Why do chickens die and how to prevent it?

Mortality and death of chickens is not only very unprofitable, but also extremely unpleasant. After all, as often happens, the owner invests his whole soul into his farm, carefully looks after the bird, and they die for no reason at all. Why do chicks die and what to do?

The reasons

The death of a chick is an extremely negative factor in the farm. This all requires immediate action by the poultry farmer.

  1. The first and most frequent factor that leads to the death of babies (especially the daily allowance) is a bad feed or unhealthy diet.
  2. Possible infection as well. The body of babies still does not have time to form sufficient immunity to fight against various viruses and parasites.
  3. Improper conditions for chickens (low temperature, low light, high humidity).
  4. Stomach blockage. When little chicks learn to eat and have a digestive system developed, they can unwittingly eat straw, sawdust, chopsticks and other hard particles.
  5. Pullorosis is a common cause of day-old chick mortality. Infection occurs even in the egg and in 95% of cases after the incubation period, the chick dies.

If you yourself could not determine the reason why chicks die, it is better to show them to the vet. At autopsy, the specialist will accurately indicate the factor that led to the death and perhaps it will save your economy in the future. Often, many owners do not even realize that there is a dangerous infection in their clean and well-groomed poultry houses.

Solution methods

So, quite often the first negative experience helps to further avoid mistakes and save the chicks.

  • If the whole problem is in the feed and it is because of this that chickens die, you should carefully study the special literature, check with the help of a laboratory analysis the quality of the feed purchased Do not purchase grain or cereal from obscure dubious companies. It is better to be alone in the warehouse and see the conditions in which the food is stored. Often viruses and infections through rodents can be introduced into the grain. If the bags are dirty, the room is poorly ventilated, the conditions are doubtful, then it is better not to take such products.
  • Before settling chickens in an open-air cage or poultry house, make sure to thoroughly disinfect the room. To do this, you can use slaked lime or other chemicals.
  • Often clean the litter of chickens, uneaten food, which can be a source of microbial development, and ventilate the room several times a day.

  • Watch out for the right light conditions and the temperature of the room where the kids live. We already spoke about this in our articles.
  • Do not allow the presence in the litter of additional small particles, for example, straw, hay. It is better for small chicks to lay something in the form of a rag, oilcloth, paper.

All these recommendations will help you to protect the chickens from death, but, of course, will not help warn against complex diseases and viruses. If chicks die sharply and for no apparent reason, you should seek help from a veterinarian. Only he will tell you what to do next and how. May require subsequent special treatment of the entire room. If, for example, the reason was in "pseudo-brain".



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