Is it possible to give the rabbit red beets


In the article we will tell whether it is possible to give the rabbits red beets or not. In general, these animals enjoy eating various plant foods. For the full development and growth of their body still need to pay attention to the diet and make it better. This root is different and not everyone is suitable for food. However, on the other hand, it has a lot of useful for digestion. To avoid health problems, you need to understand the types of this plant and its properties.

Succulent feed

Beetroot belongs to succulent fodder, as well as its tops, various pasture grass, potatoes and other root crops, pumpkin, watermelons. Red vegetable (by the way, sometimes it comes in other colors) is easy to grow, and there is no shortage of this product. Such accessibility allows you to use it for feeding pets. Although whether it is possible to feed rabbits with such food is a moot point.

Beets are of three types:

  • fodder;
  • sugar;
  • canteen.

Let us consider in detail each of them, because their characteristics are very different. Immediately it should be said that it is impossible to feed the rabbits with beets, which belongs to the dining room red. This is the one that people eat. It contains a large amount of fiber and organic acids that the animal can not digest. Feeding this vegetable leads to diarrhea, and the krol can die from overeating.

Feed and sugar

It remains to be determined whether it is possible for rabbits to add other types of beets to their diet.

It turns out that such varieties of root vegetables as fodder and sugar can be given to rabbits. But before describing the benefits or harms of the product, you need to say about beet tops.

It is a source of pulp. In addition, coarse fibers have a positive effect on digestion, ensuring good movement of digested food in the intestines. Botva nourishes the rabbit's body with carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, vitamins C, P, PP and group B. It also contains many minerals.

It is desirable to give the leaves washed, slightly dried and in small quantities. Rabbit fodder beet is considered the most beneficial because of its fiber and fiber. The plant is unpretentious and easy to grow. It is often used to feed other animals. As a feed in the autumn-winter period - this is ideal. In the cold season, coarse feeds (hay, straw, grass meal) are added to succulent foods.

Sugar beets are also used for feeding rabbits. This plant has little fiber, but a lot of sugars. This ratio allows the animal body to easily digest the product. It has nutrients, vitamins B and C.

The use of sugar root strengthens the cardiovascular system, enhances immunity and is a means of preventing coccidiosis. In general, this vegetable increases hemoglobin levels and is a natural antiseptic.

Fodder beet and sugar beet (by the way, it has white color) do not give the animals immature or overripe.

The benefits of feeding and cooking beets

If you stick to our recommendations, the beets will be of benefit to the rabbits. It is given both raw and boiled. When the animals have not yet tried this vegetable, then you need to start with a boiled dish, while gradually feeding and raw.

The tops are also introduced gradually, taking away sluggish and rotten leaves. Before serving, they can be poured with hot water and cut, but not very finely. You can additionally add sprigs and various grass. Get a salad.

When vegetables are just picked from the bed, they should be dried in the open air under a canopy. If there are rotten places, then they are cut off. These roots need to feed as quickly as possible, otherwise they will rot completely. Rabbits well eat beets with silage.

For cooking, you need a barrel, on the bottom of which is laid leafy greens. Legume vegetation will do because they are difficult to dry. Leaves need to lay out the waste of vegetables (for example, potato skins), potatoes, carrots. On top are washed beet tubers. Then everything is filled up with non-resin sawdust, and the barrel is covered with clay. This food is stored until winter.

Another option for ensiling involves the fermentation method. In the capacity also spread greens and root vegetables, but it is still necessary to cover them with salt. For several days, the contents are left under pressure. Rabbits to give beets in this form can be in the cold season.

Eat right

As already mentioned, rabbits need to be introduced in boiled form from a month old. You can start with 25 grams, gradually bringing to 50. If the animal eats without pleasure, then the vegetable is mixed with more pleasant foods. A week later, the root is injected raw or dried. You can also combine its feed with a silo.

In two months, the rabbit can eat already 100 g of beets, but not in one meal. By 3-4 months, baby rabbits give up to 150 g of vegetable. And after 4 months, it becomes 250 g. The adult animals, accustomed from childhood to such a root crop, may well receive up to 500 g per day without harm to the digestive system.

Feeding pregnant rabbits should be dealt with especially carefully. Juicy food they need in larger quantities than the rest of the individuals. It is necessary for immunity and for the formation of milk.

She is supposed to add 450 grams of this vegetable to the main feed per day, dividing it into three doses. Females are fed beetroot only if she has eaten it since childhood. If the animal is not accustomed to the root, then it gives a negative impact on digestion.

Rabbits can also be given washed, dried leaves, if they have eaten it before. In lactating females, lactation increases from eating beets for food.

In the article "Potatoes for a rabbit: is it possible to give and which one" you will continue to study root crops, understand their benefits and harm to the eared ones.

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