White Texas quail - an excellent bird meat direction


Texas quail is known worldwide for its large size and refers to the type of meat productivity. Due to its characteristics, received several variations of the name. It is often called the American albino, white giant, snow-white pharaoh or broiler. Let's talk more about this interesting breed.

Breed overview

Texas white quails were the result of numerous and lengthy selections. Experts were originally aimed to bring the meat type. Therefore, breeds of quails were carefully chosen for crossing, quickly gaining weight and building muscle mass. Japanese quails took an active part in obtaining the variety.


The Texas quail is a very beautiful bird, the main feature of which is the white cover. On feathers you can always find small black markings. The number of spots usually does not exceed four pieces. Their plumage is quite thick and fluffy. The skin is tender, light and thin.

Build tight. The chest part of the quail is convex, and the back is wide. The limbs, neck and tail are short and tight to the body. The main color of the beak is solid, and its tip is black. On the head of an average size are large and dark eyes.


It is not surprising that Texas white quails are representatives of the meat industry. After all, the live weight of an adult individual is four hundred grams and above. The weight of one ink is 250 grams or more. With a high-quality and balanced diet, the weight of some quails varies from 500 to 550 grams. However, too large sizes can often be a signal of obesity, which makes the bird unsuitable for reproduction and food consumption.

With its fleshyness they rush pretty well. Egg production of this variety reaches a threshold of 65-75 percent. It is noteworthy that white quails begin to rush early, reaching the age of two months. Thus, to breed Texas quail profitable. They produce tasty, dietary meat and large, healthy eggs.


Surprisingly, despite their impressive size for quail, albinos consume very little food: only 40-45 grams per day. This breed can be easily bred at the lowest cost, which is considered a positive factor. Also, Texas quails are an excellent substitute for chicken meat, being less high-calorie and more useful.

American quails have an unpretentious, calm temper. They, in comparison with other breeds, are less subject to stress, practically do not arrange fights and rarely make noise. These birds are placed in three individuals, where there are two females per male. This distribution is due to some passivity of males. Newborn chicks are characterized by weak immunity, but with proper care they quickly grow stronger and are distinguished by precocity.


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