Auto chicken feeder: so the birds are full


Many farmers who breed chickens think about automating the feeding process. Thus, you can save a lot of time and effort, and pets will always be full. The best option for this would be an automatic feeder, which you can buy for chickens or do it yourself. How to make such a device yourself, find out with us.

Design features of the auto feeder

These devices are of different types, but they are based on the same principle of operation. With their help, feed to the birds is fed automatically, and in the amount that was consumed by chickens. The rest of it is stored in a separate closed compartment of the structure.

The advantage of the automatic feeder is not only to provide chickens with food, but also to protect it from scattering and wetting during precipitation. In addition, with the help of such devices can be a good savings through the correct dosage of food.

It should be noted that the automatic feeder for chickens serves only to supply dry fodder composition (grain, feed). It can be made with your own hands from a variety of materials. Most often for this purpose they use wood, plywood or plastic. You can also buy more complex designs that are equipped with a timer or dispenser.

With timer

The programmable automatic feeder with a timer deserves special attention. It is designed to supply dry food. With this device, pets will always be fed on time. Serving the right amount of food will ensure proper nutrition of chickens and safety of feed.

Using the timer, you can set the time for serving food. The feeder has a screw through which the feed moves to the tray. Practically all models of automatic feeders with a timer are equipped with a backup battery and a tank for storing feed mixture. The number of feedings can reach eight times, the interval between them is also regulated.

The cover of the feed compartment is tightly closed, so it is well protected. The tray is easy to remove, which does not cause any problems in the process of cleaning. The only disadvantage of this device is quite a high cost.

Doing a car feeder with your own hands

To save money, you can do it yourself. According to the method of feeding, they are of the following types.

  1. Tray. These are flat containers equipped with rim so that feed does not crumble. Most often used for feeding chickens.
  2. Gutter In this case, the tray is equipped with a removable grill, and inside there are several tanks for mixing different types of food.
  3. Bunker. A dry mix is ​​poured into the bunker, which enters the tray as needed. The design well protects food from getting wet and pollution.

Consider some of the most popular models of feeders for chickens that you can do with your own hands. One of the production options we suggest you look at the video from the author Aksenova Julia.

Feeder with dispenser

Such a model was invented by an Australian farmer. It is intended for feeding small livestock. If you plan to keep a large number of chickens, then such feeders can be done more. The peculiarity of this model is to provide access to food by pressing the pedal. Under the weight of the chicken opens the lid of the tray, where the feed mixture is poured.

Tools and materials

This type of feeder is easy to do with your own hands, for this you need the following:

  • plywood sheet;
  • bars of wood;
  • furniture bolts;
  • loops - 2 pcs .;
  • wood file;
  • drill.
Plywood sheets Wooden bars Tools, hinges and bolts

Step-by-step instruction

If materials are collected, then you can get to work. The action algorithm is as follows.

  1. On the sheet of plywood you need to draw the details of the design. There should be ten of them (two covers, two side and one back walls, a bottom, three front slats and a pedal).
  2. Next you need to cut the bars. The two elements must be the longest, as they will be required for attaching the pedals. Two more bars are needed in small sizes for fixing the cover. The last two elements should be the shortest. They are required to connect the lid bars.
  3. The walls of the feeder with their own hands should be fastened with screws. In this case, the rear panel should be installed with a slope of 15 ° inward.
  4. The top cover is attached with hinges so that it is convenient to add feed.
  5. After the whole structure is assembled, you need to check whether the compartment opens when you press on the pedal. If necessary, you can adjust the tension of the bolts.

This model can be treated with plaster and antiseptic after making it yourself. It is not recommended to use varnish or paint, as this may harm the health of chickens.

Bunker model

When shaping a bunker model with your own hands, it is important to remember that the design should have a suitable volume. The advantage of this automatic plastic feeder is that it is easy to clean and easy to operate.

Tools and materials

To make your own bunker automatic feeder, you will need:

  • plastic container, with the function of the bunker can perform a bucket, bottle or other type of container;
  • well sharpened knife;
  • the plane with a side;
  • nails, screws and wire.
Plastic bucket with lid Black tray with sides Nails, screws, knife and wire

Step-by-step instruction

  1. First you need to choose the container where the feed mixture will be poured, and the lower part. For the tray, you can take the cover with the presence of the sides or container for seedlings. It is important that the diameter of the lower part is larger than that of the feed hopper.
  2. Next you need to cut holes for each compartment, using a knife.
  3. Now two parts should be fastened with screws.
  4. To the trough was located at the right level, and the chickens were comfortable, you can use nails and wire. If this is not necessary, and the trough has turned out quite stable, it can be installed simply on the floor of the chicken coop.




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