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Breed of pigs Landras is in great demand not only in the west, but also is the favorite among our breeders. What is there like this breed and what is special about it? We offer to learn from our article.

The most recognizable characteristic of these pigs is the meat or bacon type of constitution. Landraces are highly valued for a large amount of high-quality meat and thin greasy layer, it is from the pigs of this breed that the best bacon is made! Representatives of this breed differ in their high demands for conditions of feeding and feeding.

The greatest advantages of Landrasov are endurance, precocity, the ability to give numerous offspring. Currently divorced in Russia, Ukraine, Norway, Sweden, Canada, Finland and even Australia.


The breed was bred in Denmark at the beginning of the 20th century. Ancestors became the lop-eared Danish pigs and large white English. Subsequently, double-bred individuals crossed with others, for example, Mirgorod or Welsh, forming three-breed hybrids. They were harder and more quickly recovered from fattening.


These pigs look so that it is unlikely to be confused with another breed. Specific elongated body, log-like. A small head with hanging large ears, a long, dense neck, but a small, narrow chest. The back is flat, wide and dense ham. Characterized by a thin skin with a pink tinge. Bristle rare, uneven, white.

The average length of the boar's torso is 185 cm, sows are 165 cm. Young animals grow up to 100 kg in 180 days. Gain per day - about 750 grams. Two-month-old piglets weigh from 17 to 21 kg. Hogs in adulthood weigh up to 309 kg, and sows up to 235 kg. In one farrowing, a sow can produce up to 11 piglets.

The taste of meat

The meat of these pigs is considered one of the most delicious. In itself is considered to be lean, the fat layer is minimal. In general, Landrace is more than 5% more than other bacon rocks in terms of lard fin and lean meat. It is believed that this pork produces the most delicious bacon.


Proper breeding of Landrace pigs is a rather laborious process, and it also requires compliance with all breeding norms. These pigs are very sensitive to poor breeding conditions, so they are turned on mainly in those farms where there is a possibility of good care and full feeding.


It is ideal to start the breeding of these pigs in a warm room without drafts with a year-round temperature inside not lower than 20 degrees. The litter should be constantly fresh, clean and dry. This breed can be contained in the hangars on the non-replaceable litter (according to Canadian technology), but only in the south of the European part of Russia, where the winters are not severe. The youngsters acutely react to cold, diseases, drafts and dirt, therefore it is necessary to pay attention to the pigs quite a lot.

The norms of placing on one pig must be observed - in the cramped and crowded Landrace will be sick a lot. Be sure to follow the amount of light - the area of ​​all windows should be about one fifth of the floor area.

Important! Be sure to bathe Landrasov and inoculate. Despite the vitality and good performance, without vaccination, these pigs are sick more often than other breeds.


Feeding these pigs is necessary, strictly dividing the food into groups and watching the balance of nutrients. It is important to create a nutritious regime for these pigs so that the meat can be properly increased without excess fat. To do this, the diet must include bran, cake, hay - that is, coarse feed. Do not forget about juicy foods - root vegetables, pumpkin, silage. And of course, greens: it can be clover, nettle (pigs love it very much), alfalfa.

Three groups of possible products for pigs: 1 - cereals, silage, pumpkin, peas, beets; 2 - buckwheat, treacle, corn bran, potatoes; 3 - soybean, cake, fish meal. The third group is most undesirable in the Landrasov diet. If you give something from these products, then two months before slaughter, these feeds are excluded, replacing the first and second group.

Watch out for piglets in the first days of their stay with the sow. Immediately it will be noticeable who does not gain weight. Such babies need to be fed with mixtures. This is a bit tedious but effective way to level the overall mass gain. So that the kids eat well and have enough milk for everyone, respectively, and the sow needs to be fed very high quality.


Landrace love to walk and frolic. They love country plots, bushes, glades, love to dig the ground, move. There must be a shelter on the ground for walking so that the animals take shelter from the rain and the sun is too bright during the day. It is best to let them graze on a large area with thick grass, so the pigs will be fed and run. In winter, they may not be long in the snow, but they are more willing to walk around the barn, gnawing on everything that can be eaten.

Reviews breeders

In general, the characteristics of the breed and breeders reviews about it are positive. Sometimes there are problems with the selection of the correct diet, but in general, subject to the standards of maintenance and nutrition Landrace give excellent performance. Breeders characterize these gilts as large, well-growing, very contact and friendly-minded. Piglets grow literally in front of their eyes if they eat well and walk.

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