Can I give milk to a rabbit


If you decide to start breeding eared animals at home, then you will definitely think about whether a rabbit can be given milk. It would seem that these animals are mammals and fed by their mother. However, this product is not always useful for eared animals. There is not just a number of restrictions in its use, but there is a dependence on who owns it. A thoughtless introduction to the diet of liquid food can have negative consequences and lead to the death of a pet.

Hazardous rabbit product

Rabbits are almost omnivorous animals, which can be fed with fresh and dried greens, raw and boiled vegetables, fruits, grains, as well as young shoots of trees and shrubs.

Rabbit breeders noticed that at home the animals drink cow's milk perfectly, and also enjoy eating dry food for cats and dogs. However, nutrition is the biggest problem. They cannot restrain their appetite and absorb any food you give them.

Overeating and poor nutrition can lead to obesity and failure in reproductive functions. And excessive feeding of rabbits with cow's milk causes gastrointestinal disorders, causing constipation and bloating.

Next, we will tell you whether you can give milk to rabbits, and what it should be replaced with insufficient lactation in a nursing rabbit.

Replace cow's milk with goat or bitch

After the birth of offspring, the female produces milk that is saturated with fats and fatty acids. It is 4 times fatter than a cow and allows the little rabbit to develop rapidly, strengthening its immunity.

If the rabbit refused to feed the offspring, then without feeding, the young are guaranteed to die.

It is inappropriate to feed abandoned babies with cow's milk because of its low nutritional value, and for a decorative animal this is simply dangerous because it can lead to death.

It is best to buy dry milk from a pet store. Usually it is used for raising puppies and is great for raising baby rabbits. Sometimes babies are given goat's milk, in its composition as close to rabbit as possible.

Any milk given to rabbits must be boiled beforehand by destroying the bacteria that can cause intestinal upset. Feed the animals can only pre-cool it to 37 degrees Celsius.

Eagles are fed in small portions, but often. At the same time it is necessary to ensure that they do not have a tummy tumors. Read more in the article "What feeds little rabbits."

Features of feeding adult animals

After the animals reach the age of two months in their natural environment, the rabbit does not need the mother's breast, and it feeds exclusively on vegetable food. It is also not recommended to feed pets with this product at home, however there are a few exceptions:

  • in the treatment of poisoning, the cause of which is not established;
  • for nursing depleted rabbits;
  • to strengthen the body sukrolnoy females.

To eliminate such problems, it is better to use less fat cow's milk. Poisoned animals pour 4-5 dessert spoons of the product 3-4 times a day into the mouth for 3-4 days. The substances contained in it soften the mucous membrane of the stomach and partially neutralize the action of the toxic substance.

Nursing a rabbit depleted of the disease, you need to give him as bait no more than 50 g of fresh cow's milk per day.

Feeding the sucker and circled females

Novice rabbit breeders give milk to females who give birth, thus stimulating their lactation. But this should not be done so as not to cause obesity. Read more in the article "What you need to feed the rabbit after a dog."

In liquid mash for nursing rabbits, you can add a serum-rich trace elements.

To promote the health of pregnant rabbits, it is necessary to give liquid masses, made on the basis of crushed grain, meat and bone meal, meat and fish production waste.

Cow's milk should be no more than 10% of this mash, which should be pre-boiled, add a little salt, chalk and fiber-rich oilcake. 1-2 times a week you can feed pets moistened in milk with bread. This should be done in the evening before bedtime rabbit.

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