How to maintain and grow broilers at home


As it is known broilers call the chicken only meat breeds. That is, such chickens very rarely live to the onset of egg production and keep them solely for meat. If you compare them with an egg-beef poultry or an egg, then the question arises whether it is profitable to grow broilers at home? Read the answer to it further in the article.

Growing up

Broilers are meat breeds of chickens. Their characteristic feature is a large body structure and rapid growth. So, with proper feeding, at 50 days of age, the weight of the carcass of such a bird will be from one and a half to two kilograms. And if you take an ordinary chicken, then at the same age the weight of her carcass will be no more than 700 grams. As you can see, the difference is quite big.

Broiler breeding is quite an attractive and profitable business. But is it worth doing at home? Frankly, why not do it ?! Many have already tried and none of them complains.

So let's look at all the intricacies of home breeding chickens, as well as whether this can be turned into a profitable business? To do this, we need to know which meat chickens are the easiest to breed, how to feed them and how to keep them? We will try to give detailed answers to each of these questions, or at least we will advise where to find them. And besides, you can learn more about growing chickens in the below video.

Conditions of detention

Broilers are much more demanding than ordinary chicken. For their good and fast growth, we need a proper and high-calorie diet and suitable conditions of detention. Let's talk about the diet a little later, and now a few words about the main features of growing. So let's get started:

  • When keeping day-old chicks, you need to remember, in the room where they are located, there should be about 30 degrees Celsius. Then, the first two weeks they need constant coverage. This is due to the fact that chickens during this period grow rapidly and gain weight. Therefore, they constantly eat and move, and in the dark they cannot do this.

  • After two weeks, the indoor temperature is gradually reduced to 20 degrees Celsius. Also, every day they begin to make alternation of day and night. The period of such alternation is every two hours.
  • Broilers should be kept in a clean and well-ventilated area. The best option would be the cellular content. But you can keep them in the shed on the floor, as long as the temperature in the room is the one you need.
  • Cellular cultivation is optimal for broilers, because they are not afraid of crowding. On 1 sq. M. can accommodate up to 18 chicks and up to 9-10 adults. Also, when keeping chickens in cages, good ventilation is needed.
  • In case of floor keeping for birds, they enclose a place. Make a soft bed of chopped straw or hay, which should always be kept clean. As the broilers grow, they simply increase the paddock. According to reviews of experienced poultry farmers on 6 sq. M. 50 adult birds can easily be placed. With this content, it is recommended to breed chickens only during the warm period of the year.

  • Sometimes with the floor view of the content of broilers bred in the winter. It would be nice if you have a small greenhouse. Then in winter the hens can be fenced off a small paddock. Due to the greenhouse conditions to monitor the temperature is not difficult. Again, the main thing is not to forget about good ventilation.
  • Maintaining constant cleanliness plays a very important role, because broilers lead a sedentary lifestyle. If you do not follow the cleanliness, the bird quickly falls ill and may even die.

As you can see, creating the right conditions for raising chickens of meat breeds is not that difficult. And the main thing is that they are easy to breed. Do not forget that walking broilers in summer pens is not desirable. After all, such walking can slow down the growth of the bird, and in addition it can still gather parasites. It should be said that with the cell content, broiler cages have their own design features and all of them must be taken into account.


The first important factor, about which it is undesirable to forget, is that feed in meat chickens should always be. Also, they should always have easy access to it. After all, for rapid growth they need constant nutrition and warmth. If the second condition has already been mentioned above, now let's talk about nutrition. It must be as balanced and nutritious as possible, because only then can we achieve good results in a short period of time.

From the first days, broilers can be fed like other chicks. Their ration will consist of boiled eggs, millet, crushed wheat groats, etc. From the third day greens are added to their ration, which is added to the mash in the ground form. Also at this age it is possible to feed the chickens with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Then grass meal from 3 g to 5 g per 1 bird is also added to the feed.

At the age of five days, be sure to feed the chickens with trivitamins. Next, the composition of the mash gradually mixed with chalk, shells and bone meal. These are indispensable sources of minerals for poultry. But it’s worth remembering that it’s absolutely impossible to mix simple sand into feed. Mandatory components of the mash must be crushed grains of oats, barley, and corn.

You can also mix in food with food waste from the kitchen. Whole grains give the bird from one month. Another very useful would be if you add baker's yeast to the mash. Before that, they need to be diluted in a small amount of warm water. Food in chickens should always be abundant, but also it should not stagnate and rot.

What if we tried to raise broilers at home and decided to start our own small business? Then first of all we need a good business plan. Then determine the number of birds that we will keep. And based on this, you need to choose the most profitable diet.

For a profitable business plan, an excellent option would be to use ready-made factory feed for broilers. There are several types of them. "Starting" is good for chickens, and then "Feeding". All these ready-made feeds already contain the necessary proteins, vitamins and minerals, so you do not need to add anything to them. Broilers grow on them like yeast.

For business

Already experienced businessmen recommend feeding broilers from the very beginning with factory feed for poultry meat breeds. It is thanks to them that one can begin slaughtering chickens at 40-45 days of their life, and also, thanks to them, the loss of poultry will be reduced to a minimum. A forty-day-old bird carcass will be about 2-2.5 kg, which corresponds to the most frequent market demand. Also, the slaughter must be completed before the age of 55 days of poultry, because it is unprofitable to keep such a chicken longer.

The live weight of a broiler at the age of 50 days will be about 4 kg. It should also be remembered that after 50 days of age, meat at times loses its dietary quality. Still for economy from 21-25 days of a life of broilers recommend to transfer to corn. The meat of such a bird will not be pale pink, but with a rich yellowish tint. It is this color carcasses most in demand on the market.

As you can see, it is possible to maintain and grow such chickens at home, but for this you need to follow some rules on keeping and feeding the birds. Also, such an occupation can easily grow into a fairly profitable business. Which can easily be practiced in warm seasons, and when creating the right conditions - all year round. Still, in the end, we can say that various factory broiler crosses are best suited for home businesses.




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