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It is believed that the white pannon rabbits have become a fresh breath of air for breeders, as there are very few pitfalls when breeding them. This snow-white variety of meat type does not give you trouble, but it will bring profit and give you the opportunity to do your favorite business. You can be sure of all this by reading the article. We will tell you what these animals are and how to care for them, in order to get a quality product - the tenderest meat.

Origin, description, conclusions

Rabbit white pannon came to us from Hungary. The hybrid breed was bred in the Agricultural Academy. St. Stephen using species such as the white giant, the Californian and the New Zealand white. Their interbreeding has resulted in this unpretentious animal meat direction.

Characteristic rabbits pannon remarkable. Their fur coat is medium-sized, exceptionally white in color, the eyes are red, the body is elongated with a proportional head. The ears are straight and have an average size. The muscular complexion is thin but not fragile.

The average weight of an adult rabbit pannon is 4.5-4.8 kg. But with intensive fattening animals can gain up to 5 kg. The little rabbits of this species are very prolific. During one pregnancy, they give birth to up to 9 babies, and can multiply up to 7 times a year (compacted okrol method). Their females are famous for their progeny orientation.

Facts and numbers

White pannon rabbits do not just refer to the meat industry. Their meat is considered to be the broiler, the most tender and demanded product in the rabbit market. This fact alone makes animals the leaders in demand among breeders.

A feature of the white pannona is that it can gain up to 40 g of weight per day. At this rate, the rabbit gets the necessary mass by 3 months of life.

Happy and killer yield, equal to 62%. For comparison, the share of meat in the carcass of a white giant is 53%, silver is 55%, and the Soviet chinchilla is 51%.

The economic benefit of keeping a white pannon is supported by the fact that for every kilogram gained the weight of an animal, there are only 4.2 kg of feed. If we add to this the unpretentiousness of rabbits to food, the breed becomes almost indispensable in meat rabbit breeding, even for those who are just developing this business.

When you forget about the shortcomings

If the description of the breed did not convince you that the pannon rabbit is the best choice for breeders, here are some more facts:

  • early maturity;
  • demand and quality of meat;
  • unpretentiousness in food;
  • disease resistance;
  • high percentage of young stock survival;
  • fertility;
  • early puberty.

The list can be continued for a long time, but this is enough to understand that the small defects of the breed do not spoil the overall picture. As for the minuses, it is one - a high need for cleanliness. Pannon cells should be carefully monitored and disinfected at least once a month.

On the other hand, rabbits have excellent adaptive abilities, they are not afraid of either heat or cold. Such simplicity makes it possible to put the cells even on the street. In addition, they do not need large space, so their homes will not take up much space.

Pairing nuances

The rabbit of the white pannon breed has practically no flaws, so their breeding will not take much effort from the breeders. But there are several important points when mating individuals of this species. The first - the rabbit will not let the male to himself if he suffers from overweight.

And, if there are no problems with males in this regard, then the weight of the females must be strictly followed. In order for the pairing to be successful, it is recommended to place the rabbit in the girl's cage daily for 15-20 minutes. A week later, the fertilization process is guaranteed to happen.

The second thing that needs to be considered when mating pannon rabbits - closely related crossing is prohibited. If you do not follow this rule, the animals will lose their qualities with each generation, which will lead to a complete decline of the species. It is recommended to keep a journal of steam to avoid this.

Diseases and their treatment

Above, we talked about the fact that there are no problems with the view of the Pannon breeders. But this is true only for those who keep the white rabbit in suitable conditions, monitor nutrition and timely carry out prevention on the farm. If for some reason you have launched your animals, this can lead to a number of infections:

  • myxomatosis;
  • coccidosis;
  • listeriosis;
  • salmonellosis;
  • hemorrhagic disease.

Symptoms of these diseases are lack of appetite, bloating, apathy, and loose stools. If you do not start treatment in time, and sometimes it is not, the ears will drop at the pannon, the eyes will swell and the lips will turn blue. Constipation begins, the temperature rises, itching occurs, and then the rabbit dies.

In the worst case, an epidemic will start on the farm, and all the animals will have to be destroyed. To prevent this, you should keep the rabbits clean, feed them with high-quality feed and vaccinate the young in a timely manner. More information about this, you can learn from the article "When and what vaccinations do rabbits."

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