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All those who decided to grow chickens with an incubator, faced with the problem of their further maintenance. Indeed, in the first weeks of life the chicken needs warmth and proper nutrition. In nature, the hen is in charge of these matters, but what should be done during incubation cultivation? Here comes a brooder for chickens that can be done on its own without any problems.

The first time he heard the word "brooder" everyone imagines something different. In fact, this word denotes a construct that looks like a big box. In this special box, chickens should spend their first weeks of life.. It should replace the hen chickens, that is, they will heat and grow in it. As you can see, it's pretty simple.

What is better: do it yourself or buy ready?

This issue takes the majority of newbies poultry. Of course, if you are not afraid of additional expenses or wish to acquire a beautiful brooder, then you can buy it. The price of such a device is about 6000 rubles. You can also immediately buy feeders, drinkers and other devices that will make caring for chickens a pleasant experience. In general, the price can increase even up to 10,000 rubles.

But is it worth going to such expenses? Experienced poultry farmers immediately say no. After all, to make a brooder with your own hands out of improvised means will not be difficult. And while the financial costs are minimal or nonexistent. So why then overpay?

So, you decided to make a brooder yourself. Then you will need tools, skills to work with a hammer and hand saw, and also you need to think of where to make it. But first you need to find a few broder manufacturing schemes to make it clear what the final result should be. Well, then you can safely get to work.


  • hand saw or electric jigsaw;
  • roulette;
  • hammer;
  • screwdriver;
  • pliers as well as pliers;
  • It is useful to take a pencil.

This toolkit may not be needed in the full set. It is needed for the manufacture of brooders, which are described in the article. You can also replace any tool with a similar tool.


Accurately determine the materials difficult. After all, you can make a brooder from anything. If you make it from scratch, then wooden blocks, multi-layered cardboard or QSB-plates are well suited. But it can also be made from scrap materials. For example, it can be an old wooden box, a wooden barrel, an old bedside table, or even a large plastic container. Some even abandon brooder in favor of keeping chickens on the floor of a kitchen or hallway, simply fencing them off with a partition.

As you can see there are a lot of manufacturing methods. Even you yourself can come up with your brooder based on what you have. The main thing that it was comfortable for chickens, warm and dry. And for more convenience, below will be a few instructions for making a brooder with your own hands.

Instructions for making

First type

This brooder will be a box 1.5 m long, 0.5 m wide and the same height. It will be made of cheap materials that can be easily found in any hardware store. Frames of the floor and doors are made of wooden bars, and the walls are made of plywood 10 mm thick. There will also be two doors for feeding chickens in front. And under the net floor tray to collect litter.


  1. 2 sheets of plywood 1,5x1,5 m;
  2. Self-tapping screws;
  3. Metal corners;
  4. Grid with a cell 10x10 mm;
  5. Rail 50x15 mm;
  6. Door hinges - 4 pcs .;
  7. Piece of cable;
  8. Cartridge;
  9. Fork;
  10. Light bulb 60 watts.

Getting Started:

  • We make blanks under the frame. To do this, we need 2 sheets of plywood 1,5x1,5 m each. Saw both sheets in half. Then we take 1 half and once again we cut it in half so that we have two squares of 0.75 x 0.75 m. Three parts of 1.5 x 0.75 m are the top of the brooder, its bottom and back wall, and two parts of 0.75 x 0.75 m - these are side walls.

  • Putting the frame. We assemble the walls with screws and metal corners. So that the plywood does not crack, you can drill a small hole under it before screwing in the screw.
  • We make the floor. We make the floor of the grid with a cell 10x10 mm. The grid is mounted on a pre-knocked frame. The frame is made of wooden slats 50x1000x15 mm and 50x470x15 mm. Fasten the rails to the side walls, which are also made of rails, then install the floor on them. When installing the floor you need to remember that there must still be a pan under it to collect the litter.
1. Tray for litter; 2. Paul
  • Under the floor is made a similar frame of the rails. But it is not attached to the grid, and plastic panels. The finished design is inserted under the floor.
  • To fasten the doors, you need to make a frame of the rails in front around the perimeter and attach it with self-tapping screws to the brooder.
  • Doors. They are made of all the same rails. The frame on which the small grid is mounted is made, you can even plaster. Then the doors are hinged to the brooder frame. You also need to attach a limiter to each door so that it does not close inwards.

  • We conduct light inside the brooder. To do this, you will need a piece of cable, plug and cartridge. We connect one end of the cable to the chuck, and to the other fasten the plug. Then fasten the cartridge to the ceiling of the brooder. Cable length depends on how far the brooder is from the outlet.

For lighting, it is desirable to use an infrared lamp for heating, but you can do with an ordinary 60 watts. Also at the end of the brooder build it can be painted, but it is not necessary to do that. Feeders and drinkers arrange inside at its discretion. For convenience, you can make several mesh floors and use a larger grid on each. Then, as the chicks grow, we change the net floor to the one with a larger mesh cell.

Second type


  1. Plywood sheet - 2 pcs .;
  2. Boards;
  3. Grid (you can take a plaster);
  4. Screws, but you can and cloves;
  5. Cable;
  6. Cartridge;
  7. Fork;
  8. Timber;
  9. Washers;
  10. Staples;
  11. Door hinges - 4 pcs.

Getting Started:

  • Making the frame of the bars. From wooden bars we make a frame, as shown in the photo. The first to make the frame bottom and top, then using perpendicular bars they are attached to each other. It should be remembered that the size of the finished brooder should be 1.5 m in length, 0.5 m - height and width.

  • We put a jumper on the upper and lower frame in the middle. The bottom of the jumper is needed so that the floor does not bend, and on top - to fix the door. The jumper is made from the same bars and is placed in the middle of the frame length.
  • Cut out the plywood side walls, rear wall and floor. Then, using small studs or screws, we fix the walls and floor to the frame.
  • The front wall will consist of a grid. We cut the grid that is necessary in size and fasten it to the frame with the help of a stapler.

  • Next, from the bars do four legs, which will be a brooder. Self-fasteners fasten them to the frame on the sides.
  • Doors are made of plywood. We put it to the top, draw the necessary piece with a pencil. Next, cut off the plywood and with the help of loops fastened to the top of the brooder. Then we install special latches so that the door does not accidentally open.

  • Connect on one side of the cable to the cartridge. Then fasten the cartridge to the top of the side wall of the brooder. Attach the plug to the other end of the cable. It is important to remember that for lighting it is better to use an infrared lamp for heating.

That's all. It is possible, before placing the chickens there, to slightly adjust the lamp power. To do this, you need to experiment with a thermometer and lamps of different power. And for convenience, you can install a power regulator, but this is an additional expense, so it’s up to you to decide what to do. To help you, we offer you the following instruction, which shows in detail what to do and how.

Video "Example of automatic brooder"




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