Making homemade quail cages


Quail grow quite easy. It is enough to make comfortable cages for quails with your own hands, stock up on food and time for their care.

Despite its small size, the bird should be comfortable in his house. Therefore, the choice of material and the size of the cell should be taken seriously enough. Quail house can be made net, plywood or even plastic. The main thing here is to keep the size, the necessary parameters for ventilation and temperature control. For example, fifty quails can live in a one-square-meter mesh cage.

Quails are especially sensitive to temperature changes. So, the most comfortable for them will be the temperature regime within 18-20 degrees. Below 12 and above 25 is already a critical indicator. Therefore, we advise you to choose mesh and plywood as materials for making homemade cages. In such a house will be easy to maintain the desired temperature.

The optimal area for a single adult male is about 100-120 square centimeters. But experienced poultry farmers still recommend allocating more space, for example, 150-170 square centimeters. With such a calculation, it turns out that 75 quails can fit on one square meter.

If you have a lot of birds, to save space, place self-made cages in tiers or batteries. Also, do not forget that each of them must be equipped with a feeding trough, a water bowl, an egg picker and a tray for collecting litter. The better you pick up the material and arrange a home for their birds, the easier and easier it will be for you to care for them. Well, what about? We also offer to watch the video at the end of the article.


The choice of tools that are needed for the manufacture of the cell depends primarily on the selected material. For example, the frame is best made of wood, and all the walls of galvanized mesh or plywood. The egg jar, the feeder and the drinker are best made plastic, but the pan is made of tin sheet. Such materials, as practice shows, serve better and last longer. So, we will need:

  • hammer to collect the frame;
  • nails or staples;
  • screwdriver and screws;
  • wire to secure the mesh;
  • construction knife or scissors;
  • cutting pliers;
  • ruler, meter or tape measure.

Step-by-step instructions for the manufacture of plywood-mesh cells

To make a cage at home you need to prepare all the tools, material and drawing. You can draw it yourself, taking into account all the dimensions and parameters, and you can use the ready ones. The drawing presented by us is universal for quails of any breeds and ages. On it you can make a cell with any parameters.

Cell drawing: 1-drinking bowl; 2-feeder; 3-door; 4 round holes through which a bird can stick its head.

The entire assembly of finished parts will take you about two hours. But before that you should carefully carry out all the blanks. We offer the option of cells with plywood walls.

  1. Making a frame of wooden planks. Its size will be 105 by 70 centimeters.
  2. Next, we make the required size of the sheets of plywood wall. At the bottom we provide a place to insert the pallet. The height of the walls should not exceed 20 centimeters.
  3. From the grid with a cell 12x12 mm and a wire diameter of 0.9-2.0 mm we make the bottom. Do not forget that to assemble the eggs you need to place the bottom at an angle of 10 degrees.
  4. The height of the egg sampler should be at least 3 centimeters.
  5. From the grid with a larger cell than for the bottom, we make the front wall. Remember that through the cell of the front wall the bird will have to be able to stick its head into the feeder or drinker.
  6. From galvanized iron we cut out a pallet that will collect litter.

Other types of cells

As we have said, the house for keeping and growing quails can be made of different materials. For example, a plastic cage is better to do from polypropylene. It can hold up to 50 birds. As a rule, such material is used for a small part-time farm. Such a cell is easy to clean, it is durable and minimizes the occurrence of an unpleasant odor. But to make it yourself is very difficult, even impossible. As a rule, such houses industrial production.

Cell Battery Drawing

Also on our drawings, you can see the cellular battery. This is another option for placing quail houses with maximum space savings. They are made on the same principle as the single. Just placed one above the other and securely fastened to the wall. For more information on homemade quail cages, see the video below.

Photo Gallery


Brooder Cage Drawing Side cut with dimensions Ready side view

Ready designs

Homemade house from the wall paneling Design on ten heads The appearance of the cellular battery Option for sixty heads Ready bird cage




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