Interesting from the world of horses: what do we know about them?


Horses are amazingly beautiful animals. Their strength and grace can be envied by many representatives of the animal world. No wonder why so many people love them. Moreover, these animals together with the person made history. However, what we know is interesting about these animals? Interesting facts about horses offer to learn right now with us.

Horse laugh

Have you ever seen such a sight when a horse lifts its upper lip, stretches its neck and literally makes a smile? This unusual gesture is one of the most amusing, which makes everyone smile. However, in reality this is not animal laughter, but a special way of capturing odors.

In the scientific world, this phenomenon is referred to as the Flemen reaction. Horses lift their lips and bare their teeth not when they laugh, but to direct smells to the special olfactory glands. They are located at the end of the nasal canal, so it is more convenient for horses to bend their lips and tilt their heads in order to better recognize the smell. Therefore, when you approach an animal, and it “laughs”, it means that it is trying to understand what and how you smell.

Do horses laugh at all? Yes, they certainly have a feeling of joy. But this is manifested more by the snooty and playfulness of animals. When a horse lifts its tail, begins to jump and “goat”, it always speaks of its high spirits.

Guide horses

Guides can be not only dogs, but also horses. Yes, yes, this particularly responsible role in America, for example, is performed by the smallest Falabella horses. They are specially trained to perform various commands, recognize signals and road signs, they are not afraid of noise and crowds. In addition, they go in special sneakers, so that with the clatter of their hooves they do not disturb public order. They are allowed to ride in transport, enter the premises and shops.

As practice shows, these animals deliver a lot of pleasure to their owners. They are kept as pets. Unlike dogs, they do not have fleas, they live up to 35 years on average and do not smell. Just like domestic dogs, falabella do not stain the house, but go to the toilet in a special place. Such interesting facts about horses are known to not many.


In almost every developed country there is a separate police force on horseback - the mounted police. It is very convenient and maneuverable in those places where the car or motorcycle can not pass. For example, such patrols always guard the order in parks and recreation areas, on city streets and avenues loaded with transport. The first police horses appeared in the XVII century, and the first mounted police organized in 1805. At first it existed only in England, and then America and Australia took over the experience.

However, not every horse can get into the police squad. To do this, select the most courageous and most balanced animals that are specially trained. On these racers you can really into the fire and into the water without fear. As a rule, powerful and beautiful geldings and elegant fillies are chosen for this job.

A wonderful sense of smell and memory

Have you ever heard that horses themselves came home during the war years or looked for a host in very remote places? Yes, there are many such cases, and all this speaks of the wonderful memory and smell of horses. Animals do not see well at night, but with the help of smell they can easily find their way home. Or in difficult places, they can easily remove the rider. Horses are extremely sensitive, so they always feel the mood and feelings of a person.

Moreover, as they say many interesting facts about horses, they have an excellent memory. If you have ever offended a horse or laughed at it, be ready for revenge. Horses remember their offenders very well, so the next time they will definitely remember this. Do not think that the animal will forget something in a year. They can remember the insult, or vice versa friendship for life. They also memorize actions, for example, how to open a latch or untie a leash.

A very important organ is the hoof.

You knew that the hoof is not just a horny layer on the legs of horses, but also a very important "organ". We call this part of the body an organ, since it is extremely complex in structure. Moreover, it is a very sensitive place that affects the work of the entire leg. The fact is that when the weight of the animal puts pressure on the hoof, the blood circulates in the required quantity through the veins of the leg. Thus, the hoof plays the role of a pump.


Everyone probably heard such a thing as hippotherapy or horse riding treatment. If not, then you can read about it in our previous publication "Hippology or the word about horses - what kind of science is this?" However, not only riding is good for human health, but also the very stay with these animals. It is enough to sit with the horse for a few minutes, as depression and fatigue disappears in an amazing way. All this is connected with the special biofield of the animal.

The horse in an unusual way can influence the human biofield, thereby “healing” mental trauma. Many people have noticed that communication with horses gives strength after a hard working week and gives them positive energy. But that's not all.

People who work in the stables, do not suffer from colds, bronchopulmonary diseases and are 50% less sick with diabetes. This is due to the utility of sweat vapors and horse manure. Heat from manure and special "aromas" of horses have a positive effect on the human respiratory system. Hippocrates described these interesting facts about horses in his writings.

Unusual hair and bones

Did you know that the strength of horse bones can easily be compared with granite? According to scientists, their strength is twice as high as granite, and in terms of tension, they are not inferior to brass and cast iron. The same applies to the hair. Durable thick hair can easily replace the fishing line. Not surprisingly, earlier bowstrings were made exclusively from horsehair.

The language of sounds and gestures

Horses have a very diverse language of sounds and gestures. People who spend a lot of time with these animals can easily recognize the various signals and desires of the horses. Moreover, a certain sound is still accompanied by body language and gestures. The same signal can be interpreted differently if the animal changes its posture or movement. For example, to transmit sounds, they change the neighing tone.

This is especially noticeable when the mare communicates with her foal. If the horse is thirsty or hungry, he can make a little whistling sound, just a little neighing. If the animal is angry, it wheezes and makes a hoarse neigh. A short gee-gee-gee is a warning sign of anxiety. Meet horses of familiar people or kinsmen with a loud whistling like "Igi-gi-gi".

The circus is horses

Did you know that the first circus and the very concept of the arena was originally invented for equestrian rooms and stunts. For the first time the modern look of a circus performance appeared in the 18th century and its ancestor is the Englishman Philip Astley. He noted that it is most convenient for horses to run at a gallop in a circle, whose diameter is 13 meters. All modern arenas have just such a diameter. Therefore, initially the concept of a circus was based on equestrian performances.

My kingdom for ... portrait

Sculptures and paintings with horses have always been considered among the most valuable. Not every artist could depict a horse or make his sculpture. As the experts say, the horses have a very complex body structure, which is not so easy to convey the beauty and grace. This is evidenced by the average price of paintings and images of these animals. Equestrian portraits were always the most expensive, therefore only notable individuals, kings and dukes could afford them.

Today, this trend is also not lost, as evidenced by what may be Sothbey's latest Russian auction. For example, Nikolai Sverchkov became the most expensive artist who depicted horses. His painting "Three in a Snowstorm" in one of Moscow stores is estimated at $ 49,800. More interesting facts about horses learn from the video.

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