Nutria is a good business: what's the secret?


Today, breeding nutria at home as a business is quite popular. At the same time, the types of their content are practiced different. Someone for this purpose uses the fence and summer enclosures, and someone prefers the content in the cells. What method is better and how to organize such an activity in general, let's talk now.

Nutria breeding: profitable or not?

Growing nutria on the territory adjacent to household farms is not only beneficial, but also fascinating. There is no age limit for this activity. The result this business can bring is gaining valuable fur, dietary meat and nourishing fat. From the meat of these animals, you can cook delicious dishes, and if you are not an adherent of such an unconventional option, then you can definitely implement the skins.

If we consider the question whether the breeding of nutria at home is beneficial from an economic point of view, the answer is definitely positive. You will be able to sell the young, meat, and the skins of slaughtered animals even in raw form to wholesale buyers. And if it turns out to pick up at least 10 skins with one color, then the profit can be increased. Moreover, the feed does not consume much animals.

How to start and how to conduct the nutrition business?

The first step is to determine for yourself what the purpose of such a business will be, such as breeding nutria at home. For their dietary meat, expensive fur, or just as pets? If the goal is the implementation of fur, then animals should be selected with the same color. Start breeding nutria should be the following activities:

  • pick up a plot of land to house the farm;
  • to build a structure for raising animals or to equip an existing one;
  • make cells;
  • to improve the territory, which implies the manufacture of a reservoir and pens in which animals can walk.

Choosing and buying animals

It is recommended to start breeding nutria at home with the purchase of young animals, whose age does not exceed 2-3 months. Their weight at this age usually ranges from 1.3 kg to 2.3 kg. At this stage it is necessary to decide on what nutria there is a desire to breed. It is important to remember that colored skins are sold at a relatively high price, but the colored breeds have a lower birth rate. So, if a standard-breed nutria female is able to bring up to 15 puppies throughout the year, the white Italian will not exceed eight.

It is better to buy animals in special nurseries. If you take from private breeders, it is advisable to visit the farm, look at the conditions and condition of the animals. We do not recommend buying nutria on the market, since the necessary conditions are rarely met there. Choosing the right place of purchase, it is necessary to determine the type of animals. In terms of color, it is customary to distinguish between 9 mutational and 7 combined types of nutria, of which the most common are:

  • Standard nutria. The colors are close to those found in the wild, brown and steel color prevail. These animals are the most common. They have poorly developed downy hair, contributing to the stalling of wool. They are distinguished by a high fertility rate - one litter can reach six puppies.
  • Golden nutria. This breed is imported from abroad. Weight and size corresponds to the standard form. When mating individuals of a single breed, fertility is low — about 4 puppies. However, when mixed with a standard breed, it rises to 5-6 puppies. Mixed pairs give birth to half golden and half standard puppies.
  • Black nutria. This breed is from Argentina. Fertility is at the level of the standard breed. For purebred specimens, a deep black color of the awn with a dark gray undersharp is characteristic.
  • White Azerbaijani nutria. They are distinguished by a pure white color as downy hair and guard hairs. Breeding under the "in itself" (one breed), as when mixed with a standard breed, gives more than four puppies.
  • White Italian nutria. The color is white, but a cream shade is allowed, unlike in Azerbaijan. The number of puppies brought does not exceed five puppies.

Cages and houses

The premises in which nutria will be kept must meet the following requirements:

  • it is desirable that the building was wooden;
  • the presence of good ventilation;
  • lack of humidity in the interior.

Cages for animals can be purchased ready-made, but you can make them yourself. The optimal size of a cage is 100x60x50 cm. Closer cells can provoke a decrease in the growth of young animals and their low survival rate. From the floor to the bottom of the cells, there should be a distance of not less than 70 cm. A special litter is laid on the floor of the room, and the walls are closed with a metal grid.

Diagram of Nutrient Cell Equipment

It is important to bear in mind that cages, like cages, must be located in quiet, protected from winds and cold places. The peculiarity of these animals is their susceptibility to the presence of strong noises. When they are constantly exposed to animals, the birth rate decreases, they begin to lose weight, and among them even a death can begin.

It should be remembered that during the breeding season, the nutria becomes aggressive and irritable. Nutria bite is so strong that it can easily bite a person’s finger. Therefore, during this period it is better not to bother them for nothing and try to touch them as little as possible.

Nutria breeding technology

The most important step, which determines how well the breeding will take place at home, is the constant monitoring of nutria. It is important not to miss the period that will be most favorable for mating. Pairing females start from 6-8 months with a weight of at least 3.5 kg. Males choose 7-10 months, the biological mass of which exceeds 4.5 kg.

A case can be made in three different ways:

  • infuser;
  • kosyachny;
  • combined.

For young females and running a business, the most optimal is the jiggling method. When it sorts shoals which are two or three months young females. Their number can vary from 4 to 15 heads. At the same time they try to select individuals with similar coloring. After four months, one active and strong male sits in such a joint that is larger than each of the females.

Cavalier should not be in direct relationship with females. To live with "friends" the male needs at least 2-3 months. Throughout this period, it is necessary from time to time to perform femoral palpation for the detection of pregnancy. If formations similar to soft beads with a diameter of about 2 cm are felt, this means that the pregnancy of the female is 50 days. Such females should immediately be deposited in separate cells.

Norms of the area required for one individual

For normal life, nutria for each nutria must be equipped with at least 300 cm square. If there is a need to maintain a large school, which will consist of 15-25 individuals, then each should be allocated at least 1-2 square meters. m. If the area is limited for some reason, the joint cannot contain more than 4-6 individuals. Throughout the warm season, nutria must necessarily have access to water bodies to prevent them from receiving thermal shocks. Even a small container with water, such as an old bath, will do.

What to feed?

Nutria is included in the class of herbivores, and therefore the basis of the diet of their diet are plants. In this case, preference is given to aquatic vegetation that grows on the banks of rivers, streams and standing bodies of water. All parts of plants, including stems, roots and leaves, go into their diet, which can significantly reduce the cost of their maintenance. In addition, the diet of animals can be diversified with fodder grains and a wide variety of vegetables. To feed an adult individual you need up to 1.5 kg of vegetable feed.

Business plan

Breeding nutria is a cost-effective business. If the right approach to business, based on a preliminary calculation, is implemented, then it becomes absolutely profitable. At the calculation stage, the costs for the improvement of the farm, the creation of a reserve of the necessary feed in the required quantity and the purchase of the animals themselves must be taken into account.

Before starting the project of breeding, it is necessary to calculate the profitability and self-sufficiency of this business. It is also necessary to make an economic analysis of the situation existing in the region selected to start this business. It is important to take into account the prospects for countering competitors and the availability of a market for finished products. The following approximate calculations will help you navigate the field of activity:

  • to acquire a male and female nutria, you need about 3,200 rubles;
  • the female is able to breed in the amount of 10-15 puppies every four months;
  • the weight of one adult reaches 1.5-2 kg of meat, which can be sold for 800 rubles;
  • for one skin can help out from 480 rubles to 640 rubles;

A simple calculation suggests that the costs will pay off after 6 months.

Video "Content of nutria at home"

After watching this video, you will get answers to most of the questions raised by beginning nutria breeders. Information will be useful to all beginners in their business.

Would you like to do breeding nutria for business?

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