How to build materiel for rabbits


It is rather simple to make a mother liquor for rabbits if you follow the instructions and drawings clearly.

Design features

In the wild, all breeds of rabbits give birth underground in burrows. Therefore, at home they will also need some semblance of such a hole. In fact, for this, you need to make a small box with one entrance and place it in a cage. But what size should it be and whether it is necessary to separately make different queen cells for different breeds? This will be discussed later in the article.

In principle, rabbit breeders always make standard designs for any rabbit breeds. But if the breed that you keep at home is already very large, then you can increase the size of the building by one and a half, or even twice. The main thing is that it then got into the cage. But if it doesn't fit, it doesn't matter either. You can always remove the side wall, and instead make a continuation of the rabbit in the form of a whole compartment-queen. Then there will be plenty of places for any large rabbit breed.

As you can see, there are a lot of options and you yourself, having a little imagination, can easily come up with exactly what you need. Now let's talk about the materials. For the manufacture of their own hands often used wood, plywood, chipboard or OSB. The manufacture itself is very simple and quick and does not take much time. Although we will have to tinker a bit with the design. But on the other hand, you will get a practical, reliable and well-insulated mother of water, in which the rabbit and the little ones will feel comfortable even in winter.

The size

Our design will be standard sizes. It can easily be used for most breeds. The size of the bottom is 300x500 mm. Front and rear wall of the same size as the bottom. The side walls will be 350x300 mm, and the top cover, which will open, is 350x550 mm. In the front wall, somewhere at a distance of 50 mm from the side edge, a hole with a diameter of 150 mm is made, as shown in the photo above. Through this hole, the bunny will climb into the mothers for rabbits.


Materials and tools

  • plywood for walls;
  • rail 25x25 mm or 25x30 mm;
  • pieces of board 25 mm thick;
  • sawdust for insulation;
  • one long or a couple of small canopies;
  • nails;
  • roulette;
  • pencil;
  • hacksaw;
  • hammer and other tools when needed.

Step-by-step instruction

  1. Since the mother liquor for rabbits will be operated in winter, the walls in it will be double. Therefore, for each wall of plywood you need to cut a couple of blanks.
  2. Now you need to collect the wall. We take one plywood blank from each pair and around the perimeter we sheathe it with a batten as in the photo.
  3. Now, as a heater, we fall asleep inside the sawdust and thoroughly press them.
  4. We nail the second half of the plywood wall. We do this with everyone except the front wall.
  5. Since there should be a hole in the front in the form of a hole, then where it will be made, we sew it up with a board as in the photo. The remaining half of the wall sheathed rail and fill with insulation.
  6. Now fully assemble the front wall and make the entrance with a diameter of 150 mm.
  7. We assemble the construction according to the photo. The top is attached with a canopy so that it can be opened. So the mother liquor for rabbits will always be easy to clean and check that everything is in order with the babies, without disturbing them.

On this design, made by hand, is considered complete. It remains only to place her in a cage with a pregnant rabbit. If desired, the entrance can be cut from any side, it all depends on how the mother liquor is placed in the cell. It is also possible to flip not the top, but some other wall or half of it.

For very harsh winters, instead of a heater, it is necessary to provide any non-strong heating element in the bottom. The easiest option is something like a hot water bottle. You can also do a little floor tilting to simplify cleaning. And finally, you can always modify the design and adjust it to your requirements and to your breed of rabbits.

Photo Gallery

Photo 1. Medium-sized rabbit breed near Kubla Photo 2. DIY homemade construction Photo 3. The mother liquor for different breeds with the entrance on the side




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