How to help the goat regain its shape after lambing?

After lambing, almost 2 months passed (3 goatlings), and the goat does not get into shape, eats badly. And milk yield decreased in comparison with the first lambing (2 babies). Kids are taken away from mom from the first day and are fed from a bottle. Feeding from the female quality and diverse. How to increase her appetite? (Nataliya)

Good day. So, your situation is clear and I want to tell you right away that, in principle, three goatlings for a goat are pathologies, that is, it should not be so. But it occurs at home very often. My one pet brings 3-4 babies every year and now I have to mess with them.

The fact is that, after carrying out three, the female's body is very much depleted, so its recovery takes longer than it should be normal. But for this case - this is normally three to four months, so you should not worry. It is only important to support the body of the animal and help him to get faster form.

Correct watering

It is very good that you took away the kids at once, otherwise they would have exhausted her greatly and it would be even worse. I advise you to give more to drink your thrush. But not just water, but give warm water with bran, high-calorie food. Since the body on three kids spent a lot of strength. As grain, let's not wheat, but oats. Wheat can be no more than a dose of a 100-gram stack per day.

Possible worms

I was alarmed by what you wrote that your goat has a bad appetite. As a rule, it is associated with helminthic infection. Be sure to chase the worms. And I advise you to give your pet spruce or pine branches. It very well restores strength and helps support the body of the nurse.



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