Questions from the farm: problems of cows, pigs and rabbits

Two months before the calving, he stopped milking the cow. all is well, the udder is overdried, but a month before the calving, the one-year-old chick “absorbed” this cow. There is a lot of milk, I started to take it once a day, because there was not enough time to dry out again: the probability of mastitis is high. The hotel passed safely, there is little milk about one liter per milking, not to mention colostrum - it simply does not exist. The calf fed with colostrum from another cow. Question: 1) Will milk come or not? 2) Is it possible to let the calf to suck it? 3) Does it taste salty, can such milk be? Thank!!! I would be very grateful !!! (Alexander)

Hello! I have to say that the release of milk stimulates the irritation of the mammary gland, thus, the admission of the calf to the cow has a beneficial effect on the secretion of milk. As for taste, the colostrum just has a salty taste, can a cow have colostrum? It is always less in volume. Another reason for changing the taste of milk and reducing lactation can be inflammation or dietary errors. You need to carefully understand these possible problems.

Gilt ill (1 year and 3 months). Lies the second day, does not get up, does not eat, the temperature is 38 degrees. Itself pink, white ears. (Inna)

Hello! Too little information to come to a conclusion. Most likely, the animal is ill not for the first day, as the temperature is low and signs of anemia. You need to urgently consult a doctor, so that he would conduct an examination and begin urgent treatment.

Hello. I have a very strange problem. California Rabbit began to "lose" black spots on the nose and ears. I don't know what's wrong with her. Tell me please. Thank you in advance! (Andrew)

Hello! Perhaps the problems associated with changes in pigmentation as a result of the characteristics of the content and diet. Make sure that the diet is balanced, there are enough vitamins and minerals.

Good afternoon, we have such a problem - the cows have bawls and little bit swollen, Profimast was advised to us in the vet pharmacy, from the first syringe the cow didn’t graze before dinner, the evening was almost gone. Tell me, please, what to do? (Lyudmila)

Hello! The swelling on the udder is probably milk stagnation, which causes inflammation. In addition to the use of antibiotics, you must massage the udder to remove the stagnant from there.



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