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Are you going to start a poultry and have already built a chicken coop? Then it's time to start organizing the rest of the necessary equipment, namely feeders. Do not rush to run to the store or the market for their purchase, because there are so many homemade options. You can make chicken feeders with your own hands, the photos and original ideas of which you will find in the review can be easily and quickly from a wide variety of materials!


Today, there are several options for arranging a feeder for chickens with their own hands. They can be made from a trough, a box or, for example, from plastic bottles. But these chicken feeders have the same problem - mixing feed. If you use several containers for each type of food - it takes a lot of space. There is an exit. What - find out below.

So, in order for the feeder for chickens to be both comfortable and functional, it is necessary to prepare for its construction. First of all, it is important to choose its location and size. It doesn't matter if she stands in the yard or in the house, all birds should have free access to her. However, they should not be crowded or infringe upon each other during meals. For example, for 20 bird heads you can use such sizes:

  • length 120-150 centimeters;
  • width is 20-25 centimeters;
  • The height of the sides is about 130 centimeters.

Different types

Before you make a feeder for chickens with your own hands, you need to understand the existing species, which differ among themselves in the method of feeding.

  1. Tray have the form of a flat container, which is equipped with bumpers. Such a feeder for chickens with their own hands will allow to exclude the possibility of scattering feed by birds beyond its limits. It is especially popular when feeding chicks.
  2. There is also a bunker feeder for chickens. Its presence will provide dosed feeding of birds throughout the day. Hopper feeders have a closed design that allows you to keep food dry and clean.
  3. Farmers and grooved self-made feeders are not ignored. Their design provides for a restrictive removable grill or turntable in the tray. Thus, the capacity is divided into several sections. They can be used as drinkers and feeders, filling with different types of food. The manufacture of such a design can occur from scrap materials.
Homemade wood feeder Bird Feeding Device Chick Feeding Design

We think it is no secret to you that the chickens will need to be given both dry and wet food in the form of mash. For the latter option, it is best to make a choice in favor of troughs made in the shape of a trough, on top of which a spinner made of wooden beams is installed. For grain and dry food it is good to use automatic bunker vessels in the form of a cylinder. How to make such feeders, let's talk in more detail.


Of course, the process of making the usual trough for chickens with their own hands and bunker differs, both in labor intensity and in materials. But modern tools, as well as materials can simplify the whole process for you, so it will not take you much time and effort. Remember one important rule of the feeder for chickens - it must be stable, and food should not get enough sleep from it on the ground. Otherwise, sanitary norms are violated, and there is an overrun of feed.

Bunker Feeder

This chicken feeder minimizes the host's participation in feeding birds. In special stores, such equipment is quite expensive, but with your own hands it is not so difficult to make it. Especially since there are plenty of ideas for this. So, the automatic feeder for chickens is made from the following materials:

  1. plastic bucket;
  2. section bowl for animals.


  • In the plastic bucket we make convenient holes for spilling grain, as shown in the picture.

  • Then, using screws, fasten a capacitive bowl to the bucket.

  • Now pour the grain or other dry food into the bucket and close the lid. This version of the feeder with your own hands is also convenient because it can be hung in a convenient place. As the grain is consumed, it will be poured into the holes by its own weight.

Plastic trough

Today, you can often see cheap plastic containers with handles for storing water and other various liquids on the market. Many already have such houses, for example, after repairs. Such a container can be useful for making a convenient broiler feeder with your own hands.


  • We take our container and cut out a small depression in the front part of it, as in the photo.

  • Now we find a convenient place for its fastening, so that the birds freely take out the grain, but do not climb into the feeder. In the handle, if necessary, make fixtures or simply hang in a comfortable position.
  • Pour the grain, top cover with a lid. The lack of capacity from a plastic bottle is that in bad weather it should be hidden in the room. But this is a great option in the house.

How to build a device for feeding birds from a bottle, watch the video from the Schematic Channel.

Feeding box

If plywood is lying around your house, do not rush to throw it out - you can make a convenient feeder for chickens with it. Its charm is that it resembles a bunker design and well prevents feed from contamination.


  • To design a feeder with our own hands from wood, the first thing we do withWe arm a box without a front wall, as in the photo. Its height is about 9 centimeters.

  • Further in the lower part we make a place for food - a small part in the form of a box and a stopper made of solid plywood.
  • Such a limiter protects the grain from pollution and does not allow birds to get into the feeder with their feet. The height of the front rim must be at least 60 centimeters.

Double deck chick feeder

Another option is a convenient container for storing dry food and grain. The manufacture of feeders of this type is ideal for small rooms, as the second floor allows you to compensate for the place. You can pour wet mash or porridge in it. All that you need for the manufacture of feeders for broilers and layers with their own hands - these are drawings, wooden bars and screws.


  • The most basic part of such a feeder is the lower tier. We make it with such dimensions: width - 26 centimeters, height - 25 centimeters. Count on the length of your laying hens.

  • Provide special grooves for inserting the flap.
  • The second floor is a trough, the height of the board in this version will be 10 centimeters. The second tier is installed on the ends of the first and fastened with loops.

From plastic pipes

If you made repairs or you just left plastic pipes or polypropylene, they are also perfect for the manufacture of feeders. Pretty cheap and cheerful, as well as comfortable and beautiful, as in the photo.


We think when you saw such devices in the picture, you immediately realized that you can do them yourself with a plastic pipe. Its length is arbitrary. After all, there is nothing difficult - a regular pipe with the necessary holes. In this case, you can pipe, or rather the knee to install both one and several. It looks very funny, but it is convenient and fast!

However, it is important to note that if you install a long structure, then it will not be sufficiently stable. In addition, polypropylene can be made drinkers. The advantages of such drinking bowls are that they are easy to maintain and can be placed anywhere in the house. Here are the feeders and they are ready, it remains only to choose layers. Successes beginner and already experienced poultry farmers.

Video "Example of homemade bunker trough"

How to practice bunker homemade feeding trough? See this in the next video from the channel Center Technology and Equipment SCOUT.




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