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In this article we will tell you whether it is possible to give salt to rabbits, in what quantity and how much it is useful. Food eared animals should be balanced. Quality food - this is the one in which there are all the necessary vitamins and minerals. It is thanks to them that rapid and healthy growth occurs. Salt is an equally important component, namely the source of chlorine and sodium ions. Below, read about what it affects and whether the body needs rabbits.

Useful for metabolic processes.

Table salt (NaCl) consists of two minerals - chlorine and sodium. With their participation, metabolic processes occur in any living organism. These substances are necessary for the production of gastric juice and for the healthy work of the heart.

When using this product, it is important not to overdo it. If the salt easily enters the body (with food), then the output takes a lot of time. It is held in tissues up to five days.

When keeping rabbits, first of all it is necessary to achieve their fast and healthy growth. Normally, food should contain proteins, fats and minerals. Simple green food is hard to achieve. In other words, should be nutritional and quality. What kind of products are needed, we will tell below, but giving salt to rabbits is a mandatory fact. Such feeding is called a strong feed base.

Salt is also one of the most affordable minerals.

To the body of the rabbit worked and functioned normally, salt can be given and even needed.

If nutrition is not balanced

When an animal licks the bars of the cage, it means that the food is not balanced and the diet needs to be reconsidered. This means that the rabbit lacks any mineral substances. If there is a lack of salt in the body, then problems can arise:

  • growth retardation (especially in young);
  • skeletal fragility;
  • decrease in productivity;
  • miscarriages and dead droppings in little rabbits;
  • metabolic disease.

At any time of the year, fresh and dry greens are the basis for feeding rabbits. In their natural habitat, grass is the food from which they get everything that is useful and necessary for growth. Since domestic animals live and are raised in captivity, high-calorie feeding with minerals should be in winter.


The fact that it is possible to give salt to rabbits, and it is even useful is one thing. But, if there is an overabundance, then the consequence will be a kidney disease and a disorder of the digestive system. It is necessary to adhere to the optimal amount, which will be discussed further.

Intake of minerals in the body

The right amount of salt for a rabbit depends on its physiological condition, age and weight. In feed and water, which give animals, already contains some of the desired mineral.

In addition, salt accumulates in the body and it is better not to overdo it in its quantity. For example, in addition, rabbits do not need salt at all if they are fed with purchased feed.

Taking into account the data that the craw eats grass and drinks water, salt should be given to an adult animal 1.5 g per day, and young animals 0.5 g per day. A pregnant or lactating rabbit needs 1.5-2 g.

When winter comes, rabbits lack greenery. Salt-Lizun helps to compensate for the lack of minerals. Do not use briquetted product for livestock.

To make a lizunets yourself, you need to mix 5 tbsp. tablespoons of salt, 500 g of red clay in powder, 500 g of food chalk, 300 g of charcoal and 3 tbsp. spoons of food sulfur.

Gradually, water is added to this mass, until a thick consistency is obtained. Then you need to make balls with holes and let them freeze. The obtained lichens are suspended in cages of rabbits away from the drinkers.

Salt for the rabbit is already contained in the purchased feed, but sometimes making it with your own hands is much more profitable. You need to collect the product from cereals and legumes - wheat, oats, barley, corn and peas. For better mastering, all components need to be crushed. To this mass add a little salt, dry feed chalk and bone meal.

The table indicates how to feed the animals with salt in order to benefit the rabbit population.

This is an approximate daily allowance of salt added to feed for rabbits so that their salt balance in the body is not disturbed. About the feed, read the article "About feed for rabbits."

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