Cochinquin - the most beautiful and amazing breed

Cochins are a breed that you should definitely pay attention to. The reason for this can serve only the appearance of the bird. Also among the poultry farmers, Cochin Cocks are considered the most beautiful in the world. Why is this and does the beauty of the breed end up in beauty? Read about further in the article.

Breed description

First, let's find out where the Cochin Cocks came from. There are two different sources and two different opinions on this. The first claims that their homeland is Vietnam. There they were divorced for meat. Also, the nobles bought themselves these chickens because of their beautiful plumage.

The second source claims that the bird was first seen in China. She divorced solely for decorative purposes and was an indispensable attribute of the imperial court. Cochin Blue and Dwarf Cochinchin were first noticed here. But although opinions differ on the homeland of the hens, one thing is for sure, they came to Europe at the beginning of the 19th century.

And now let's look at what they so attracted attention to themselves. The first thing that immediately catches the eye is the large size of the chicken and the plump plumage from head to tip of the nails on the legs. The height of the bird is about 70 cm. At the same time it has a proud set. And completes the image of a small rounded head with a red comb of medium size, which contrasts well against the background of a large body.

Cochinquin can not please the eye. If you disagree, then look at the photo and everything will immediately clear up. But this chicken is appreciated in breeding. The fact is that the breed perfectly adapts to different temperature conditions. It can withstand from - 30 to + 60 degrees Celsius without losing any qualities.

Then their eggs are big enough and have a strong shell. Because of this, the Cochin Cocks became the number one candidate for breeding some breeds of hens. They also their gene pool was the main when creating the Brahma breed. But the breed itself is not of particular interest to farmers.

All due to the fact that it is a meat breed. The weight of the chicken is about 4.0 kg, and the weight of the rooster is 5.0 kg. It has low egg production, about a hundred eggs per year. These are about 1-2 eggs with a yellow-brown shell color per week. But the cocks of Cochin are excellent in the winter, which cannot be said about the others. This is another factor due to which breeders do not let them out of their sight.

Notable is the calm temper of the chicken. She leads a sedentary and measured way of life. Also, if you decide to acquire Cochinchina, such an incident can occur - chickens will be bald for a long time. But it does not matter, this is another feature of the breed and soon they will grow over with feathers.

Types of Cochinquins

The most famous are the Blue and Pygmy Cochinquin. But still very common Smoky, Black and White. Only the first two species deserve special attention, since the other three are the color subspecies of the ordinary Cochinquin.

Blue Cochinchin

It was first bred in Shanghai as a meat breed. At the beginning of the hens and called - "Shanghai". Then, because of the extraordinary lush blue and sometimes black plumage, the view turned into a number of decorative ones. You can see it in more detail in the photo.

Pygmy Cochinquin

Dwarf Cochinquin is an independent ornamental breed. She was bred in China, in the imperial palace. Then from there it was brought to England. You can see the breed in more detail in the photo.

The hen has a low, stocky shape, a small head with a small crest, and a rich plumage that resembles down. The tail of the bird is like a ball. In general, the dwarf breed looks massive and round.

Chicken weight - about 0.8 kg, and a rooster - 0.7 kg. In appearance, the chicken is also massive. For the year 1, an individual is able to carry from 50 to 80 eggs with a cream or light brown shell. The weight of 1 piece will be approximately 30 g.



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