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As with any occupation, breeding bees requires certain skills and knowledge. Often beginning and sometimes experienced beekeepers face difficulties in keeping bees. And then more knowledgeable beekeepers can come to the rescue. If you want to know what secrets beekeeping keeps in itself - the Krivchikova video will help you to understand all the intricacies of this laborious process.

Beekeeper Krivchikov and his contribution to beekeeping

Among those who are actively engaged in breeding bees, the name of Vitaly Krivchikov is very well known. This professional knows about beekeeping, if not all, then very much. For many years now he has been helping beekeepers in solving various problems in the apiary.

Vitaly Viktorovich has been practicing the withdrawal of bee colonies for many years, studying manuals and literature on beekeeping. Due to this, the beekeeper is well versed in many industries: breeding bees, arranging hives, breeding queens, and features of different types of bees. Rich knowledge prompted the specialist to share his experience with beginner beekeepers.

Vitaly Krivchikov has his own book. The manuscript titled "My attitude towards beekeeping" was planned not so much as a methodological guide, but more as a motivating book. In the publication, the author talks a lot about how to find the right approach to bees, understanding their natural essence. For Vitaly Viktorovich, beekeeping is first of all spiritual growth, the knowledge of the world through communication with bees. In the book, everyone will find practical advice on the development of bee colonies, hatching, the honey collection process, and other beekeeping processes.

In an effort to convey to people his knowledge and understanding of the bee essence, Krivchikov decided to launch his own video blog. On the Krivchikov video you will find answers to many questions of concern to beekeeping. The author accompanies his lessons with valuable tips, comments, arguments and experiences. The video inspires people to create their own apiaries. Some successful beekeepers frankly declare that they have created their business literally from scratch, having received inspiration and motivation after becoming acquainted with Vitaliy Krivchikov’s worldview.

Parse lessons Krivchikova

We suggest you to get acquainted with the most interesting video lessons of a professional beekeeper. Vitaly Krivchikov shares his knowledge about the technical features of building hives, about new products and tools in the field of breeding bee colonies, and answers questions from users. A popular blogger will tell you how to prepare the bees for wintering, how to treat in case of illness, and why it happens that the apiary does not generate income. These and other lessons are further in our article.

The design of the hives and their components

In order for the apiary to bring pleasure to the beekeeper, it is necessary to provide honey plants with optimal conditions for living. In the world there is a fairly large variety of hives, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. But whatever type of hive you choose, you will still face certain difficulties: how to substitute an additional body, how to insulate evidence for the winter. Krivchikov has a lot of videos on this topic that help to understand complex structures and, if necessary, improve them.

The bee colony is growing, which means it is necessary to install a second building. How to do it right? See the next video.

But how to protect the hive from rain and snow? A professional and this has his own advice. Vitaly Krivchikov tells what material is convenient to use, and also shows in stages the entire process of roofing.

Removable bottom in the hive facilitates the work of the beekeeper. One of the advantages is an increase in subframe space. This is very important in the winter when it is necessary to provide heating for the bee house. Krivchikov will tell about the features of this function.

Work with beehives

Elementary beekeepers sometimes find it difficult to get elementary, seemingly things. And all because there are not enough good examples for working with beehives, frames, feeders. Krivchikov will help in these matters, clearly demonstrating some of the secrets of beekeeping. In his videos, he will talk about how to assemble the framework, how to make the cage gate valve, how to substitute the foundation, and much more.

It is convenient to change the uterus with a spring. Such detail can be made independently. How to do it - look further.

All about bees hibernation

What will be the upcoming season of honey collection depends on how the bees overwinter. Are you afraid that the cold will kill the bee family? In fact, everything is in your hands. A competent beekeeper is able to provide their pets with a safe winter. In his video lessons Krivchikov reveals the secrets of preparing for the winter period.

After the last pumping out in August, it is recommended to replace the uterus with a young one. Then by spring she will give good brood. The author of the video clearly shows how to do this, even if you have already blocked the nest.

Wintering is a very important period in the life of a bee family. Find out what rules you need to follow so that by the spring the bees come out strong and workable. This video will be useful and already experienced beekeepers.

If the bees wintered in omshanik, the beekeeper should not miss the moment of the exhibition of hives. After all, the bees must start flying in time. In the video you will learn what the beekeeper needs to do with the onset of spring.

Uterus - the queen bee family

Everyone knows that a healthy queen bee is able to provide good brood breeding, produces a sufficient number of larvae and is even able to prepare a replacement for itself. But often beekeepers have to intervene in this process. Old or unhealthy queens must be changed. The Filatov method is often used by beekeepers to replace the uterus. Further details show how to make such a quiet shift.

A few days after the birth, the bee-girl begins its first flight. So she masters her new home. In order for the uterus to fly around the hive in any case, you need to know some subtleties.

Productive healthy apiary

Every beekeeper wants his apiary to be fruitful. To do this, you need to monitor the health of the bees, to provide them with proper care. Disease prevention is important for productivity and, as a result, good profit - this is the next lesson.




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