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In this article we will explain how to clean the pig language. The peculiarity of this by-product of the first category is that the juicy and tender flesh is hidden under the dense skin, which is difficult to clean. But, knowing some secrets and tricks, it will be easy to cope with the task. The main thing is to show a little patience and strictly follow the instructions and tips. And then the result will surely please.

List of required tools

Pork tongue, like beef, can be cleaned raw or cooked. The second option is preferable, but in any case, the procedure will require a knife, a container with water and a metal scraper.

To clean the tongue with minimal loss of valuable meat, it must first be boiled. Otherwise, a lot of flesh will be cut off along with the skin. And the time to clean will take much more.

If a frozen tongue has been bought, it must first be defrosted at room temperature. It is not recommended to accelerate the thawing process using heat. Such manipulations have a negative effect on the structure of the pulp - it becomes dark and hard.

And it is best to buy just a fresh product, not subjected to freezing. The age of the pig also plays a role. The younger it is, the more tender the meat will be.

Preparation of language for cleaning

The process of preparing the language for cleaning is long, but not laborious. It depends more on where you purchased it.

To begin with, the by-product must be soaked in clean cool water for at least two hours. It is better to take a bigger container - the water should completely cover the product.

After soaking the tongue should be rinsed under running water and carefully cleaned with a metal scraper - the surface should become light, without stains. With the same purpose you can use a hard brush.

Usually the product from the store is put up for sale after it has passed such preliminary processing. If you bought a language on the market, then especially pay attention to the presence of hyoid tissue. It will have to be carefully wiped off with the same brush or scraper.

Next, using a knife, remove all seals, fat particles, blood clots and tendons. At the end of the product must be rinsed with water again.

At this stage, the pig's tongue is ready for further preparation.

Cleaning raw tongue before cooking

As already stated above, it is easier and easier to remove the skin from an already boiled product. But if you plan to fry or stew a delicacy, then preliminary long-term heat treatment is unacceptable. In this case, cleaning is performed as follows:

  • prepare the tongue for cooking (as described above);
  • lower it for 2-3 minutes in boiling water;
  • place in a bowl or other container with very cold water for 1-1.5 minutes;
  • prying off the surface layer with a fork or knife, remove the entire skin.

In some cases, re-lowering the tongue into boiling water is required.

Meat cleaned in this way is considered completely raw. Then it can be salted, pickled, fried or baked.

There is another way to clean swine tongue raw. Its technology is based on the use of cold. The purchased by-product must be washed, but not soaked. Next, wrap in a clean bag and put in the freezer for a short time - only the top layer is to be frozen.

Using a thin and sharp knife, you should pry the skin (the flesh should remain intact);

To prevent the product from slipping out of hands, you can hold it over the edge with a towel.

It is necessary to separate the surface layer in a spiral, otherwise it will tear to pieces, which will make the cleaning process more time consuming and laborious.

Purified pork by-product can be stored in the refrigerator for at least 2 days, therefore, in preparation for the celebration, it is allowed to prepare in advance.

Step-by-step instructions for cleaning boiled tongue for salad

Boiled tongue is used to make salads, cold dishes and sandwiches. The cleaning instruction consists of the following actions:

  • soak the product in cold water;
  • remove fat and hyoid tissue;
  • put a pot of water on the fire and wait for it to boil completely;
  • immerse the by-product in boiling water, bring to the boil again, carefully collect all the foam;
  • reduce heat, if desired, you can add spices;
  • cook for 1.5-2 hours;
  • ready meat to pull out of the broth and put for a couple of minutes in cold water;
  • now you need to very quickly remove the skin - until the pulp is frozen, it will be well separated;
  • if the surface layer is removed poorly, then the tongue is obviously undercooked - you need to return it to the broth and continue the process.

Salt broth is necessary only at the very end of cooking. When boiling spices and salt, we advise to add to the broth and boil the already cleaned product in it for 15-20 minutes - then the meat will be even tastier.

Rules for cleaning hot smoked tongue

Already boiled tongues are most often hot smoked. In order to preserve the tenderness of the pulp, the upper layer is not previously removed. Preparation of the product for serving is done upon completion of the smoking process.

The first stage - it is important to begin to remove the skin, until the meat is frozen.

Then the second step, when using a sharp knife to pry the pelt at the base and pull it (if the product is prepared well, it will be removed as a stocking).

If the process is difficult, then the third stage takes effect, facilitating the work. Shallow longitudinal cuts are made to help remove the skin in parts. Pork offal is part of the diet. Continuing to get acquainted with their treatment, read the article "Cleaning the pork stomach at home."

Do you have your own secrets of cleaning languages? Share them with your readers.

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