Beekeeping of the Southern Urals and its features

Today, beekeeping in the Chelyabinsk region is actively developing, but the main role is played by beekeepers and enthusiasts. However, many of them remain "underground". For example, as they say, experts, the numbers of such unregistered farms are about 20 thousand bee colonies. What is interesting beekeeping in the Chelyabinsk region: video, farms and apiaries. Read on in the article.

Features of the industry

In modern beekeeping in this area there is one problem - the expansion of the land of honey plants, as well as the preservation of the native Russian bees. However, in the Chelyabinsk region there are whole agrarian complexes with bases of breeding bee farms, which every year check how many tribal families are in the area. They also prevent the degeneration of Russian bees. In the next video, we offer you to learn more about the features of beekeeping in this territory of Russia.

Climate conditions also impede the full development of the industry in the region: the winter is harsh long, the summer is hot and arid. As the beekeepers themselves say, you have to "get out as you can." In many ways, they succeed at the expense of many years of experience in local confession. But today this type of activity is underdeveloped here, more and more are engaged only in stationary apiaries.

Apiaries and farms

TitleA little about the farmAddress, sitePhone, Email
PC Koptelov O.Sale of honey, pollen, wax, propolis and other productsKalininsky district, city of Chelyabinsktel. 7-952-520-83-34,

Email - [email protected]

HRC Kazantsev G.Sale of bee productsKalininsky district, city of Chelyabinsk Email - [email protected]
PC Gabov D.Sales of bee productsTroitsky district, Uvelsky district, Berezka village Mobile phone 8-908-584-46-45,

Email - [email protected]

OOO MedocSales of bee productsChelyabinsk Region., Chelyabinsk City, Zwilling Street, 57 tel. 7 (351) 729-08-21



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