Unpretentious, but productive - Zagor salmon breed


Throughout Russia, the Zagorskaya salmon breed of chickens is famous, which is popular in small farms and large farms. What is special about this type of layer? Relatively young breed can be found in many farmsteads. That's because birds are unpretentious in food and content. But at the same time they grow rapidly and have high egg production.

Breed overview

There are several distinctive features that make it possible to classify birds as elite individuals. The costs of breeding these birds quickly pay off and begin to bring a stable income to the farmer. They do not require special treatment, which has earned the respect of breeders.

History of origin

So, the Zagorzhny salmon breed of chickens originates from the 50s of the last century. Birds appeared in the current Sergiev Posad, at the institute of poultry farming. Previously, the city was called Zagorsk. From there the birds got their name.

This species is the result of works of breeders. The breed was obtained by crossing several types of domestic chickens:

  • Russian white;
  • Yurlovskaya vociferous;
  • New Hampshire;
  • Rhode Island.


Representatives of this species have a number of distinctive features, thanks to which even a beginner breeder will be able to recognize a layer. The most characteristic feature is the color of chickens. The plumage hue in birds is similar in color to good quality salmon fillets. Moreover, the roosters will be black or red color.

Recognize sex can be even in day-old chicks. Chickens have a pink speck on their backs. The males do not have such a speck. As the chicks grow, the differences in the color of the plumage become more pronounced.

There are also other external signs:

  • Small head with small scallop;
  • Strong wings;
  • Straight back and elongated body;
  • Small tail;
  • Yellow legs without plumage.


Despite the youthfulness of the breed, Zagorje salmon chickens are already appreciated by farmers all over Russia. All thanks to their qualities. Birds are grown for meat and eggs. A breeder can keep the breed clean or cross it with other species to improve the characteristics of the individual.

In addition, birds are not susceptible to external climatic conditions, so they easily take root anywhere in Russia. They can be on the street until the onset of frost. In cold weather, salmon chickens are not in chicken coops. Birds are walking through the still not frozen or already thawed snow.

Chickens and chickens gain weight well and grow quickly. After 7 weeks the weight of the male can reach one kilogram. The female may weigh slightly less. However, birds are prone to obesity. Therefore, broilers are encouraged to keep until they reach a weight of three kilograms.

In addition to rapid growth, the Zagorzhny salmon chickens are famous for their high egg production. One individual per year can produce up to two hundred large selected eggs of cream or coffee hue. Moreover, laying hens are laid off at an early age, reaching five months of age.

Practically all eggs hatched by chicken are fertilized. They can be laid in an incubator for increasing the number of layers.

The breed is unpretentious in content. Of course, the birds will not do without perches and feeders with drinkers. It is enough to equip the premises, maintain cleanliness in the hen house and ensure the hens walking. In the absence of areas for walking or keeping birds in cages, the productivity of birds decreases.

Among farmers, the breed is valued for its omnivorous. Chickens eat grain, corn, wet food, vegetable cleaning - that is, almost everything. Therefore, there is no need to purchase a special composition of the ration for birds, which can cost more than ordinary grain. If the content includes regular walking, birds will find their own food.

Sand is periodically added to the bird food. It helps to improve digestion. Granules serve as a kind of scrub that removes all waste from the intestines.

Forage chickens Zagor breed usually consists of crushed grain. They should also eat yeast and bone meal. So the birds will grow quickly and well, gaining weight. Gradually, greens, bran, and root vegetables should be mixed with food. If constant walking is not possible, the chickens must be given fish oil.

Owner reviews

It is important to pay attention to the reviews of those people who have already bought Zagorian birds. What difficulties they encountered in the process of breeding this breed, what were the costs of keeping hens.

All poultry farmers who have acquired salmon chickens at least once speak of their characteristics and content only positively. Breeders willingly talk at agricultural shows about this breed. In addition, at various forums experienced farmers and aspiring amateurs share their impressions.

Poultry farmers say that all the qualities declared by the creators of the breed are implemented in practice. Birds gain weight well and carry eggs. They eat almost everything, unpretentious in content. In addition, birds are endowed with good immunity and survival in harsh climatic conditions.

In the sixty years of its existence, the hens have earned the approval of farmers and a lot of positive feedback. Breed continues to be improved and for today. Poultry farmers cross chickens with other breeds to improve performance.

You can learn a lot of reviews about high immunity, good survival rate and not aggressive nature of this breed. Therefore, chickens can coexist with other species in the same coop.

A beginner poultry breeder can boldly bring salmon hens to his farm. All starting costs for the purchase of hens will pay off after a short period of time. Soon the maintenance of birds will begin to bring the farmer a steady income from the sale of meat and eggs.

What is the type of productivity of the Zagorian salmon breed?

  • Egg
  • Meat and Egg
  • Meat

Photo Gallery

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