Electronic assistant in the incubation of eggs - BLITZ-48


The Blitz 48 Incubator is an automatic household appliance that has a built-in thermometer and a humidity controller. It is also designed for hatching both chicken and duck, goose and quail eggs.

The automatic incubator "Blitz 48" is a high-precision modern device that has everything you need for a successful, carefree incubation of eggs. Firstly, it is equipped with an ultra-precise electronic temperature controller, secondly, a digital thermometer, and thirdly, a fan for air exchange. Battery operation is also provided in case of emergency power off.

The kit for the device includes two baths for pouring water and maintain the desired level of humidity. At the same time, water is supplied to the tanks without the need to open the device chamber itself. This prevents an undesirable temperature jump. Mechanical dampers allow you to control the humidity in the chamber from 40% to 85%.

The case itself of the Blitz-48 incubator is made of plywood, the walls are additionally insulated with 40 mm foam, the top is transparent for observation. The inside of the camera itself is covered with a galvanized sheet, which helps maintain a good microflora inside, and prevents temperature changes. Eggs are placed in one tray, which with the help of the program is rotated to the sides every two hours.

An internal digital thermometer monitors the temperature to exactly 0.1 degrees. Even when the voltage is turned off, the incubator automatically continues to work without failure, connecting to the battery. At the same time, the program does not require any additional settings, it remembers and maintains all the latest indicators. The battery is rated for 22 hours of continuous operation.


  • maximum power - 50 W;
  • mains supply - 220 V, battery - 12 V;
  • the capacity of chicken eggs is 48 pieces, duck eggs 38, goose eggs 20, turkey eggs 34 and quail eggs 130;
  • maintaining temperature with an accuracy of 0.1 degrees;
  • egg turning automatic, smooth;
  • built-in fan, thermometer with memory;
  • weight - 9 pounds;
  • Dimensions - 523x350x308 mm.


The main feature of the Blitz-48 incubator is the ability to hatch both chicken and other eggs (quail, turkey, waterfowl). However, this is not all. It is made rectangular convenient for placing a form with an external control unit on the side wall. Externally, the material is moisture resistant and heat insulating. The heating element and the fan are embedded inside at the bottom of the device.

Trays with eggs are located approximately in the middle of the chamber, taking into account the distance of their rotation in both directions by 45 degrees. Baths with water are installed depending on the type of eggs. If there are two waterfowl, one is set for hatching chicken and turkey. If necessary, the heating element can be turned off, leaving only the fan itself. For example, this mode is used to cool the camera.


The Blitz-48 incubator is an excellent modern home appliance with good characteristics and quality indicators. Today, it is he who is the leader in sales in the domestic market. He is chosen by most poultry owners for incubating a small number of eggs. The incubator meets all requirements of amateur farmers. So, the main advantages and advantages:

  • universality - the ability to use for different types of eggs;
  • convenience and reliability;
  • automatic mode of flipping trays and temperature adjustment;
  • possible moisture control without opening the chamber;
  • spacious;
  • easy to manage - no complicated electronics.


Compared with the pluses of minuses, this device has practically no. In order to find them one should be too picky - such an opinion has developed after analyzing many reviews. So, it is possible to distinguish two not so much negative points, but simply not quite convenient for some poultry farmers. It:

  • inconvenience to pour water into a very small vent hole;
  • inconvenience to load eggs into trays already installed inside. You can load and outside, but then inconvenient to install trays in place.

This, perhaps, all the shortcomings. The rest can be safely said - perfect for home use. By the way, the warranty is two years, but even after the expiration of this period, many owners write that the incubator is working properly and shows a very high incubation result.




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