Walk for kids: we let out chickens in a pen

Chickens, like other types of poultry, are required to ensure constant walks in the fresh air. Thus, they can bask in the sun and look for food, which is very useful for their health and livelihoods. If you decide to breed chickens, you should think about building for their walking. In this review, we will tell you when chicks can be released on the street and how to build a pen with your own hands.

When can chicks be released outside?

Before proceeding with the hand-built construction of the paddock, it is important to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of walking the chickens. Clean air, sunny weather are excellent conditions for growing chickens. Bringing chicks to the fresh air is possible from the fifth day of life, and the duration of stay is about three hours. Over time, the duration of walks is recommended to increase.

When the chickens are two weeks old, they can be left on the run all day. Often chickens are raised in the so-called camp conditions. For this purpose, mobile devices are used, which may have a different design. With this method of growing birds, they develop well, they develop resistance to various diseases, and the number of spoilage during the period of their maximum productivity is significantly reduced.

It is possible to release chicks from the beginning of June. During this period, the weather becomes warmer and more stable. For walks of growing livestock in the open air, gardens, meadows or places after harvesting grain crops are well suited. There are a lot of live food, weed seeds and other food with lots of nutrients. But, before letting go of the chickens, it is necessary to accustom them to the appropriate temperature regime.

With regard to the calculation of the territory, the area of ​​the pen should be at least one hectare per thousand heads of flock. In addition to organizing camp walking, farmers often organize walking near the house so that chickens can freely go outside. The ideal solution would be two options. Thus, in the pen there will always be enough greenery and other food that is important for the chicks.

To ensure the safety of the wards during walking will allow compliance with the following recommendations.

  1. It is very important to take care to avoid overheating chickens in the sun, especially when it comes to babies. To do this, you can equip the sheds or plant small shrubs. A small cell can be covered.
  2. It is necessary to separate sick individuals from healthy during walking to prevent pecking or the spread of disease.
  3. The site where the chicks are planned to walk should be securely fenced.
  4. It is not recommended to release the chicks on wet grass until their plumage.
  5. To ensure safety from predators, you can build your own special roof of the grid.
  6. Small chicks should not be released in windy weather.
  7. It is highly undesirable to allow hypothermia chicks, as this may affect their health and further development.

How old do you let chicks out?

  • From the 5th day
  • Since the first week of life
  • Immediately after the plumage
  • Per month
  • We do not release at all
  • Immediately after hatching

Making a pen for chickens

When it is decided to build a pen for chickens with your own hands, you should take into account the main criteria on which the structure of the building depends:

  • number of chickens;
  • age of birds;
  • reliability of the material used;
  • safety for livestock.

Of course, the paddock is not a permanent dwelling place for chickens, but it will take a long time until they grow up and are transferred to a chicken coop. When building it with your own hands, you must take into account the breed of chickens, because each of them has its own size and growth rate. For example, representatives of the egg direction grow more slowly than meat individuals, so they will need less space with the same population. At the same time, egg breed chicks are more active and mobile.

For the design it is necessary to choose a material that is reliable, robust and safe for chicks. It is also very important that the structure is well fastened, because if this is not ensured, then at the slightest physical impacts the fence may be damaged. The presence of cracks leads to the fact that birds leave the territory of the paddock or predators penetrate there.

Also, when building a pen with your own hands, it is important to exclude the presence of pointed parts and nails protruding from the elements of the fence, as they are dangerous for chicks. Having a roof on one of the half corral will help provide shelter that chicks can use if it's windy or rainy outside. The presented video from the Russian House channel will help you to understand how a walking structure should look like.

Tools and materials

By design, the construction for chickens may differ, however, the set of materials will remain the same. When building a bird pen for themselves, the following will be required:

  • wooden boards in the amount of 8 pcs., 4 of them with a length of 1.5 m, and the same number with a length of 1 m;
  • four bars 2 cm thick;
  • screws or screws;
  • a piece of cloth or mesh, as in the photo;
  • a large slate sheet or other material for the construction of the roof in the pen with their own hands;
  • nails and hammer (they can be replaced by a special construction stapler).
Wooden boardsSlate sheetsConstruction mesh with hammer and nails

Step-by-step instruction

If all materials are already purchased, you can proceed to the construction of the pen with your own hands.

  1. To begin with, it is necessary to fasten the boards together with self-tapping screws, resulting in a box that performs the function of a frame. With the help of bars set the height of the building.
  2. The northern part of the enclosure should be covered with a cloth or wall of boards to provide shelter from the wind and drafts.
  3. The sunny side of the pen needs to be netted. To prevent the material from drooping, you should make wooden slats and attach a grid to them.
  4. As the roof fit slate and mesh. One part will make a shadow on sunny days, and the second will protect chicks from predators.

You can also make a door from the slate, through which free access to the aviary will be opened. The gate can also be made from available tools that remained after the construction of the main structure.

Photo Gallery

Photo 1. Large chickens on the streetPhoto 2. Chickens on the run in the summer penPhoto 3. Chickens in net open-air cage



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