Distinguish gender in chickens or how not to confuse a rooster with a chicken


Most of us have ever bought a chicken, and if not, we would like to buy it. But what if we want to get more chickens? And often we buy cockerels, even though the sellers assure that this is not so. How to distinguish a chicken from a rooster? And how to discern another little bird? Read on in the article.

Distinguish chickens

You can find out the sex of a chicken by several methods. But each of them gives no more than 80% accuracy. So the risk that a rooster will grow out of it, and not a chicken, or vice versa is still quite large. But, how then do they reject the poultry farms, because there is an accuracy of 100%. How could they do this?

How to distinguish chickens in poultry farms

There the problem of sex determination is solved very quickly and simply. The fact is that factory chickens are crosses specially bred for production. Thanks to the selection, they already at the age of one day show excellent sexual characteristics, which are expressed in the coloring of the chicken. That is, all beige chickens are chickens, and white chickens are future roosters.

Also at the forums of poultry farmers information can be found that even in Soviet times, one experimental method was used at some poultry farms. He also gave 100% accuracy. It is said that it consisted in the use of ultrasounds. We picked up an ultrasound that baited the chickens and frightened the males or vice versa.

Then all the livestock gathered on a large platform or in a large room. There, on the one hand, there were speakers and published this ultrasound. The floor, which they lured, gathered around them, and the rest crowded away, namely, on the opposite wall. Poultry farmers only had to re-distribute the chickens in the cages.

Chickens color

By the color of the gun in chickens, you can accurately determine the sex not only at factory crosses. There are breeds of chickens that are called autosex. That is, the sex difference manifests itself from the first days. These breeds include: Legbar, Leggorn, Rhode Island, Italian Kuropatchataya, Adlerky silver, etc. Thus, for most of these breeds the daily cocks are striped and the chickens are uniform white, gray or black.

If we talk about other breeds, then each has its own characteristics. For example, the brah chicken chickens have clear stripes on the back and clear dots on the head, while in the males they are blurry. You can recall more and the breed of Rhode Island and New Hampshire. On the second day of life, the females clearly see dark spots and stripes on the head, while the males do not have them.

As we see, there is no single correct distinction for all breeds. Some males are more colored, while others have females. But if the breed is autosex and you know what color one should have, then it’s not difficult to distinguish the rooster from the hen. Therefore, if you want to buy chicks on the market, it is better not to hurry and look for literature for a more detailed acquaintance with the proposed breed.

We distinguish by the wing wings

Another method that works well in practice. But unfortunately, he does not have one hundred percent accuracy. But this method is also used quite often. It lies in the fact that the wing of the female wing should be red with a white tip. And the males have a white spot in the middle of the wing.

Japanese method

Another one hundred percent method for determining the sex of chickens is already at 15 hours of age. The fact is that the cockerels near the cloaca have a small sexual tubercle. Females do not have it. Making diagnostics is very simple. We must take the chicken and carefully examine the area around the cloaca. If you find a characteristic bump - this is a male, and if not - then this is a female.

Another interesting method

This method, though not one hundred percent, but has a very impressive accuracy, more than 70%. It consists in taking the chicken by the paws and lifting it upside down. If it is a chicken, then it will hang with its head down. Well, if we have a cockerel, he will try to raise his head. But at what age this method works most efficiently, the opinions of poultry farmers diverge. Therefore, whether to use it, decide for yourself.

Test for checking the floor: left - cock; right - chicken

How to distinguish more adult chickens

If you decide to buy more adult chickens, you need to know a few features. It must be remembered that sexual signs start to appear well already from 21 days of life. Well, if the bird is already a few months old, then there will be no problem distinguishing the rooster from the hen. So, a few recommendations, how not to make a mistake with the choice.


The characteristic sex line of a more adult bird is the rate of plumage of chicks. The female fishes much faster than the male. The fact is that the rooster grows first, and only then grows feathers. Therefore, it is often possible to observe almost an adult, but so far not fully feathered cock.

The remaining age signs

Beginning from two months, the rooster beard and scallop turn red and become noticeably larger than in chickens. Paws become more massive and spurs begin to stand out clearly. Then the males on the tail begin to appear large rounded feathers, which are called braids. And often the roosters are more massive than females.

Summing up, we can say that there are still a lot of methods for determining sex in chickens.. The article lists only the most effective and popular ones. But every experienced farmer has some equally effective ways in stock.

Therefore, if you decide to acquire a large farm from scratch, it is better to do this with the help of an already experienced specialist. Then unforeseen situations should not arise. And if there is no one to call for help, then we hope our article was able to help you.




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