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Rabbits of the Rizen breed are quite famous and common in Germany, where they were bred at the end of the 19th century. These German giants are striking in their characteristics and appearance. And this is not surprising. They have an average weight of 8 kg, good productivity and excellent taste of meat. In addition, these animals are still valued for high-quality skins. On the conditions of detention, the characteristics and characteristics of the breed, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the line now.

Breed features

Perhaps the main feature of the breed is the fertility of Riesen. In one brood the rabbit has 10-12 babies. Also, farmers note the excellent taste characteristics of meat and high quality skins.

Animals of this breed have impressive size, quite developed muscles, thick and large ears, large head and powerful paws. But you need to know that the German giant is gaining weight not too fast. In addition, for these rabbits requires a rather big living space.

But despite this, they are quite popular in the territory of our state and in many European countries. Rizens have a calm character and differ in intelligence, therefore they are often brought up as pets for children. However, due to the fact that the individuals of this breed are of impressive size, it is extremely undesirable to leave children near such animals unsupervised, because by chance a rabbit can harm a baby.


Bred breed Rizen in Germany in 1937. Thanks to the German breeders and the Belgian breed, representatives have appeared who have greater fleshyness and perfectly adapt to any conditions of detention. In addition, in addition to the desire to achieve a large weight of animals, the goal was to get rabbits with high quality skins, which also successfully decided.


Risen rabbits have an appearance that is difficult to confuse with other breeds, since they are clearly distinguished by their dimensions from the total mass. The German giant has a proportional long body with a large head and massive cheeks. The body can reach 75 cm in length in the largest and heaviest individuals.

Paws are powerful, straight, musculature is well developed. Thick, fleshy upright ears are densely covered with hair, in length can be about 20 cm. The rabbit's hair is thick, of decent quality, about 4 cm long. Color can be very different, from gray to black, but mostly hare colors are gray-blue or reddish-brown.

Productive characteristics

The German giant grows slowly and at the same time consumes a lot of food. Maturity in the rabbit comes closer to 9 months of age, whereas in other species of rabbits it occurs at 5 months of age. But here is a brood in Rizen large - up to 12 rabbits. Separately, it should be said that the rabbit is a good and caring mother.

The weight of an adult rabbit can reach up to 10 kg, but there are individuals that can grow up to 14 kg. The yield of meat is quite large, but this is due to the fact that the breed itself is large. The meat of this rabbit is quite tender and juicy.

In which country were the rabbits of the Risen breed bred?

  • In England
  • In America
  • In China
  • In Germany

Content at home

The most important thing required for Riesen is a spacious cage. Animals can also be kept in closed enclosures.

The main condition for the maintenance of these animals is cleanliness and good ventilation of the place of residence. Risena very sensitive to dirt and lack of air. The litter should be changed as often as possible, and the cage should be cleaned. In pure conditions, the German giant has good immunity and is resistant to many diseases. It also adapts well to completely different conditions and tolerates moderate frosts.


Power Rizenov slightly differs from the power of other representatives of rabbits. During the warm period, green fodder, vegetables, grain, fruit, sprigs of fruit trees, grass should prevail in their diet. In the winter season, the presence of hay, grain, vegetables, vitamin and mineral supplements in the menu is obligatory. It is necessary to control that the water in the rabbit's cage is always clean and fresh. It is recommended to feed them 2 times a day, but the rations should be such that they are sufficient for such a large and massive animal.


Both the content and breeding of such giants requires a large area. The optimal solution in such a situation would be a cage measuring at least 110x80 with a height of at least 50 cm for one representative of this breed. For the rabbit, who is waiting for rabbits, a cage of at least 170x110 is required. Also krols can be kept outside in open enclosures under a canopy.

Features breeding breed

It is worth noting that breeding this breed is a difficult task. And this is not because craws may require special care and conditions. The fact is that heavy rabbits of the Risen breed ripen late. This reason makes them not very popular in industrial breeding.

In order for the breeding process to be truly successful, you should select only the best individuals that are grown in different farms.

Mating is performed when the female is 9-10 months old. For this, the rabbit is brought to the male for a short time, and food is removed from the cage so that the animals are not distracted by food. Rabbit giants are very popular in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic, and their breeding flourishes on small private farms. We, too, have lately been in demand with us and amateur breeders are mostly interested in them.

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Photo 1. Rabbit Riesen and Collie dog Photo 2. Rabbit white color breed Rizen Photo 3. A beautiful representative of the breed




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