Homemade cages for eared - cheap, easy and convenient!


Rabbits are easy to keep at home, but, like any other animals in the compound, they need their place and their houses. For a comfortable growth of young animals and the life of adults, they can be purchased. But, of course, it is much more profitable and easier to build a cage for rabbits with your own hands. Our article will help you to do this quickly and correctly.

Dimensions and design

Rabbit cages differ depending on what kind of animals and how many will live in them. Correctly to build rabbit houses is a whole science, and we will try to understand it further.

The optimal size of the cells, in particular, for the young, is calculated by the number of heads that will live there. Both young and repair merchants usually hold seven heads in one compartment. The length of such a house is on average from 2 to 3 meters, the width is 1 meter, and its height is up to 60 cm. After fertilization, I sit separately for each samochek - one individual in one house.

The dimensions of the cage where it is planned to inhabit the pregnant rabbit are as follows: 120x70x60 cm. For some farmers, the size of the cellular structures may be less, but it is necessary to strive for just such parameters. If the mother liquor is retractable, its dimensions should coincide in height and depth with the main compartment. The length of the uterine compartment along the front wall is 40 cm, the depth is 70 cm, the height is 60 cm. The size of the window for the young to reach the mother: 15x15 cm or a circle with a diameter of 15 cm.

At home, the cage device in which adult males will live can be one- and two-section. The size of cells per section is from 80 to 110 cm and at least 60 cm wide. The dimensions of the cage are two sections: length is up to 130 cm, width is the same as for a single section. Thus, the aft part of the two-section construction accounts for 90 cm, and the nesting structure - 40 cm. In the single-section house, adult rabbits can contain 2-3 heads, in the two-section house - 5-6 heads.

Groups of male juveniles are kept only up to 3 months, then they are deposited one by one. Dimensions of a single bachelor dwelling: 70x70x60 cm (length-width-height).


It’s easy to make cages with your own hands, because their construction will require the simplest materials. Step by step following the instructions - and now the house for furry pets is ready! In the next video, the farmer talks in great detail about the size and construction of the rabbit houses. Made this design by the method of Zolotukhin.

Materials and tools

  • wooden boards or timber;
  • reiki;
  • Chipboard and plywood;
  • sheathing for protruding wooden parts (for example, thin tin);
  • roof covering material (polycarbonate, smooth slate, linoleum);
  • durable mesh for walls, sennik and parts of doors;
  • hammer, nails, screws, screws, screwdriver, hinges, valves, feeders and drinkers;
  • measuring tape.


Step-by-step instructions will help not to confuse and quickly finish the work.

  1. We roll a rectangular frame from a bar. If there are several separate tiers, between each you need to leave a distance of 10-15 cm (for a pallet).
  2. Between the front and rear bars we fill the transverse slats, they will hold the first tier. We also do the following.
  3. We nail to our rectangles the side "legs" made of boards. The legs are pre-measured so that there is a margin in height of 30-40 cm from the ground. So it will be convenient to take cages for a bottom for carrying and cleaning.
  4. Next of the rails and screws we twist the door, we upholstered with a grid. Inside the net fasten construction stapler. Do not forget to tilt the front side of the door to fit the sennik.
  5. The doors broadcast on the hinges and fasten a small latch, the most convenient way is to make the hinged door “top to bottom”.
  6. Sennik do in the form of the letter V, tight mesh.

The final stage

  1. Next, we construct the mother cell of a cell with blind walls of plywood and with a removable plywood bottom. This bottom can be removed and dried after the grown young. After you can use plywood again.
  2. The door of the mother liquor do too deaf, fasten on the hinges.
  3. Under each tier we place the inclined pallet. We make a slope to the rear wall so that it is convenient to clean the manure.

Such self-made cells will serve the rabbits for more than one year. They can be transferred from the barn to the street in the summer, and even the construction of the tiers is higher. But as practice shows, three tiers are usually quite enough.

See step-by-step construction to make cage for rabbits according to the specified instruction, in the next video. Making this method will take you literally half a day.

Other species

Other types of rabbit houses include a design for a rabbit with a nest. This is an autonomous structure, which does not imply any tiers, and is built separately. As you can see in the photo below, it is portable and can be located both outdoors and indoors.

Instructions for making

Tools and materials you will need are the same as in the assembly of ordinary rabbit dwellings. Is that the grid will need less - only on the door of the general compartment. Next, we offer a brief step by step instructions for assembling a cozy rabbit house for mothers and young animals.

  1. Based on the size (we take the same ones as indicated at the beginning of the article, 120x70x60), we make a frame.
  2. We make side and back walls from thin boards or plywood.
  3. After that, separately we collect the door for the mother liquor and the door for the main compartment. On the second - we beat the grid.
  4. We put the doors on the hinges, fasten the latch and the handle for opening of any shape.
  5. The final stage - the roof. We cover it with water-repellent material, you can take linoleum, polycarbonate, but not iron, so that it does not heat up in the heat.

That's all ready! Such a house for females and young you can bring to the garden, or put in the summer kitchen, so that the pets are always supervised. It is best to present how the cells look like the following drawings.

Photo Gallery

Photo 1. Drawing of a cell structure with dimensions Photo 2. Cell diagram for one rabbit with offspring Photo 3. The mother cell




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