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What is the dose of complex vaccination for young rabbits? (Vladimir)

Good day. This means that the vaccination technique is the same as for the conventional mono-vaccine, for example, against myxomatosis. The dosage depends on the type of drug, as well as the method of administration of the drug, so all information should be contained on the package. Without knowing your vaccine, we can only give you an example of a standard regimen for using the usual myxomatosis.

The vaccine is diluted in a physiological special solution based on 1 dose:

  • under the skin - 0.2 ml of the drug is used, if injected into the ear;
  • under the skin on the thigh - about 0.5 ml of vaccine is injected;
  • intramuscularly - also about 5 ml, but the needle is inserted deeper than under the skin.

Hello. After the first lambing Kolchikha ate little rabbits. The second lambing, control - 8 rabbits. Divided into 2 cups, 6 quit (gone), two feeds and lileite. Should I keep it on, and why is this happening? Rabbit - White Giant. (Valentine)

Valentina, based on the practice of many livestock breeders, we can say that this is quite common in young females. But a lot of reasons can lead to such an undesirable phenomenon. Understand here and have a possible physical and emotional discomfort.

On this topic we have a separate thematic article. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with its content - //


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