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In the summer, rabbits get enough nutrients from seasonal feed. Fresh grass, a variety of vegetables are full of vitamins and trace elements, which can not be said about the winter period. With the arrival of winter, you need to take care of pets and pick them special vitamins for rabbits. How not to get lost in the variety of vitamin-mineral complexes, let's look at it together.

Vitamin supplements

Today on the shelves of veterinary pharmacies and pet stores you can find many complex vitamin preparations. The manufacturers made sure that you did not spend a lot of time searching for vitaminized food. In one bottle can hold more than a dozen of useful substances. Let's see how the drugs differ from each other, what features of the application, and whether there are contraindications.

Chiktonik drug

In cold weather, rabbits often have a lack of vitamins. This leads to the fact that the appetite worsens, the metabolism is disturbed. Pets become sluggish and inactive. Many rabbit breeders speak well of the drug Chiktonik. These vitamins for rabbits are the richest in composition.

It contains such important substances for the body as vitamins of group B, vitamin A, D3, K, amino acids arginine, glutamic acid, serine and others. In total there are about thirty vitamins and amino acids.

Give this drug courses for five days, every month the course is repeated. To give these vitamins to rabbits, you need to dilute the drug cube in a liter of water. Rabbit leaders assure that their pets are willing to drink such vitamin supplements, despite the unpleasant smell. It is very convenient that Chiktonik is produced in different dosages: there are jars of 10 and 250 ml. And if you have a large rabbit farm, it is advantageous to immediately purchase a large capacity of vitamins of 1 or 5 liters.


This vitamin complex is designed not only for rabbits, but also for all other farm animals. It is prescribed for beriberi, as well as for the treatment and prevention of rickets, ulcers, diseases of the liver and mucous membranes. The composition of Prodovita is not as rich as in the previous preparation. In one bottle - vitamins A and E, as well as vitamin D3. These substances not only have a beneficial effect on the general condition of the body of rabbits, but also make their fur beautiful and silky.

The manufacturer produces the drug in two forms: for injection and for oral administration. Therefore, each owner can choose the most convenient option. For the prevention of diseases it is convenient to take Prodevit for oral administration. To do this, add 2 drops of the drug per serving. For the best effect, you need to give vitamins course 2 or even 3 months.

For therapeutic purposes, make intramuscular injection. Rabbits with their low weight need very little medication: only 0.4 ml per individual. This vitamin complex release volume of 10, 100 ml or 1 l.


If the body of rabbits do not have enough vitamin E, then it is bad for their health. An important role for the health of fur-bearing animals is selenium - a trace element with a large immunomodulatory effect. To support the immunity of the rabbits prescribed vitamin preparation E-Selen.

It consists of only two substances: vitamin E and selenium, which not only fulfills its protective functions, but also contributes to a better absorption of vitamin E. Therefore, E-selenium is useful in treating many illnesses associated with impaired health:

  • with impaired growth and development;
  • during an epidemic of infectious diseases;
  • after poisoning and stress;
  • in cases of miscarriages or infertility in females.

This drug is also available in two forms: for injection and for oral use. In the first case, the drug is administered intramuscularly or under the skin. The convenience of this method is that the solution is injected once, and the procedure is repeated in 2-4 months. Oral solution has a lower concentration. What is characteristic, it can also be injected, and can be dissolved in water or added to a portion of the feed.

Mineral Supplements

If you feed the rabbits with feed and hay, then their diet clearly lacks useful minerals. Minerals - a pledge of strong teeth, bones, thick coat and good appetite. And this means that eared fish and vitamins, in addition to food and vitamins, also need mineral supplements. The most difficult to calculate the dosage and proportions, so it is best to refer to the assortment of pet stores.

Mineral stones

Mineral stones usually contain several vital minerals. Often it is calcium, phosphorus, sodium and others. For example, the mineral stone "Chika" in the form of hanging toys contains minerals for the strength of bones. And in order to make the rabbit tasty, microgranules from grass and carrots were added to the stone. The company also produces mineral salt salt, enriched with sodium.

Mineral block Carly. Positions itself as a great complement to feed. The block is attached to the trellis, and if the rabbits feel the need for any minerals, they begin to gnaw a pebble. The manufacturer produces blocks weighing 25 and 115 g. In their composition - not only minerals, but also vitamin E, vitamins of group B, copper sulfate and other useful additives.

Bio-iron with trace elements

Iron deficiency in the body of rabbits is manifested in a decrease in their activity, lethargy, loss of appetite. Lack of this element is called anemia. In addition, iron affects the condition of the skin and coat. This drug can improve blood flow and enriches the blood not only with iron, but also with other useful elements.

Iodine in its composition ensures proper functioning of the thyroid gland, and cobalt helps to better absorb vitamins. Animals especially need all the minerals during the period of active growth or feeding the young with milk. The drug is produced in one-liter plastic bottles. Give the mineral complex for 2 or 3 months, diluting in water for drinking or mixing with a portion of dry food. For one rabbit per day only 0.1 ml of solution is needed.

Vitamin and mineral supplement Ushastik

Fur and dietary rabbit meat is very much appreciated and is in great demand. However, in order to successfully grow them, you need to take care of a balanced feed composition. If the feed is of insufficient quality, it is necessary to add minerals and vitamins. The mineral composition "Ushastik" due to its rich composition makes it possible to accelerate the growth of rabbits and maintain the beauty of their fur. Before use, the mineral mixture should be mixed with flour 1: 1.

To enrich the feed with nutrients, you need to accurately calculate how much the mixture needs to be added per serving for each rabbit. The amount of supplement depends on the age of the rabbit, as well as on the duration of feeding the suckers, if you are going to feed the rabbit mother. In general, one adult rabbit needs from 1.5 to 5 g of the mixture.

When choosing vitamins for rabbits, mineral supplements and other medications, remember: an excess of vitamins is just as harmful as their lack. So carefully read the instructions for use and accurately measure the amount of the drug. And let the rabbits delight you with their good health and rapid development.




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