Characteristics of the Pavlovian breed of hens


Pavlovian chickens are considered the oldest breed of chickens. They also act as the worldwide benchmark for chicken beauty. But despite its merits, this breed was considered until recently lost. What led to this? And also, why are they considered the most beautiful? Read on in the article.

Breed description

Pavlovskaya breed of chickens - a real decoration of the yard. These graceful birds feel great even in cold weather, they run well and are not too fastidious about feeding. Surely, this is why they are so popular with farmers. In addition, this bird is very mobile: it does not like to sit still and moves a lot - it just can not go unnoticed!

It is believed that its ancestors were Cochin and native breeds of Russia, but science cannot say for sure. Why? And because many facts from the past the feathered were lost - at one point this beautiful bird almost disappeared from the face of the earth. We suggest to learn about it in more detail.

Some historical facts

Pavlovskaya breed of chickens was bred in the eighteenth century. Nizhny Novgorod province is considered its birthplace, and to be precise - the village of Pavlovo, in whose honor the chickens were named. For the first time, the breed was presented to the world at the Acclimatization Exhibition, which was held in Moscow in 1878. After, she became an honorary guest of all further exhibitions of the poultry industry.

Pavlovskaya Chicken received the status of a national breed of Russia in 1899 at a regular meeting of the organizing committee of the International Poultry Exhibition. Here, for the first time, she received a brief description of characteristic features. Finally, the status of the indigenous Russian breed for these chickens entrenched already in 1905. Due to its excellent frost resistance, the bird was spread throughout the northern regions of the country.

The year 1917 came. The October Revolution turned everything upside down. She did not pass Pavlovsky chickens. At the end of the revolution, it turned out that the breed was almost gone. Only a few representatives left. Then for a long time about her there was no reviews.

And again they remembered these chickens already in the twentieth century, approximately in the early 80s. It was then that the All-Russian Institute VNIIGRZH in the city of St. Petersburg began work on the reconstruction of the species. But about how the breed of Pavlovsky chickens was originally bred, nothing is known. Therefore, the breeders were forced to go their own way.

Interesting rumors about the origin of the breed

First hearing

It is believed that the breed appeared by chance. The reason was the content of a large number of species in one large chicken coop. In this way, several species of chickens repeatedly crossed. The result was an unusual chicken, which was the ancestor of Pavlovsky chickens.

Second hearing

Says that a breeder or even their group were sent to the Nizhny Novgorod province. There in the village of Pavlovo, they were supposed to bring frost-resistant breed of chickens. And as a result of long work they succeeded. And in addition, they also received unusual beauty in birds.

Third hearing

Most consider this rumor absurd. But all the same, any opinion has a place to exist. So, based on the third rumor, the ancestors of these chickens are wood grouses. That is, by chance or not, as well as due to reasons unknown to anyone, a simple chicken itself crossed with a wood grouse. Although the rumor is not very believable, some insist that the bird still has similarity with wood grouse.

Breed appearance

This chicken is very beautiful. Let's start by describing the head of the bird. It is adorned with a laterally compressed tuft, which in some individuals may be spreading. The beak is thin and straight, that is, without a hawk hook. Nostrils also differ from other breeds. They are raised and relatively large. The shape of a box.

These chickens are also not observed a large crest, and the one that is even can be called underdeveloped. The bird's eyes are small, slightly protruding and dark. There are sideburns that go down around the neck and form something like a beard. The feathers on the neck are long and sticking out. Thanks to them, the chicken has a distinct nape.

The shape of the body behind the structure resembles the shape of an ordinary layer, but of a more compact size. The wings are well developed and tightly pressed to the body. The tail is small, protruded at an angle of 45 degrees. On the legs there are peculiar stockings. It is a close-fitting plumage along the entire length of the inner and outer metatarsus.


The main advantage of the Pavlovskaya chicken breed is its unique plumage.In this feathered it is motley and spotty, really decorative, something like a coloring of a pheasant. More details about the breed can be in the photo. In addition, I must say that there are Pavlovsk chickens of two colors. These are black and white, which are often called silvery and black gold. Only the tip of the pen is painted black, and the rest is either only white or only golden. So, it turns out that we can distinguish such subspecies:

  • golden;
  • and silver.

Golden birds are distinguished by their special beauty. Their plumage has a yellowish-brown tone, and is covered with contrasting dark spots.

View productivity

Highly productive Pavlovsky chickens can not be called. Characteristic of them is that egg production is not more than 170 eggs per year. They are medium in size, slightly oblong. Their mass is usually 48-50 g. A covers the surface of an egg with a white or light beige color.

The live weight of the female becomes an average of one and a half kilograms, and the male - 2.2-2.4 kg. As you can see the species is more meat-breed than egg. And because of the unique appearance of the bird, some poultry farmers consider it to be exclusively decorative breeds.

We offer to admire these beauties, watching the video from the channel Alla Lebedeva.

Rearing chicks

For those who want to grow this breed, it is important to know how to properly raise chickens with the least loss. It is worth saying that despite the decorative effect, these chickens are good hens. Therefore, the breeding of offspring may well be trusted to feathered parents. But you can take an egg for incubation.

For incubation, it is best to equip a separate room where you can contain both eggs and young. Icubator can be made independently or buy ready. And for the first days of life kids will need a brooder with heating. It can also be made with your own hands from scrap materials, or purchased.

Farmers often wonder how to determine the sex of birds, even at the stage of the chick. So, it is believed that female individuals fledge faster than males. And there is also a method for determining the paws: the paws of males are larger and larger.


Chickens Pavlovsky breed are an integral part of any exhibition of poultry farmers. Those who contain them, speak only positively about their pets. The reason is their unpretentiousness and excellent frost resistance. In the protected rooms without heating, they easily transfer frosts to-40 C.

In addition to its unique plumage, which is always pleasing to the eye, chickens have good egg production. And their meat has excellent taste. As you can see, such a bird will surely become an ornament to any yard, but it will be necessary to keep them separate from the others, just as cockerels are very pugnacious.

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