Orange peel rabbit: can I give

In the article we will tell whether rabbits can add citrus peels and fruits to the diet. After all, with the growth and development of eared pets, the number of juicy fruits and vegetables in their menu is desirable to increase. A variety of balanced feed, containing maximum nutrients, beneficially affect the overall health, immunity and productivity of animals. It is important to clearly understand what to give and in what quantities, because the rabbit digestive system is particularly sensitive.

Not the main food, but only a treat

The basis of the cultivation and maintenance of animals is high-quality feeding. Full balanced foods should contain proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. The greatest number of these substances is inside vegetables, berries and fruits of fruit crops, including citrus. But it is the latter that can cause severe allergic reactions, therefore, it is not recommended to feed them to small rabbits.

The composition of citrus fruits are substances that have a beneficial effect on the circulatory system. Recommend them for the prevention of liver disease. However, these fruits are also not suitable for feeding adult rabbits. They can cause allergies, symptoms of which are skin rashes, eye redness and tearing.

The vitamins AB1, B2, C and PP contained in oranges and mandarins, it is best for the rabbit to receive from other fruits, for example, apples or pears. As well as the necessary body potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, sodium and calcium.

Mandarin contains less fiber and vitamin C than orange. But more magnesium. In general, they are less calories. However, this does not make the fruit useful for rabbits. They can only be a rare delicacy. In no case can not be allowed to pet refused to hay or green grass because of the desire to treat delicious delicacies.

The fruit given to the rabbit must be fresh. In addition, it is desirable to make sure that during their cultivation no harmful chemicals were used as fertilizers. Chemicals especially accumulate fruit skins.

How best to eat an orange

Many rabbits can become addicted to citrus fruits. Grapefruit, orange, mandarin arouse their genuine interest. These animals often steal orange peel, hide it in order to then enjoy the unforgettable delicious taste.

Therefore, if you want to pamper the animal and give the beloved rabbit mandarin, grapefruit, orange or other citrus fruit, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • a few drops of orange juice can be squeezed onto a slice of stale bread;
  • the use of these products can be started only from the age of four months;
  • It is better to mix pieces of orange with other foods to prevent addiction to them.

In any case, it should be very small portions, the flesh - a cube of about 2x2 cm, and no more. When applying juice to bread, 15-20 drops is enough. Below we will tell whether it is possible for rabbits to give orange peels.

Choose a less dangerous Mandarin

Often, having discovered a pet's addiction to citrus fruits, the owner of the rabbit begins to treat him unsafely with dangerous fruit. And along with the pulp and gives the skin, which the rabbit also eats with pleasure. But it is there that contains a large amount of essential oils, especially harmful to eared fish.

Citrus fruits are dangerous to the rabbit products, since their excess can lead to disruption of the digestive system of animals, cause severe allergic reactions.

Especially dangerous are oranges, grapefruits and their skins. It is better to completely abandon them. But if your pet's desire is great, and you cannot resist, then give him a very small piece of skin. But do not do it more often than once every two weeks.

If you choose from representatives of all citrus plants, then you can only stay on the seasonal fruits of mandarin. This fruit has a delicate soft taste, low acidity, so it does not harm the body of the rabbit. You can even feed mandarin peels to your pets.

The main thing is to strictly observe the rules of feeding. One slice of mandarin can be given about once every two weeks.

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