How to feed turkeys to gain weight?


What to feed turkeys to gain weight? This is the main issue that concerns poultry farmers and household owners. This topic is diverse and requires patience and detailed study. Of course, there are many nuances that ensure healthy turkey poults for healthy full growth. We will talk about them.

A healthy turkey normally weighs from 11 to 20 kg. Females - from 9 to 11 kg, but sometimes this figure increases depending on the breed. Adhering to the correct diet, you can feed the birds and to a greater weight. In order for the birds to gain a good mass, they are fed with a variety of nutritious and balanced feed.. So you can protect yourself from losing chicks and grow healthy galganov.

Feeding poults at day old

At this age, chicks weigh normally from 50 to 52 grams. Immediately after birth, babies are fed with fresh dairy products: cottage cheese, fresh yogurt, buttermilk or powdered milk. On the second day, hard-boiled eggs mixed with finely grated corn will be good food for the chicks. It is also recommended to add oatmeal or wheat flour to the eggs (1: 4 ratio). Groats and eggs are mixed one to one already on the second day of chick life, and the frequency of feeding should be at least 8-9 times a day.

Feeding from the third to the tenth day of life

Poults of this age, with normal feeding, should weigh 60-70 grams. So that they grow well, the most optimal composition for feeding (in percent) will be:

  • wheat flour - 60%
  • ground dried corn - 10%
  • freshly cut fresh greens - 10%
  • fresh cottage cheese - 8%
  • bran small wheat, hard boiled eggs - 10%;
  • chalk, crushed shells - 2%.

From all components prepare a wet mixture, which goes to feed the poults. In the same period fresh greens are introduced into the diet: onions, alfalfa, nettles. Onions are fed only during the daytime, as it promotes thirst in birds. The ratio of greens and a mixture of components should be one to one.

The diet of turkeys older than ten days

Already at this age, the weight of normally developed turkey poults should be 125 grams. But here, the recommended composition of the formula for feeding (as a percentage) varies:

  • corn flour - 30%
  • Chalked oats - 30%;
  • small wheat bran - 20%;
  • fresh cottage cheese - 16%;
  • bone meal and chalk - 1-2%;
  • table salt - 0.5%

Additionally, you can give a boiled egg, finely chopped. Flour before adding to the feed sift. The feed is kneaded with yogurt or milk. Mineral additives in the form of chalk, shells and salt are mixed into the total mass or put in separate feeders.

Eating adult turkey

At the age of the year, adult pets, under normal conditions of detention and feeding, weigh up to 9-12 kg, depending on gender. Adult turkeys are fed three times a day during the cold season, and 4 to 5 times a day in summer and spring. The main products of the diet: germinated grain, a wet mixture of recommended products with the addition of greens, hay and grass meal (for example, crushed dried nettle). In addition, the nutritional value of the diet of birds is supported by a product such as silage, which is based on corn. Mandatory supplement to the daily nutrition of turkeys - carrots, green pine needles and rowan berries. These foods supply the birds with essential vitamin C.

What if the birds do not gain weight?

First of all, it is necessary to find out whether the birds are healthy, since the first reason for poor weight gain is the turkeys' refusal to eat. To avoid infection and death of chicks, turkey poults are kept separately from other birds. The second nuance is the menu of birds, on whose composition it depends whether an adult will grow well and recover well. Food should be cooked immediately before serving, and the feeders should be thoroughly cleaned and cleaned of residual stale food. Birds should have water in open access, always fresh and not cold, but only at an average temperature (23-25 ​​° С).

Turkey diet for weight gain

  1. To gain weight, the turkey must be fed at least 4 times a day, the diet should consist of green fodder and mash.
  2. The main products for weight gain are eggs and waste of eggs, milk, cottage cheese, yeast feed, oatmeal and wheat flour.
  3. An adult bird should consume at least 800 grams of feed per day. Ready-made feeds are preferable, as they are initially more balanced than the same home-made food.
  4. It is also unacceptable that the goiter of the bird overflows - this must be monitored.

Table of weight gain for turkeys and turkeys (for example, cross BIG 6)

Table 1. Weight gain in turkeys

Turkey Weight Gain Table

Table 2. Weight gain in turkeys

Turkey Weight Gain Table




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