Portable mobile chicken coop or house on wheels


A mobile chicken coop is ideal for keeping chickens on a small plot of land. Such designs are easily transferred from place to place, which will provide birds with green food. You can buy chicken coops ready, or you can make them yourself. We invite you to learn more about this device in our review.

Features and types of mobile designs

The main feature of portable chicken coops is their mobility, which allows them to be placed in a new place every time. The design of such structures is simple, since they consist of two levels. Upper, as a rule, is made of wood, and lower - from the grid. One of the walls of the lower part of the building is closed with a board, so that it is easy to open.

All portable chicken coops have two zones. Part of the house is intended for incubation of eggs by chicks, and there is also a territory for walking birds. Even among the poultry farmers are popular chicken coops with a roof with a natural lawn. Thus, the population of chickens is protected from the aggressive rays of the sun.

Mobile chicken coops can be of various types, depending on the mode of transfer, size and overall design. All of them, in turn, are divided into several types. For example, a portable chicken coop can be equipped with wheels and without them. The first option, even with large dimensions, can be easily rearranged to any place. The second option is also no problem moving around the site due to the low weight.

To protect against rain, such structures are covered with a film or other type of roofing. As for the device of portable chicken coops, the grid is most often used as a fence. This material is most popular because it protects chickens from predators well. The size of the house can be different, it all depends on how many inhabitants are planned to be placed in it. The presented video (Sirotkin channel homemade) will allow you to understand how this design is arranged.

Advantages and disadvantages

All mobile chicken coops, which you can do with your own hands or buy ready-made, have a number of pros and cons.

  • The portable house can be easily moved to another location on the plot. Thus, birds will always have live food and fresh greens, which will ensure their normal development.
  • Small capacity. If you plan to breed a large number of chickens, then, most likely, this design will not work, since it should be large. In addition, there is no possibility of placing additional extensions.
  • Interesting design chicken coop can decorate the site and complement it. The original house for chickens will not be able to spoil the general appearance of the territory.
  • Frequent mistakes in the process of making their own hands. If you do not adhere to clear instructions and drawings, the assumption of errors in the construction is inevitable, and this leads to a violation of the strength of the chicken coop.
  • Mobile chicken coops are easy to clean, as they can be transported to a water source and can be thoroughly cleaned without much difficulty.
  • Mobile poultry houses can be both summer and for the maintenance of chickens throughout the year. In winter, the design can be placed closer to home, which will simplify the care of birds.
  • Portable devices have an affordable price, while they are not difficult to build with your own hands.

Buying ready-made chicken coops

Many farmers prefer to buy already built structures. They are made in different sizes and with different configurations. Models of chicken coops, which are designed for ten heads, have small dimensions and are distinguished by their compactness. A portable chicken house for 30 chickens is a complete structure, where all requirements for their maintenance are taken into account.

The constructions of this type are equipped with a ventilation system, a ceiling heater and a temperature controller. There are also models of mobile chicken coops, which are equipped with perches, nests, feeders and drinkers. You can buy such a device with and without a paddock. You can also buy a house that will be custom-made to meet all the basic requirements for breeding poultry.

And your chicken coop stationary or mobile (portable)?

  • Mobile
  • Stationary

Master the mobile house themselves

Of course, the easiest way to buy a ready-made design, but you can build a chicken coop with your own hands. If you decide to build it yourself, then you should take into account that there should be a place for hens with nests, perches and a territory for walking birds.

An important point is the lighting and ventilation, which is necessary to ensure a normal indoor environment. Inside should not be too hot and it is undesirable to moisture there accumulated.
When building a portable chicken coop with their own hands, the climatic conditions of the area deserve special attention. For example, a strong wind can destroy a house if it is not too strong.

The main points to consider when building a mobile poultry house with your own hands:

  • to protect birds from drafts and strong winds, it is necessary to construct a room without gaps, however, it must always be ventilated;
  • a grid should be placed on the windows and doors of the coop for the safety of the hens;
  • the design should not be too heavy to move from place to place.

Tools and materials

To make a portable house with your own hands, you will need the following set of necessary tools and materials:

  • drawings of the future structure;
  • wooden plank;
  • plywood sheets;
  • grid;
  • window frame;
  • small pieces of galvanized;
  • drill and screwdriver;
  • Construction stapler and jigsaw;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • door hinges;
  • file
Wooden boards Plywood sheets Construction grid Self tapping screws Drill screwdriver Saw, stapler and door hinge

Step-by-step instruction

When all the drawings and tools with the materials are collected, you can begin the work of making a mobile chicken coop with your own hands.

The algorithm of action is as follows.

  1. Initially, you should build a frame. To do this, you can take a pair of triangular frames from the timber and connect them with the help of hewn planks. It should be noted that they must have handles that will be needed to move the chicken coop.
  2. The bottom side walls are made of rails, the dimensions of which are 1.5x3 cm. One of them must be removable for the chickens to exit. Plywood is used as an overlap between the tiers.
  3. When the first tier is ready, you must proceed to the division of the second into two parts. Most should be designed for bird rest, and the second will be the roost.
  4. The last stage is the construction of the roof. It can be made of plywood, and one of the sheets should be attached using loops. Thus, the roof can be opened for ventilation and ease of cleaning the chicken coop.

To protect the structure from the destructive effects of the environment and insects, it is necessary to treat the walls and the roof from all sides with varnish or other means.

Photo Gallery

Photo 1. Ready house for poultry Photo 2. Chicken coop on the plot Photo 3. Summer facility for chickens Photo 4. The project of the future chicken house Photo 5. Interior poultry house Photo 6. Simple construction for chickens

Video "Folding poultry house to give"

The video (by Rinat Musin) shows a foldable design for summer keeping of a small amount of poultry.




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