Smoke gun Varomor - do it yourself!


The use of smoke and similar equipment, such as smoke guns, is inevitable in the apiary. How to make a unit like smoke gun Varomor own? Read about it in our article, and useful video about the device will help you navigate in the assembly and operation.

Varomor gun - what is it?

The smoke gun or the varomor, as the beekeepers call it, is meant for treating bees from the tick. In fact, the Varomor does the same job as the flue, but much more precisely and directed. In addition, the gun can work, saving funds for fumigation. The device is designed quite simply and contains the following components: directly the flask-gun, which includes the heating element-burner, as well as a cylinder for liquids.

The purchase version of the gun in the kit also includes assembly instructions and a liter of kerosene, ready for use. Against a tick in bees, it is more effective not to find a remedy, since smoke cannon is directed and can evaporate both chemicals and thymol or oxalic acid.

How to use a gun?

Smoke gun Varomor works on a very simple principle. Means for fumigating sick bees is fed through a special tube rolled up in a certain area into a spiral. This coil is heated with a gas in a special flask, and from the end of the tube the desired substance leaves already in the form of steam. The total weight of the device is about 2 kg, that is, one person can easily carry it in the apiary.

Varomor effectively destroys not only the mite, but also other parasites, fights against dampness, mold. The device is safe for bees, processing can be carried out by one person. Assembly takes place outside or in a well-ventilated area. During use, it is forbidden to smoke and be near a fire; alcoholic beverages are prohibited. While treating hives from a tick, it is recommended to use a respirator.

The stages of using Varomor guns are as follows:

  • make gas supply, ignite the burner, and then start feeding the solution by pressing the special supply knob;
  • the working solution enters the tube to the place of heating, after which smoke begins to flow from the nozzle;
  • by pressing the handle, the amount of the solution is also regulated (standard is 1 ml or 1 cm cubic);
  • the end of the pipe from which steam comes in is introduced into the notch to a depth of no more than 3 cm, two clubs of smoke are served (two presses of the handle), if a chemical is used or five clubs are used if thymol or acids are used;
  • as soon as the treatment is completed, the gas supply is stopped.

When and how to treat bees?

The processing of bees from the tick with the help of a varomor is carried out at the beginning of summer, that is, 1.5 months before the first honey pumping and a week before pollen extraction. You can also re-process the mite immediately after the last pumping has been done this year. The best time for the sanitation of bees is the evening when all the working insects have already returned to the hive. If the weather is without wind and without rain, the tap hole can be left open. In windy weather, it is recommended to close the cabin for 15-20 minutes.

If there is brood in the hive, the treatment is done in four steps: two servings of smoke in 5-10 minutes, then a break for 1 day, after fumigation again, and so 4 days. Between fumigating need to maintain an interval of three days. This is necessary in order to remove the mite present in the brood.

In the autumn when the brood is no longer, fumigation is carried out at a temperature range of 2-8 degrees. Thus, even showered mites quickly die. The following video will help you figure out how to handle insects with benefit and safety for yourself.

How to make it yourself?

To make a varomor with your own hands and defeat the tick of bees, you will need simple components and small turning works. They are recommended to be made to order or in the presence of turning experience. All components of the gun can be purchased at hardware stores and auto parts stores. What kind of tools and materials will be required, read on.

Tools and materials

  • gas burner with piezo ignition (we recommend the Topex burner);
  • liquid reservoir (plastic can with a capacity up to 200 ml);
  • fuel pump (from "Zhiguli" or "Zaporozhets");
  • bolt for adjusting the steam supply;
  • nozzles and fittings;
  • spark arrester flask (from "Zhiguli" or "Zaporozhets");
  • a flask from a kraskoraspylitel (from "Zhiguli" or "Zaporozhets");
  • brake tube from "Zhiguli" with a diameter of 4 mm;
  • removable gas cylinders;
  • fittings;
  • fumlenta, bolts, adjustable wrenches.

Step-by-step instruction

  1. Take the gas cylinder and install it in the burner (this part of the gun can be put aside).
  2. The pump from the "Zhiguli" has copper pipes (rolled and pressed in, they can be obtained by gently loosening).
  3. We get the tube and cut the thread. With this question, it is desirable to turn to the turner, it is inexpensive. Cut the thread carefully because the tube is made of duralumin. The thread is needed to insert the fitting.
  4. Further we wind on a tube a little fumlenta and we put the union. A pipe with a loop of fumlent is also inserted into the tube with a steam outlet. This is necessary so that air does not enter the working system.
  5. In the outlet fitting it is necessary to remove the internal chamfer. This is done to cone-shaped end, which is at the end of the brake tube, well and tightly entered.
  6. Next, you need to bend the tube, wound 5 spirals. The diameter of the spiral must be 10 mm smaller than the flask of the spark arrester into which it enters.
  7. The spiral should be located at the end of the spark arrester flask, since it is the area that will heat up the most. The sublimation of the solution will be best if the helix hits the end of the flame.
  8. At the end of the tube we install a gas nozzle from an ordinary gas stove.

What to do next?

  1. Spark arrestor flask made of stainless steel sheet. Holes are drilled in it.
  2. After that, the front plate is welded and a hole is made with a sleeve for fixing the tube.
  3. On the other hand, a clutch for the nozzle on the burner is installed. Its diameter should be perfect for the bulb. The burner nose should protrude 1 cm beyond the flange.
  4. In the flange it is also necessary to drill holes with a thread that will fix the flask. It is fastened with ordinary bolts.
  5. The flask from the spray gun can be a capacity of 120 ml. It is recommended to use flasks no more than 200 ml for apiaries of the average and small sizes.
  6. Next, you should calibrate the flow of working fluid fuel pump. To do this, a hole is drilled in the middle of the foot, a bolt is inserted.
  7. Liquid is fed into the nozzle and graduated to 1 ml (or 1 cm cubic).

Now our design is ready! For more details on the assembly of all the components you can look at the video at the end of the article. A prerequisite for the sublimation of the working fluid is flushing the system after processing the bees. Working fluids, remaining in the system, form crystals. After that pipes, fuel pumps are clogged. After any treatment, it is necessary to drive kerosene through the gun so that it remains for lubrication inside.

Beekeepers reviews

As they say beekeepers who have already used a homemade varomor for treating bees from a tick, the device is no different from the original. It is convenient, very economical, practical, takes up little space in the barn or garage. But at cost, the hand-assembled product comes out 2 times cheaper than the purchased one. All components can be purchased at the flea market of spare parts, construction markets. It is very simple and easy to use. In addition, piezo ignition in the burner greatly simplifies the process of work.

Video "Build a smoke gun Varomor"

This video illustrates in detail how to do-it-yourself collection of our useful device for treating bees from a tick.




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