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We are often asked if the rabbits can have cabbage. And no wonder. After all, a juicy tasty plant attracts eared little animals. And not only fresh, but also in fermented. However, some plant species can cause bloating and indigestion in animals. Therefore, give them such food should be careful to avoid overfeeding. This vegetable is a delicacy and can be used as an additive to the main feed. It is important to clearly understand which varieties are most useful.

The beneficial properties of cabbage

Juicy crunchy cabbage leaves attract the rabbits with flavor. Cabbage fruits contain vitamins, minerals and trace elements necessary for the rabbit body. Eating them, animals maintain health.

This vegetable is filled with vegetable proteins and trace elements that support metabolic processes, help strengthen the bone, muscle system.

Vitamins C, B1, B2, PP, potassium, sulfur, phosphorus, calcium, folic and pantothenic acid, zinc and manganese are contained in different types of cabbage. Such a supply of nutrients saturates the body of animals before winter, significantly increasing its resistance to adverse external influences.

Harm from eating vegetables

Despite the obvious benefits to rabbits of feeding on cabbage, excessive consumption can lead to adverse effects on their bodies. This is due to the fact that the digestive system is not able to process such a large amount of fiber and nutrients. The result may be digestive disorders, bloating, diarrhea.

This vegetable contains a lot of sulfur. This substance is irritating to the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines of animals. In a large number of cabbage leaves, the organism of animals will not be able to process and assimilate high-quality, therefore it is possible to give them to eared pets only in limited quantities.

Cabbage species for rabbits

There are many types of this vegetable. Each of them contains a different amount and concentration of nutrients. Rabbits should be given only the top slightly dried cabbage leaves. At the same time, it is important to have a clear idea of ​​what types and quantities of it will be most beneficial for their body.

The following cabbage species are distinguished:

  • white and red varieties;
  • Peking and cauliflower;
  • Italian Savoy variety;
  • kohlrabi.

The advantages of this vegetable are that it is convenient to store. All nutrients, vitamins, minerals are very well preserved throughout the winter.

Useful white

The most popular is the white cabbage variety, which is often grown in a home garden. This vegetable is higher in content of vitamin C than spinach and carrots. But it is saturated with various beneficial microelements, which in case of overdose can cause irreversible effects.

Giving such juicy feed to rabbits is possible only from three months of age. In this case, it is better to feed the top clean, slightly dried leaves, starting with minimal doses.

The stalk and the middle part are usually not given to small animals, because it is there that the largest amount of fiber and minerals is concentrated. Such items can harm animals.

A lot of harmful substances are concentrated in the red cabbage variety, so it is not recommended to use it for feeding rabbits.

Peking and Cauliflower in Ears menu

Peking cabbage is recommended for inclusion in the diet of older rabbits, limiting the diet to 1-2 leaves per day. Ornamental rabbit such a diet will help maintain immunity at a high level, normalize digestion, strengthen the work of the heart and blood vessels.

The leaves of this vegetable variety contain soft and hard vitamins in equal proportions, so the rabbit body receives the desired rate of nutrients.

Now, is it possible to feed rabbits with cauliflower and broccoli? They are allowed to give animals as much as they eat with pleasure. Even the head of these varieties contains substances that protect the gastric mucosa and prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

The only limit may be the freezing of these products. After thawing, giving cabbage to animals is not recommended.

Kohlrabi and Savoy Vegetable from Italy

Italian cabbage has a more delicate flavor and aroma. In addition, it contains more nutrients and less fiber. This vegetable is more high-calorie than the usual protein type. It is great for decorative breeds of animals and even pregnant rabbits.

Despite all the positive properties of savoy cabbage, it should be fed with eared animals with caution. An overdose of this product contributes to the formation of gases inside the intestines.

Kohlrabi is a delicious delicacy for eared animals, since this type of cabbage contains a lot of glucose. The sweet heart, the stalks and the escapes prepared in the form of a silo perfectly will suit animals. Such food is well absorbed by their digestive system.

Use of Pickled Food

Long since people have boiled white cabbage. In this state, the vegetable retains all the beneficial properties, being a source of vitamins and minerals. But there can be doubts whether it is possible to give cabbage to rabbits in this form.

Do not even think about the rationality of this product. If they gave the animals fermented feed, they are not just happy to eat it. Being a delicacy for animals, it brings great benefit to their bodies. But it is important to adhere strictly to the rules of feeding.

An adult will be enough 100-200 g per day. This will avoid beriberi during the winter months. In doing so, care should be taken to ensure that there is enough drinking water, since such a product causes thirst.

Portions per day

The amount of cabbage for a rabbit does not depend on its age, weight, or state of health. In any case, it is recommended to give the animal 1-2 leaves per day. This corresponds to the norm of 100-200 g. At the same time, one should carefully monitor the state of health and behavior of animals.

It is impossible to feed eared pets with frozen cabbage. Danger for them are also leaves affected by various diseases.

And most importantly - cabbage can not be the main feed. This is just a tasty and healthy supplement. We advise you to study our article "Is it possible to give a pea to a rabbit" in order to properly formulate a diet.

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