Is it possible to give a rabbit a pea


Let's talk about whether peas can be rabbits, because legumes contain the maximum amount of proteins and minerals. This plant is used freshly picked, dry or steamed. And in any case, there are rules for including it in the rabbit menu to get the most benefit. After all, if you haphazardly feed your pets, even with very useful products, you can only cause harm. And instead of beautiful skin and fast growth, the animal will fall ill.

Contains protein

The content of nutrients peas is an excellent food for rabbits. It is saturated with nutrient proteins, is well absorbed by the body of animals, contributes to the rapid collection of live weight.

Feeding the rabbits must be varied, so it is recommended to add peas to the composition of specialized cereal feed in an amount of not more than 10% of the total. At the same time it is important to ensure free access to drinking water.

The nutritional value of 1 kg of dry peas is 1.17 feed units. It contains 173 grams of digestible protein, protein - 195 grams, calcium - 1.74 grams, phosphorus - 4.18 grams, lysine - 14.2 grams, crude fiber - 54 grams. 0.9 kg of this legume is required per feed unit plants.

It is not recommended to give fresh, just picked peas to the rabbit, as well as dried fruits of this legume. Peas are highly hygroscopic, so they must be soaked in hot water to prevent unwanted swelling in the body.

Peas cooking method

Before feeding peas, it should be processed as follows:

  • fresh peas must be slightly dried;
  • empty them up to half the volume of the tank 1.5 l;
  • add half a teaspoon of salt;
  • pour boiling water just above their level;
  • let the mixture stand for two hours;
  • grind to a state of mashed potatoes;
  • Mix the cooked mass with compound feed, bran.

Dwarf and decorative rabbits are recommended to give a pea mass once a week, and large individuals - twice. Particularly useful legumes and peas will be for the rabbit during pregnancy and lactation. In addition to the contents of the pod itself, it can also be given pea tops, which must be dried beforehand.

As for consumption rates, lactating rabbit should be given peas no more than 100 g per day, adult males and pregnant females - 50-60 g. The norms grow with age. So, for feeding babies 1-2 months is enough - 20 g per day, in 2-3 months - 30 g per day, at the age of 3-4 months - 40 g, older than 4 months - 60 g. And, of course, do not forget steam peas with boiling water and let it brew.

The benefits and harm for eared pets

Pea feeds are distinguished by high calorific value, they contribute to the increase in lactation in lactating females. It is most useful for them to give peas in the form of a gruel after steaming with boiling water. But such food should not be offered very often, because it can cause constipation and bloating.

Pea pods in the dried state will be useful if they are fed rabbits 1-2 times a week. When feeding animals with these legumes, they should be provided with constant access to clean drinking water.

Now we’ll dwell on whether it is possible to give peas to rabbits that have just been torn off from the mother. All those engaged in the cultivation of eared animals with industrial or decorative purposes should learn that it is not recommended to feed babies with this food until they are 1 month old.

Start feeding rabbits should be steamed peas in small quantities. Be sure to give in a crushed state, adding to the main feed. During feeding, you need to carefully monitor the behavior and health of the young.

Great for winter diet

Despite the benefits of legumes, the main thing in feeding a rabbit is diversity. In addition, it should be remembered that eared animals should not starve, as this can lead to stagnant processes inside their intestines.

Dry peas are great for a winter rabbit diet, since it can even compete with green fodder in nutrient content.

This product goes well with shredded carrots, beets, hay, silage. It should be remembered that peas are always better to steam, because, because of its hygroscopicity, it actively absorbs any moisture and may swell inside the rabbit stomach.

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