Wandering without problems: we make a mobile apiary


The lack of picturesque landscapes is not a reason for refusing to engage in beekeeping. If you have a nomadic apiary, you will be able to move it over any distance, while obtaining honey of excellent quality. From our article you will learn many interesting things about the wandering of the bees, as well as how to make a mobile apiary with your own hands. Useful videos will help to understand all the points in more detail.

Features of the nomadic apiary

At the moment, nomadic beekeeping is an excellent alternative to the usual stationary apiary. Some beekeepers have long since begun to take their pets to the fields, meadows, and forests, where an abundance of herbs and industrial crops make it possible to get delicious high-quality honey. Due to the constant movement of hives, this method has received the appropriate name.

What is necessary for successful wandering?

In fact, the apiary on wheels does not have any specific features. The main task of the beekeeper is to ensure the safe transportation of bees. It is not worthwhile to strike at record distances, because the bees may simply not understand what their master has taken into his head. The road for them should be as soft as possible, so that the beehive does not sway, do not shake and do not fight against each other.

If there are many hives, they are transported in several receptions. As a rule, for transportation use trailers or special platforms. Some beekeepers in pursuit of fragrant and tasty honey move the hive several times during the season. Despite the high costs (and this is gasoline, machinery, equipment, accommodation), the final product pays for everything in full. This is sure to offer from the following video.

The subtleties of wandering bees

Like any operation with bees, the wandering of the bees has nuances, the implementation of which guarantees a positive result.

Consider some of them:

  • in case of lack of equipment and opportunities, the apiary can be transported in parts;
  • it is not necessary to take out the hive for the whole season, if there are honey crops in your district, it is advisable to do this after their flowering;
  • A nomadic apiary can be transported on a regular trailer or platform, but the safest option for bees is to purchase a special pavilion;
  • Your chosen place should be well protected from winds and heavy rains, which may harm the bees;
  • it is extremely important that near the location of the apiary there is a source of moisture so that the bees can drink freely;
  • In some cases, before transporting the bees to a new place, it is necessary to obtain permission from the owner of the field.

Making an apiary on wheels with your own hands

Moving bees is probably the only effective way to increase the amount of honey without upgrading existing hives. It is for this reason that nomadic beekeeping is an attractive destination for many beekeepers.

Another undoubted advantage is that you can make a mobile apiary with your own hands, without spending a lot of money. This criterion is very relevant now, when the financial situation in the country remains unstable. So, what is needed to make a nomadic apiary with your own hands become a reality? Of course, there is no sense in altering the hive, so we will build a platform for their transportation.

Step-by-step instruction

  1. To make nomadic beekeeping a reality for you, you need a trailer in the form of a booth. In extreme cases, a low-sided trailer will fit.
  2. From a wooden board we make a frame according to the internal dimensions of the trailer.
  3. It is important to measure the frame and the hive correctly. Ideally, it should be several rows of hives with a minimum gap between them.
  4. Take care of a secure attachment so that during transportation all the hives remain in their original position.
  5. The shelves of the second tier are fixed not only with screws, but also with metal corners, which give the structure additional rigidity.
  6. After mounting the hives, be sure to check the reliability of the fastener at a short distance. It is desirable that while someone watched directly behind the body.

A little effort, and your apiary on wheels is ready to go. You can safely surf the expanses, choosing the best place for honey collection. Do not forget to prepare all the necessary documents and materials.

Photo Gallery

Photo 1. Trailer with beehives on the nomadic Photo 2. Beehive inside the box Photo 3. A large number of hives on a trailer




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