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The article will discuss whether it is possible to feed rabbits with raw potatoes or it must nevertheless be boiled. We will also talk about leafweed and potato peelings. Eared animals are called omnivores, so their diet should be monitored very carefully. The body of animals is not able to digest anything. In addition, certain standards should be followed. The root crop is one of the most affordable and is always on the shelves of stores in abundance.

Starch root vegetable

So, let's see if it is possible to give raw potatoes to rabbits and how to do it correctly.

This root is a juicy food that rabbits eat with pleasure. The body of the animal, in general, copes with the digestion and absorption of this product. As part of it there are so many useful things:

  • vitamins C and B;
  • trace elements: magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, silicon;
  • vitamin C;
  • starch.

The last component in utility is rather controversial. On the one hand, it contributes to the rapid weight gain, which is good for fattening. But on the other hand, too intense eating raw potatoes leads to obesity. Especially if individuals are inactive.

Therefore, because of the starch, potatoes should be given to rabbits in small portions. Especially at first, when there is only a training for this product.

To introduce into the diet potatoes for rabbits that go to the tribe, you need to be careful, because extra weight will be an obstacle to mating.

But boiled potatoes are useful for nursing and pregnant females. It contributes to the formation and process of lactation, and also improves the quality of milk. It is better not to give raw potatoes to this rabbit during this period, otherwise the milk will be thick and block the milk ducts.

There are absolutely no proteins and inorganic salts in potatoes. It is usually served together with products that contain these missing elements (clover, alfalfa, meat and bone and fish meal).

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Raw root vegetable

Before feeding the rabbit raw potatoes, first of all, you need to sort it out. That is, remove the rotten potatoes and those that are green. They contain solanine, which is a poisonous substance that causes poisoning.

Selected good vegetables should be washed and cut into slices. Raw potatoes can be introduced into the diet of a little rabbit from the age of four months. Root slices are added to the usual food. If the animal refuses to eat them, you can try again in 2-3 weeks.

In winter, rabbits eat raw potatoes more readily than in summer, as there is a shortage of succulent fodder. Also, this vegetable is preferable if the diet is poor or the water in the drinker is out of water.

If a bowel disorder arises from a raw potato, then this juicy vegetable is best replaced by another. But, when the crawls eat a root vegetable well, then it should be added to the diet no more than 10% of the daily norm of products.

Boiled look

And now about whether it is possible to give the rabbit potatoes boiled. After heat treatment, the vegetable is absorbed much better. In this case, if the crawls do not eat raw root vegetables, then, most likely, they will give preference to the boiled one. But before cooking you need to do the tubers, removing the sprouts from them.

Boiled potatoes are also saturated with vitamins and microelements, but to a lesser extent. Of course, there is starch, but in this form it is absorbed much better. In a rabbit diet, this product can take from 40 to 60% of all food. This is about 200 grams of potatoes per day for individuals fed for meat.

Boiled potatoes, which are added to the mash, feed pregnant and lactating rabbits. Such food is eaten with pleasure by young animals, which are only accustomed to adult food.

If you feed the rabbits with potatoes and at the same time do not give them full movement, then they quickly become fat. In this case, the rate should not exceed 50-70 g per day. When the animal is constantly in motion, you can increase the portion to 100 g. Most often, potatoes are mashed and mixed with other rabbit food.

Cleaning and topping

Potato peelings are usually in large quantities. This is a suitable food for many pets. They can be given to rabbits only if the tuber has been well washed and if the skin is not cut from a green vegetable. Also, they should not be mold. Frozen root vegetables will not work either.

Potato peel is usually given in boiled form. It can be crushed and added to other foods. Rabbits can refuse such food. Sometimes dry food is added to cooked peelings. But you can not mix it all with the water in which boiled waste from potatoes.

Another option for using cleanings is to dry them and grind them into flour. Before this, you also need to select only good, not moldy skins. The composition of vitamins, they are comparable to ordinary potatoes. Flour should be stored in a cool, not humid place, and before serving the rabbits to steam with boiling water and cool.

Rabbits are not recommended to give potato tops, but sometimes they are dried and fed in very small doses.

Cooking mash

When a new product is included in the animal's diet, it is given in small portions, gradually increasing it. When feeding rabbits potatoes, the principle is the same. As already mentioned, it is better to give preference to the boiled root, when the animals reach 4 months. Vegetable is prepared unpeeled (in uniform), in the form of mashed potatoes, slices or cooked cleaning.

It is best to serve potato dishes in the evening, but not scary if given to another. In this case, boiled tubers can be cut into pieces without removing the peel. Also mashed water and mash. This means adding feed, grain and greens.

Mash hounds are usually eaten with pleasure. It is necessary to boil the potatoes (50%), steam the feed for rabbits (45%), chop the cabbage finely (5%). The last ingredient can be replaced by scalded nettles.

The second recipe for this mix is ​​boiled potatoes (50%), steamed or boiled grains (wheat, corn, barley - 35-40%), boiled peas (5-10%), fresh cabbage (or scalded nettle - 5%).

Bags can be given to nursing females. If you add parsley to this dish, it will provide a surge of milk. Before jigging for the little rabbits, parsley is replaced with dill a week before weaning. This provokes a rapid burnout of milk.

Rabbits, which are kept because of the fur, do not really need a potato diet, as well as breeding individuals.

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