What do farmers say about the visually impervious Vietnamese piglets?


What is the best breed of pig? You can argue about this for a very long time. Therefore, we invite you to learn about such a breed as Vietnamese vislobryushie piglets, reviews of which are sure to interest you. We also offer informative videos and photos to help answer all questions.

Breed Reviews

Many breeders have long ago made a choice in favor of Vietnamese pigs, since this breed has a lot of advantages compared with the usual Russian and Ukrainian white pigs. Their breeding usually does not require much effort, and the piglets are outwardly so cute that it is hard to resist and not to stroke!


Adult Vietnamese pigs are very squat, their bodies are broad, of the so-called "bacon" type. Chest massive. Piglets are born small and very neat, but as they mature, their abdomen begins to sag. It becomes clear why the animals are called "Bristling." The biggest bellies are in sows. Boars are fanged, by the time of three years their fangs are up to 15 cm in size.

The muzzle of Vietnamese pigs is blunted with small ears, and there are wrinkles on the front of the nose. The bristles are up to 20 cm in length, and if the animal strains or is afraid, it rises. Color mostly black, but there are individuals and gray, as well as black with gray spots and even reddish, similar to wild boars. The weight of an adult animal depends on the purity of the breed and ranges from 70-150 kg.

By the way, black pigs are the "smallest", they have a more elongated body. Black piglets are born with a weight of about 500 grams, but by the age of 10 days they go beyond the kilogram mark. Farmers sometimes complain that the external signs of the breed do not coincide with the stated. I must say that in such a situation it is not the pig that is to blame, but the seller who sold it as a thoroughbred. Purebred animal will match all external signs.


In addition to non-standard appearance, the Vietnamese vislobrews also characterize specific breeding and maintenance, as well as features of the breed. The first feature is a beautiful, flexible and kind character. Sows are very caring, always protect babies from the slightest danger. Piglets are not afraid of humans, they can play and frolic for a long time. In terms of closeness and friendliness, breeders compare these piglets with puppies.

Mature pigs are distinguished by their multiplicity. That is why farmers are increasingly taking vislobryuhi to divorce. These pigs, moreover, were soon, the first crossing is allowed already in 7-8 months. The next feature - the diet of animals. They are economical in content, like affordable food and are very actively looking for food themselves during walking.

Extra bonus "Vietnamese" - cleanliness. This pig will not wallow in the mud. Yes, and areas of circulation "in the toilet" and the rest they are clearly separated. In other words, a pig would never leave manure where it plans to sleep, so cleaning the enclosures of the "Vietnamese" is much easier and easier than their "white" relatives. Another, perhaps the most important, nuisance is the visually bruised pigs are herbivores, that is, meat and meat products will never be eaten.

If the breed is bred for meat, the quality of the content may be slightly inferior to breeding. But the tribal divorce requires and feed the base to have a good, and a place for walking pets to prepare the appropriate. The income from breeding such gilts will be only if you grow the feed yourself and feed the quality feed mixture personally.

Breed myths

The first myth is that Vietnamese pigs have enough pasture. This is not true, as they adore both root vegetables and vegetables. Good weight gain on one pasture you will not achieve. The second myth is that birth can not be controlled, nature itself will do everything. This is not quite so, because it is necessary to control the piglet to receive a nipple 40 minutes after birth, otherwise it may die.

The third myth - early ripeness is such that by the month the weight of a piglet reaches 10 kg. It is not true, since piglets weigh a maximum of 5 kg per month. But the "top ten" recruited to two and older months. The fourth myth - the viscera-bruised pigs rarely get sick. Yes, but the prevention of worms should be regular (at least once a quarter). The fifth myth - you can already breed a breed at 5 months. The correct answer is: not earlier than 7-8 months. By the way, the boar at the time of mating should weigh at least 30 kg.

The sixth myth is that the meat of the bastard does not contain fat. Answer: Of course, there is lard, but very thin, an interlayer of about 4 cm. Seventh myth - these animals eat little, are very economical in maintenance. Adult individuals do eat little by little, but teenagers eat pigs well and densely. Without feed concentrates, however, it will be difficult to quickly saturate pigs.

The following video shows how the five-month-old, Vietnamese pigs behave in the compound. Animals swim and walk with pleasure, get along well with the owner.

The experience of farmers in the breeding of pigs

Pigs purchased for divorce is almost always a small group of pigs and two or three hogs. As the boar grows for breeding, you can choose the most active and beautiful, the rest to score. When buying "on the tribe" use the advice of experienced - take the pigs in one farm, and the hog - in the other. This is important, since kinship in any case will give a vice to the tribe.

The gestation period of the sow is about 118 days. Famous farmers' statement about gilch pregnancy: "three days, three weeks and three months." For a day or two before the birth, the sow is restless, colostrum begins to stand out, and food is rejected. On the day of "X", the future mother kneads the litter with her legs, tries to prepare hay, chewing it so that the piglets are more comfortable. Before giving birth, we clean up the zonchik, we change the hay, we change the water in the drinking bowl.

A corner for piglets is fenced off and a lamp is hung above it - so the kids will be cozier and warmer. If childbirth is easy, you can not intervene, but experienced breeders say that just in case it will not hurt to prepare a clean cloth, thread, scissors and iodine (for processing the umbilical cord). By the way, the pig will be more comfortable if the owner is near - this breed is very sensitive and contact. After giving birth, ensure that piglets receive colostrum for a maximum of 40 minutes.

Newborn Vietnamese piglets are wiped off mucus, tied up with an umbilical cord with a string, and then the remainder is cut off. Iodine is applied to the wound, after which they place the baby in a warm corner under the lamp, and then to the uterus so that it can suck milk. The average temperature of the plot in the pen for 1-2 day-old piglets is about 32 degrees Celsius. By the way, the afterbirth is collected and buried somewhere far away so that the sow does not eat it.

Important! There is little copper and iron in the milk of the visrubry pig. Therefore, some farmers introduce babies iron supplements intramuscularly.

From recommended by breeders: "Ursoferran-100", "Ferroselenit". But "Suiferrovit", judging by the reviews, causes side effects (diarrhea, poor digestion of food and even death). All manipulations with drugs for the first time you spend only with the permission of the veterinarian! Improper handling of drugs and inaccurate dosage can be harmful to your pets.

Useful advice: if the breeding of piglets goes "on the tribe", then for each pig you can get a separate card. The map records weight, diseases, vaccinations and other features. Data is updated in the map every 10 days. So it will be easier for you to know which pig is more promising and shows the best results.


Feeding Vietnamese herbivorous pigs is a fairly simple process, however, beginners may make small mistakes. Known myths, including regarding nutrition on the run, we have described above. For the winter ration of pigs such products are perfect: hay, root vegetables, vegetables (cabbage, carrots, celery, pumpkin), as well as food concentrates. Children from one month and one day can be transferred to an adult diet, and they will suck the uterus themselves.

In summer, a great alternative to mowed grass is self-harvesting. Animals can graze and pinch grass right in the field (if you have such a place for walking). Young piglets can be given lightly roasted barley grits as the first complementary foods. Vietnamese pigs can eat vegetables a lot, eat cabbage most of all, and from green fodder they like lucerne and amaranth.

Content Reviews

The captive content of the Vietnamese pig, as well as a divorce "for meat" implies the presence of comfortable pens. Each pen should have a height of not less than 1.5 meters, or even higher, because the Vietnamese piglets and pigs jump very high. The floors in the pigsty must be concrete, they do not rot and swell from the drains, in addition, the pigs do not bite them. According to reviews of breeders, up to 10 individuals can comfortably sleep in a machine with dimensions 2.5x2.5.

If the walls of the pigsty are concrete, it is recommended to block them with plywood, because before the farrowing and during the turmoil in the herd, the pigs are dispersed and can hit the wall painfully. Breeding babies piglets implies the presence of a fenced warm corner with a lamp. Ideally, according to reviews, the pigsty should be made of bricks with a concrete floor and always with a tint for drains. The dense bedding from straw is obligatory.

The height of the room to the ceiling - not lower than 2.3 meters. The average area of ​​the machine is 4.5 square meters. About three-quarters of the machine should be occupied by a wooden platform (it can be made of old pallets), the last third of the area will be allotted to the "toilet". If the machine contains boars - is calculated at 3 square meters. m. In the aisle between the machines must freely pass the car, which will be removed manure.

It must be possible to maintain in the part of the pigsty where the uterus and piglets are located, the temperature is not lower than 20 degrees (about 3-4 days from the moment of birth of the piglets). Among the leaders of heating: gas convectors, Russian stoves, infrared heaters. The average parameters of the site for walking: a herd of 10 pigs will need 10 hectares of land. This area will be the most comfortable.

Whitewater pigs adore not only mud baths, but water treatments as well. So if you have the opportunity, dig for them a hole 2x2 meters in size, about 30 cm deep and fill them with water. So the animals will not be hot in the summer days, and the parasites will be less worried. Plant trees on the promenade, but if there is no such possibility, dig deep logs, about which animals can scratch.

The final chord - canopy from the rain and sun. The usual covered canopy on four sub-pillars will be quite enough. The next video clearly shows how the Vietnamese pig and piglets love walking. Animals love the open area and the ability to freely pluck grass. Shooting time - autumn.

Interesting facts about the breed

  • Famous actor George Clooney kept the Vietnamese high-fat pig as a pet.
  • Males can be used to protect the territory (they are easily trained and tamed, they react negatively to strangers).
  • The older the sow, the stronger and healthier the piglets are.
  • In Asia, the fish-pig is considered to be the mascot of luck, prosperity and wealth.

The quality and taste of meat

No wonder the breeding of these pigs for meat has deserved such popularity! In Vietnamese pig meat there are no streaks at all, it is excellent in taste. Recognizable taste characteristics: tender, juicy, without extraneous fragrances, contains a minimum of harmful cholesterol and is very well absorbed. Restaurants of the world for several decades have been keeping on the menu dishes of meat from the exact-liberty pigs.

The consistency of the meat is different from the usual "white" European pigs, in Vietnamese it is softer. The greasy layer reaches a maximum of 4 cm, and the taste is much more pleasant than the classical fat. But the costal area "Vietnamese" is very similar in taste to the edges of the rabbits.

Photo Gallery

Photo 1. Two black visrubury pigs Photo 2. Sows and newborn piglets A photo. Vietnamese pigs with the mistress

Video "Vietnamese vislobryuhye in the household"

This video describes in detail the nuances of the maintenance and feeding of Vietnamese breeders and pigs.




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