Is gammatonic an essential supplement for chickens or empty promises?


Hatching chicken touches his helplessness. And when his legs tremble or diarrhea begins, any poultry farmer has a squeezed heart. Got sick! There are many causes of chicken ailments. Often the chicks simply do not have enough vitamins or amino acids. To compensate for the lack of valuable substances designed food additive "Gammatonic", which is great for chickens of all ages.

Features of the drug

Gammatonic is a group of drugs called probiotics. These are agents that normalize the intestinal microflora and thereby increase immunity. They include vitamins and amino acids, so necessary in the first months of a chick's life. Without them, just a few days after birth, babies can have a variety of metabolic disorders. Thus, the tool contributes to the rapid weight gain, growth of the feather, strengthening of the bones and good health of the chicks.

Experienced poultry farmers are well aware that, for example, with a lack of vitamin A, chickens immediately begin to lag behind in growth, they have a weakness and even refusal to eat. Diarrhea is another companion for vitamin A deficiency in chickens. After a few days, other misfortunes are added: flabby, drooping tummies, wounds on the cornea, or its swelling, which often ends in blindness.

Symptoms that occur when there is a shortage of vitamin D are also known. Avitaminosis D in general can be called "chicken disease". As is known, it is characterized by a violation of mineral metabolism, caused primarily by the lack of ultraviolet rays. A direct consequence of this type of avitaminosis is rickets, from which the youngsters especially suffer in the northern regions or in closed dark hen houses.

You probably had to see weak chickens with trembling legs and wings, which after a while throw back their heads or suffer because of a twisted neck. They could be helped by vitamin B. But he was not in the trough. Of course, in ideal conditions, chickens get all the necessary vitamins under the caring guidance of their mother, walking in the garden or on the lawn among the green grass. The same babies who were born in the incubator, mother's care for a balanced diet will partially fill Gammatonik.

We disassemble the composition

The composition of the feed additive for chickens Gammatonik two groups of substances. The first group is vitamins: A, B1, B2, B6, B12, D and E. The second is amino acids: lysine, glutamine, cystine, threonine, valine, and others that are just as important for the healthy development of chickens. The composition is selected so as to best meet the needs of the body of young stock from the first days of its life.

The drug is sold in pharmacies in dark glass bottles weighing 100 grams. For owners of large poultry houses, a larger package is offered - 1.5 liters or 25 liters. Instructions for use of the additive are on the package itself. By the way, Gammatonic has an analogue - Chiktonik.

Dosage and administration

Gammatonic give the bird for 5-7 days, adding to drinking water. According to the instructions, the dosage is as follows: 1 ml of the drug is taken for 1 liter of water. The fact that the water for chickens should be fresh and clean, we do not even say - this is the most important condition for their health. Useful advice on how to properly feed chickens with drugs or vitamins, watch the video from an experienced breeder (author Bird farm).

The use of this feed additive is recommended in several cases:

  • stress;
  • avitaminosis;
  • poor, poor in vitamins and amino acids food;
  • poisoning;
  • recovery period after illness;
  • poor plumage;
  • slow growth;
  • post vaccination period.

Are there any contraindications?

Gammatonic is not recommended to give antibiotics during the treatment of chicks and on the day they receive the vaccine. There are no other contraindications for the drug.

Not recorded in the practice of the use of feed additives and side effects in chickens. However, attentiveness is never superfluous, and no one is insured against the individual intolerance of any components of this tool. Even chickens. Noticing the manifestations that are alarming you, remove the water bottle with the dissolved additive and replace the liquid with clean water.

And the last, traditional, caution: after the expiration date of the drug - it is two years old - it cannot be given to young animals. And empty containers need to be thrown into the trash.

Do you use Gammatonic for your chickens?

  • Yes
  • Not

We conclude: expert advice

The first month of the chickens life is decisive for their health and subsequent egg production. Therefore, the more caring your bird care will be at this time, the more returns you will receive from it in the future. Being a safe and useful means of normalizing the diet of chicks and strengthening their immunity, Gammatonic will help you put them on their feet.




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