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To make nipple drinkers for rabbits with your own hands is a cost savings and a way to improve the lives of pets. High-quality care for eared fish ensures their rapid growth and health. If the water is dirty and the tank is not properly located in the cage, it can get sick and even die. To buy or make this device yourself, you need to pay attention to its safety for animals. Individuals should always have free access to water, and the rabbit breeder should constantly monitor its quality.

Rabbit Drinker Variety

Drinking tanks differ in size, volume and material from which they are made. It depends on the basic parameters how clean the water will be. There are drinkers of the following types:

  • pan;
  • nipple;
  • vacuum;
  • automatic;
  • bottled

Each type of drinker is designed for large and small cells. The choice of an experienced rabbit breeder depends on the brood, that is, on the number of adults and young stock. If the containers are made of fragile material (bottled or cup), their lifespan is much less than that of nipple or made of metal.

It is important how the surface of the drinker is treated. If it is made of metal, it is necessary to prevent the formation of rust. For rabbit cages, reliable devices are chosen without unnecessary elements that can harm the animal.

Avtopoilka does not require large time-consuming maintenance. Water changes less frequently than in any other system. The choice of water tank is determined by its convenience not only for a rabbit breeder, but also for animals. Detailed characteristics are described in the article "About drinking bowls for rabbits".

Characteristics of nipple drinkers

Nipple drinker for rabbits is a container that is isolated from the external environment. Water from such a system comes only in cases where the rabbit is thirsty and takes certain actions. The principle is simple: the animal touches the ball, clean water comes out of the tube.

Both the rabbit and the little rabbit can reach it. The installation height of the system is adjustable. The tank has a standard volume, based on which it is possible to calculate the exact amount of water per healthy individual.

The system allows for continuous access of water. Its filling is carried out according to the schedule, which takes into account the need of the animal for water according to seasons. In summer, the consumption rate is higher, and in winter it can be reduced.

The principle of operation of the watering system

Nipple drinkers do not differ in complex design. Capacity with a cap, a tube and a ball fastens on special hooks. Pure water is added to the reservoir through the opening, and the tube with the nipple is placed in the animal cage. With a slight pressure on the ball through the tube enters the liquid. The simplicity of the system allows its use for animals of different ages.

This type of watering device can be bought or made independently. A nipple tank with a water outlet pipe is used for large and small cells: this system has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of nipple devices

When choosing a drinker for rabbits, a rabbit grower needs to consider its advantages and disadvantages.

Nipple tanks are cheap drinkers, which serve for several years. They have a simple design without unnecessary details. Water stays clean for a long time and rarely sour. Adults and small individuals quickly get used to the system.

Prevents the system and the appearance of dampness on the flooring (a frequent occurrence after the usual open tanks). The less moisture in the cage, the easier it is to protect animals from disease, especially during the cold season.

Another advantage of such a drinker is that it can be hung in any place with additional fasteners. In winter and cold in the fall, the tank moves to a secluded, warm place, and in summer it can be placed near the open areas of the cage.

Helps set the watering mode for the baby rabbits, which can be attached below. So babies quickly get used to independent living.

Main disadvantages

The nipple drinking bowl for rabbits is inconvenient in cases where the animal is sick. It is difficult for him to move and get water by pressing the ball. Dangerous system during epidemics: direct contact with the tube leads to the rapid spread of the disease.

A significant drawback of the system is freezing in winter. It is impossible to completely insulate and isolate the cage from low temperatures, so the open part of the container may freeze, which complicates the watering of animals. The lower the temperature outside, the lower the temperature of the water - because of the cold liquid, rabbits can often get sick.

Additionally purchased fasteners and tubes, which have to be changed frequently. Spending on such devices are related to the nipple drinkers. It is difficult to tune one device for individuals of different types and sizes. Installation of several containers is required so that the rabbits do not suffer from a lack of liquid.

Choice of nipple drinker

To choose a nipple drinker, you need to consider several important factors that allow the device to work quickly and efficiently. Characteristics of a quality drinker:

  • no leaks (still in the store you need to check how durable all the parts are and whether the main tube is leaking);
  • On the inside of the tank there should be a rubber lining with a hole - it depends on its size how much water will flow, so it should not be too small;
  • the size of the ball depends on the size of the rabbit - the smaller the animal, the smaller the ball that is in the tube;
  • To check the nipple, water is poured into the drinker - if the device is of high quality, bubbles immediately appear inside the tank.

Check the quality of the device in the store to avoid breakdowns directly in the cage. Before installing the capacity of its mandatory again checked. For this, water is poured in there.

When you click on the ball out of the tube water. Trickle should not be too strong or weak. In a quality drinker, it is uniform, and the device itself does not emit extraneous sounds.

Features homemade systems

Drinkers do not differ by their appearance, but also by their quality. The breeder independently selects all the necessary materials and can be sure of them. Self-made devices are different: select the appropriate sizes of containers, tubes and balls for rabbits (of different ages and types). Below we will tell you how to make a drinker and not spend extra money on it.

The simplest self-made options are a container from a bottle with a nipple and a main drinking bowl.

Drinking a bottle of do it yourself

Making a nipple drinker with your own hands is easy. There is an economical option. You will need a regular plastic bottle, a nipple cut (can be replaced with a steel cut), rubber, scissors, additional fasteners.

After selecting the parts and materials for the drinker, you need to check their compatibility. If the bottleneck and the nipple length do not match, it will not work. After fitting, a rubber stopper is inserted into the bottle (in place of the cap).

In the rubber gasket a hole is made under the nipple. He himself is inserted into the gum at the end of the work. Water is poured into the tank and checked for holes or cracks.

If water leaks, a layer of sealant is applied to the leaks. The self-made device is installed from the outside, and the nipple should extend to the inside of the cage. An important condition is that the glue and sealant should not get inside the bottle, otherwise a toxic substance can poison the water for rabbits.

Trunk system for rabbits do it yourself

An improved type of system for watering rabbits, which can be installed in a large cage - the main.

As the main container can serve as a bottle, which is inserted into the gum with a hole. An additional element is a pipe that will allow water to pass through the entire cage. 3-4 nipples are attached to it, providing simultaneous access to water for several individuals at once.

For fixing the nipples on the pipe, elastic bands are used, and for sealing gaps - sealant. The self-made variant of the main drinking bowl will allow to monitor the amount of water in all the cages, if the breeder is breeding several species at once.

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