Fox chicken or just foxy chick


The foxy chic is one of the best in the world in terms of productivity. This red fox chicken is almost a record-breaker in two directions at once: in the number of eggs laid and in body weight. But if the cons of this magnificent bird and whether it is suitable for your yard? We are happy to tell you how foxy chick is contained, show photos and videos in our article!

Breed overview

Foxy chick is translated from English as fox chicken, so it was nicknamed for its fiery plumage color. These chickens are among the ten most popular breeds in Europe. And for good reason: the breed of breeders turned out great. It belongs to the meat-and-egg type of productivity, is a versatile and unpretentious poultry.

Such hens are very popular not only in private households, but also in large-scale production facilities, because the costs of it are minimal, and they really get a lot of products. It does not require special housing conditions and is divorced on a par with any other poultry. Foxy chick is perfect for those who want to make money selling eggs and meat.

History of origin

The breed of these chick-chanterelles came to us from Hungary. Also in Russia, the name "Hungarian Giant" is known, which emphasizes the origin and impressive size of this poultry. Another name of this chicken is the red broiler, which means that the speed of mass gain in them is equal to broiler meat, for which farmers undoubtedly appreciate it very much.


The description of this breed is worth starting with the color of its plumage. As the name of these chickens emphasizes, their exterior is replete with fiery-red to brown colors, and for this reason they were given a comparison with a fox. It is the color that determines the purity of this breed, so you should always pay attention to it. You can see it in more detail in the photo.

Some more characteristic features of this breed:

  • Foxy Chick is a squat, rounded bird with a broad chest and fluffy plumage. The wings fit snugly to the body;
  • on a medium-sized neck, there is a small head with a red comb and rounded earrings. The eyes of the hens are brown-orange, in tune with plumage;
  • hoisted powerful, strong, painted in yellow color.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the young of this bird may seem too small, but do not immediately sin on the seller. After all, in the foxy chick breed, this is considered the norm: very soon the chicks begin to gain weight and be rounded. On the 35th day of life, chickens weigh almost a kilogram.


The greatest advantage of foxy chic over all other breeds is its productivity. The size of the chicken reaches truly heroic: layers can reach 4 kg, roosters - up to 7. Already at hatching, the chicks look more than their relatives, and, when they reach the age of 20 days, they already weigh almost half a kilo.

Chickens are famous for the taste of meat: tender and juicy, it will surely delight the farmer and his family. For those who are on a diet, there’s nothing to worry about either: he considers the meat foxychik dietary.

In addition to its precocity, the bird distinguished itself by high egg productivity. With proper care, indicators do not decrease even in winter. The red-haired hen becomes mature quite early: some individuals form the first clutch as early as 4 months. For the year from one chicken you can get 250-300 eggs with a pale pink shell. Eggs are quite large - 65-70 gr.

What weight eggs do your hens give?

  • less than 50 grams
  • 50-60 gr
  • 60 gr and higher

Features of the content in the private sector

According to the description of the owners, it is easy to maintain such a wonderful chicken. She is unpretentious and has a calm disposition, is well bred, and the young growth has almost one hundred percent survival rate. Foxy chick can be kept in an open-air cage with other chickens, the bird is calm about such living together. In addition, red broilers can be kept in cages or non-insulated sheds. In winter, of course, the floor must be covered with a thick bed of straw or sawdust.

Up to three weeks of age, this breed is fed as broiler feed. You can also add ground grain to it. After a month and a half on such feeding, the youngsters will get stronger well and can be released for free range. These chickens well master the area for walking and calmly eat pasture.

Igor Bohun will tell about some pros and cons of this bird in his video.

In winter, the diet of chickens is supplemented with vitamins. To maintain the taste of meat, it is useful to add peas, corn, barley and wheat to food during this period.

Owner reviews

According to the description of the owners, the foxy chik cannot be divorced "in itself." In order to maintain its best performance, it will be correct to place these chickens with roosters of Oripington red. Then in the second generation the chickens will match the first in size and color. Another way to maintain egg production and mass set is to mix the rod island with the rooster.

Photo Gallery

Photo 1. Foxy chick laying eggs Photo 2. Young fox chic Photo 3. Rooster red broiler




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