Construction and construction of a pigsty


With a small or large-scale livestock of pigs, a small shed or pigsty is required for farming. In our article we will look at how to make a barn for pigs with your own hands, photos of similar objects will tell you what to focus on when building.

General requirements for the pigsty

The device of the pigsty should be as productive, convenient and comfortable for animals. You also need to take care that the ventilation of the pigsty was organized according to all the rules, then the smell of manure will be minimal. Many people think, how to make a barn for pigs and what size should it be about?

Let's say right away that the plan depends on the real costs that the farmer can afford. If you plan to keep a sow and piglets, the machines will not be of the same type. Since for pigs for fattening and young stock there is one territory, and for mother with a family - another one.

The approximate dimensions of the pen for one pig - from 2 to 5 square meters. meters A young pig without piglets will fit on 2-2.5 meters, but with the offspring mother will require a maximum area (5 sq. M). Boars need about the same area as the sow. The height of the machine should be slightly higher than the height of the pig - about 190 cm so that the quick teenage piglets do not climb over the walls of the machine. If two rows of machines are planned, a passage of at least 1.5 meters wide is made between them.

Mandatory gutter for removal of feces and urine, attic space. It is necessary to organize the flow of water into the room, the constant cleaning and cleaning of machines. Provide lighting and arrange heating in any way to maintain a comfortable temperature in winter. The number of windows, or rather their total area, depends on the floor area. It should not exceed it, because in well-lit rooms pigs become restless.

Pigsty must be insulated (for winter time). Summer pens or barn can be built separately, but usually the pigs are kept in the same room both in summer and in winter in order to save space on the site.


Pigsty at home must have a properly laid floor. For small rooms, you can use an earthen floor with a coating of wooden pallets, but for large rooms - only a concrete slit coating. The more pigs in the room, the better should be organized ventilation of the pigsty. A floor with a porous natural covering will only exacerbate the smell, since the waste will be absorbed into its surface.

For optimal marking, prepare your drawings and keep in mind that the floor should have a slope and a drain from under the machine to the chute to drain waste. In some sheds there is no such system of withdrawal, and everything is cleaned manually, but for ease of cleaning, an inclined floor is required.


A good pigsty is a warm stable with sturdy walls. With a concrete foundation, walls are almost always built of brick. Wooden walls pigs simply can gnaw, so it is better to give preference to cheaper and denser material. Perfectly fit and aerocrete, foam blocks and even adobe bricks. If the pig house ventilation is organized properly, the walls will not accumulate condensate.

Nevertheless, it is better to take care of waterproofing and insulation in advance, then in winter there will be no drafts inside the room. Warm walls are usually mineral wool, foam panels or polystyrene tiles. The following photo shows how to warm the outer walls of the crib.


How to build a pigsty without ventilation? It is better not to build it at all if high-quality ventilation of the pigsty is impossible. However, in small rooms it happens almost by itself at the expense of windows, doors, as well as a small pipe. But in large-scale premises for 100 or more heads, the pigsty is ventilated at the expense of several exhaust pipes and draw holes. Fresh air enters (drawn in) into the draw window, then mixes with the air inside and out through a pipe on the roof.

Barn ventilation scheme

The larger and warmer the shed, the better its ventilation should be. Of course, in summertime, due to the open windows and doors, the pigsty is ventilated almost by itself. It helps to avoid overheating of animals, but also removes harmful ammonia released from pig manure. Ventilation pipes usually have a large diameter - about 40-50 cm. For every 20-30 meters of area, ideally one pipe should be present.


For comfort, first of all, piglets, and then adult pigs, there should be not only the ventilation of the pigsty, but also its heating or heating. How to make a pigsty to be warm? Usually use several options - gas boiler, stove, steam and natural heating. The latter option means that the shed is heated by the pigs themselves. This is really possible, because pigs produce a lot of heat.

With well-warmed walls and proper ventilation, you can make sure that in winter the temperature in the room does not fall below 22-25 degrees. But for newborn piglets in lamps they hang lamps - they warm themselves under them and even sleep, lumping together. If the winters in your region are severe, put a stove in the shed and heat with wood or coal. In a large room for a hundred or more heads, you can install a gas or steam boiler, as well as convectors.


How to build a barn without inventory? The most necessary tools and materials: shovels, cinder blocks, bricks, cement, sand, waterproofing and insulation materials, roofing materials, wood for beams and wall panels in machine tools. You will also need a variety of power tools: drill, saw, screwdriver, hammer drill. From the tools at hand - hammers, fasteners and connecting elements of all kinds, handsaws, chisels, screwdrivers. Auxiliary equipment: construction film, adhesive tape, tape measure, diagrams and sample drawings.

In the process of construction, of course, you will need many more small details. A full estimate can be made later, so that you can know for the future what materials and in what quantities you have spent. Do not forget also about working clothes, shoes, mittens, helmets and face masks, as well as finishing materials that everyone chooses to their taste. In the photo below - the main tools for any construction.

How to build a little barn?

The question of how to build a pigsty for a very small number of heads is very relevant, because just one hundred pigs nobody gets. Below is an approximate scheme of construction, focusing on it, you can calculate the approximate dimensions of the future shed. Thus, depending on the number of pigs for fattening and sows, about 16 square meters will be required for five pigs (3 for fattening, 1 boar and 1 sow). meters To this area you need to add a vestibule, storage space for equipment and feed, as well as for passage between the machines. In general, you can meet about 20 square meters. meters

The scheme of the barn for several pigs

Despite the small size, the ventilation of the pigsty is also important, otherwise the pigs will hurt from dampness or cold, and inside it will be impossible because of the smell. Equip the ventilation window with a pipe on which to put the grille.

Large-scale pigsty

Building a pigsty with your own hands on a large scale is a rather complicated matter. This process is time consuming and technological. It is better to make yourself or order a project pigsty. The golden mean is to build the project itself; in fact, you only need to purchase materials, and then follow the scheme, focusing on the specified dimensions. An experienced designer can offer several different options for compactness and placement of pigs inside.

Schematic outline of the sty

Gathering momentum and awning pigsty, in which there is no division into machines - there pigs actually walk by themselves on the hay litter. Only from time to time they approach the feeders and drinkers. Ventilation of a pigsty with an awning is a little different, but due to the size of the smell there is almost no. In addition, matte natural lighting, which gives the awning roof, is considered to be the most comfortable for pigs. For details, look at the photo.

Large-scale pigsty necessarily insulated, equipped with waste disposal system with exhaust shaft and pumps. The more pigs, the harder and better the cleaning system should be. Pigs are placed in two rows with a passage between them - so space is saved. Sows and piglets are also kept separately, in machines with a larger area. Boars isolated individual machines. Each pen has a feeder and water supply.

Video "Mini tent farm in the United States"

The following video shows a pigsty in the United States, its internal structure and pets. As we see, these are mini-tent structures located on a large territory.




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