Goats do not eat next to a man: what to do?


Goats refuse to eat, with the presence of a person nearby. What to do? (Leonid)

Hello. I myself have been breeding goats for many years. I can not say that I came across this, but I am not surprised either, because I have thrush of thrush. Sometimes an apple falls to the ground, and the goat does not eat it anymore. As for your problem, there’s nothing particularly to do here. If this is connected with some mental phenomenon in animals, then it will either pass by itself or remain so.

I cannot recommend something to you, as it is difficult to make a "diagnosis" without a true reason. You see, in this situation, animals can simply or simply wait for something else from a person, for example, more treats. Either they have an instinct of fear that they will take food or cause harm during eating. Usually this was not observed in domestic goats, but anything can happen.

I advise you not to pay attention to this, because the main thing is that the goats should eat generally, in principle, normally and be healthy. But if, nevertheless, this situation worries and worries you greatly, then I can advise you to teach the animals a little bit of advice as an option.

Teaching animals to your presence

Did you grow them or took them from someone already in adulthood? Try to do the following. Bring the goats something their most favorite, some delicacy, such as sliced ​​apples, carrots, cabbage leaves, and put them in the feeder. But yourself, step back a little and sit nearby, but so that the animals can see you. Of course, goats will terribly want to eat their treat, and you see how they behave.

Do this procedure several times every day, but gradually reducing the distance between you and the goats. As you get used to it, you need to achieve such a result so that you, sitting next to the goats, practically near their feeders, do not cause them fear. In a successful result, the animals will have to eat, regardless of whether you are near or not. But trust, too, must be won. Successes.


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