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One of the most beautiful eared animals are black and fiery rabbits. These animals have an unusual color with high aesthetic appeal. Their thick fur coat is characterized by a rich combination of colors, therefore it is valued in the fur industry. In addition, rabbit meat is famous for its excellent quality. Representatives of this breed differ in small size, activity and mobility. It is easy to grow them, because they are hardy and unpretentious to the conditions of detention and feed.

The origin of the breed

England is considered to be the birthplace of the black-fire rabbit "Ognevka" It was here in 1880 that this breed appeared as the result of a complex crossing of several species of eared animals.

Initially, the individuals obtained were distinguished by increased aggressiveness due to the genes of their wild ancestors. Later, this problem was partially smoothed out by crossing them with the Belgian giant. In addition, this selection contributed to an increase in the mass and size of animals.

As a result of careful selection work turned out an animal with a short, strong, wide body and straight strong legs. The average weight of the animals is 2.5-3.5 kg. From wild ancestors, this breed has inherited activity, jumping ability, wayward character. On top of the rabbit has a solid glossy black fur, and the bottom of the wool is characterized by a yellow-red color.

Due to its special structure and color, the fur of these animals is considered the most valuable, because it does not require additional coloring.

Features of appearance, color, standards

Color "firing" can be considered the greatest achievement of the art of breeders working on the breeding of this breed. The upper part of the skin of black and fiery rabbits of a rich black color, shimmers, plays with gloss in the sunlight. The outer side of the abdomen and paws are fiery in color.

There is a bright band in places where one color changes to another, and the fur has light yellow shades around the eyes and ears. Purebred animals differ skins without any additional inclusions.

According to European standards, the fur of black rabbits may include shades of squirrel, blue, and brown. Pedigree animals can be identified by the following features:

  • average body weight about 3.5 kg;
  • straight back and broad croup;
  • deep narrow chest;
  • a neat little head and straight ears about 10 cm long;
  • strong straight legs;
  • brown coloring of eyes.

They do not meet the standards and subject to culling of an individual with a dense body, curvatures in the skeleton, white patches in color, pale skin color without contrasts. Excessive weight also indicates the defects of this breed of rabbits.

Advantages and disadvantages, the characteristic of "mothball"

High aesthetic attractiveness of the animal, activity, playfulness, docile nature - the properties that make the black fiery rabbit most desirable as a pet.

This eared animal is distinguished by unpretentious content, mind, affection for the owner. He is amenable to training and can perform some basic tricks. Animals are loyal, therefore purebred individuals feel very good in families with small children.

The advantages of the breed in industrial cultivation is the calm disposition of the animals, as well as the most beautiful skins of excellent quality and dietary tasty meat that are in constant demand. In addition, the rabbit has well-developed maternal qualities.

The main drawbacks of the "firing" are the small size of the animals, as a result - a small output of rabbit meat.

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How to choose a black-fire rabbit

It is the best of all to get thoroughbred animals from the known breeder who well proved himself. Before buying, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the peculiarities of care and maintenance of rabbits on a particular farm of their origin.

The purebred population of black-fire rabbits is the basis for obtaining high-quality offspring, therefore, when choosing it, one should focus on external signs and behavior.

You need to choose active large individuals with beautiful fur, which fully complies with the standards of the breed. Rabbits should have a normal body weight, thick coat, do not look exhausted. About all the norms of fire rabbits according to the standard we said above.

Healthy individuals are characterized by activity, mobility. In addition, when buying, it is advisable to make sure that the necessary vaccines are available against myxomatosis, pasteurellosis and other diseases. It is recommended to buy animals in the summer or in the winter, since there is no molting of animals during this period.

Features of the maintenance and care of eared animals

Characteristic features of the black-fire rabbits is jumping ability, increased activity. For their full-fledged growth and development, free space is needed, therefore large cells should be equipped for keeping animals. In this case, the floor in them should be solid, since the net can injure the eared legs.

Rabbits tolerate cold wintering. At the same time, the quality of their wool in such conditions even improves. Rules for the care of animals are simple. Inside the cage, it is required to maintain cleanliness and dryness on an ongoing basis, changing the litter as often as possible.

It is important to protect the places where pets are kept from drafts, to protect them from direct sunlight, creating darkened areas. Thus, the rabbit house should be spacious, comfortable, warm, dry, without drafts, sun and damp.

A full balanced diet is the key to the health of the firefight and the quality of their wool. It is important to ensure constant access to clean drinking water. Animals of the black-fire breed have good immunity. But timely vaccination will preserve the health of individuals and the entire population.

Feeding rabbits

The diet of rabbits of this breed practically does not differ from other eared representatives. Ognevki most like fresh green food. In addition, they with great pleasure eat combined mixes, vegetables, fruits, legumes, grain feed, silage, hay. Animals like root vegetables, they need to be boiled beforehand. To strengthen the immunity in the winter season it is recommended to enrich the diet of animals with vitamin and mineral supplements.

After around the appetite of rabbits increases significantly. Good milk production of the breed requires enhanced feeding. The female during this period is required to provide as much as possible with fresh greens, mixtures of oats.

In winter, animals should be provided with hay, high-quality silage, and combined feed. Like other rabbit breeds, these animals need sprigs of various trees and shrubs. It helps to keep their teeth healthy.

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