However, many of them remain "underground". For example, as they say, experts, the numbers of such unregistered farms are about 20 thousand bee colonies. What is interesting beekeeping in the Chelyabinsk region: video, farms and apiaries.

Chicken dung for a kitchen garden: we make good fertilizer

Chicken droppings in the garden as a fertilizer used everywhere. This organic concentrate contains everything necessary for the growth and nutrition of plants. In addition, its compounds are perfectly processed in the ground and easily absorbed by plants. This type of concentrate can be considered one of the oldest types of fertilizers.

Homemade rabbit feeders: simple, cheap and convenient

Each beginning rabbit breeder should not only take good care of their pets, but also provide them with convenient cages with feeders and drinkers. How to make rabbit feeders with your own hands, as well as detailed instructions, you will find further in the article. Basic requirements. So, you have come to the conclusion that you want to build an eared feeder at home.

Moustah horses - handsome, who drove the carriage Cinderella

Mice suit horse, photo bark is in the article below, is considered one of the rarest. At the same time, it is one of the most beautiful and fabulous apprentices. Evidence of this can be found even in fairy tales. So, for example, in the carriage of Cinderella, beautiful and stately horses of a muscular suit were harnessed. But in more detail to find out what kind of horses and what color they are, can be further in the article.

Multi-storey house of rabbits: we produce a three-tier cage

A convenient cage on a rabbit farm is not just a comfortable home for rabbits, but also the pride of the breeder. Especially if you made this design yourself. Currently there are a lot of cell types. We will tell you how to make cages for rabbits with your own hands in 3 tiers - a capacious, but rather compact structure.

Chickens in black robes are Chinese silk

Among all the varieties of breeds of hens, a very exotic one is Chinese or so-called silk chicken. It is associated with a wide variety of stories, legends and facts. And it is not surprising, because the appearance of these "beauties" is hardly ordinary. What is this breed and what is its unusual, learn from our review.

About growing bulls for meat at home

Now growing meat bulls for meat at home is experiencing another boom. But not all beginner breeders clearly understand all the subtleties and nuances in the maintenance and fattening of calves for meat. As a result, lost time, nerves and money. To be honest, the case is really profitable, although at first it will be necessary to spend some money and sweat a lot.

Euphorbia for rabbits: good or bad?

The main food of rabbits, both in nature and in the household, is a variety of green grass and hay from it. However, as you know, not all plants are equally useful eared pets. Some can do harm, although they are considered quite useful. These include the variety of types of milkweed.

Ways to treat pork tapeworm

The timely detection and treatment of pork tapeworm involves fighting the parasite at certain stages of its life cycle. Hares, dogs, wild and domestic pigs are intermediate carriers of the parasite larvae. There is no worm development in their bodies. However, it is necessary to fight them, otherwise the parasite will go unpunished.


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