How to slaughter pigs in the household?


If you keep pigs, sooner or later there is a need to get pork meat. Slapping pigs is not an easy task. Adult pig weighs a lot, and to cope with this weight will need someone who scores.

When can I start a slaughter?

Many novice farmers do not know exactly when it is possible to score a boar or a pig, and also how much weight the animal should have before this crucial event. An adult pig for slaughter weighs about 110 kg, and how much is the net weight of the product? About 70%, that is quite a lot. It is widely believed that pigs need to grow up to 50-60 kg and then slaughtered, but not all follow it. The video below shows the slaughter of a pig in a household.

A few key rules, under which the slaughter will succeed:

  • do not feed the pig at least 12 hours before the day "X" (it is easier to lure a hungry animal out of the machine);
  • to sow less nervous, do not shout at her, do not push and do not kick (so the stress level will be lower);
  • wash your pet before starting the procedure, it is more convenient to process a clean carcass and the meat quality will be better;
  • choose a place that after slaughter can be quickly removed, washed;
  • immediately prepare a container for draining blood if you plan to make blood sausage out of it;
  • Consider the help of assistants if a pig weighs more than 80 kg.

Effective methods

Effective slaughter of pigs at home can begin when everything is ready for this action. You can score a pig at any time of the year, the main thing is that the pig will gain the appropriate weight. The following video shows the humane and correct home slaughter.

Puncture in the heart

Any livestock breeder with experience has probably heard how to kill a pig with a puncture in the heart. This process seems to be difficult for beginners, but it is not at all difficult to carry out the right slaughter. So, first of all, the animal needs to be fixed with ropes at the back and front legs. Usually requires participation in the process of at least two people, and ideally better than three. One will make a puncture, and two will hold the front and rear.

Fixed pig put on the right side, prepare a thin long knife (blade at least 30 cm), which is thrust into the heart of the animal. The heart of a pig is approximately between the third and fourth rib, as in humans. After that, they hold the knife for a while until the animal subsides, and they take it out of the wound, holding it with a clean, dense cloth (it must be prepared in advance).

Puncture in the neck

The slaughter of pigs in this way is carried out as follows: two people are needed - one stabs in the neck, the other holds the legs. The pig is placed on a special table with its feet up. The head should be on the right if you are right handed. Near the surface of the table is a basin for the draining of blood. If you visually draw an imaginary line from the left ear to the pharynx, you must prick at a distance of 2-3 cm from the ear.

Immediately after the injection, the animal will be shocked, it must be turned over to the left side, grab the right leg and press down to the table. The blood with this method of slaughter quickly flows out and the animal falls asleep right in front of his eyes. This method is perfect for small pigs, for example, Vietnamese. Using it, you will understand how to slaughter a pig quickly and painlessly.

Using stun gun

Slaughtering with a stun gun is considered inhuman, but some farmers use it to slaughter a boar. The male is usually very strong, and it is sometimes impossible for three males to hold him, let alone a single "duel". The procedure is standard - an individual is imperceptibly stunned by a shocker, and then the carotid artery is cut or the heart is punctured.


The most impractical method from which both the animal and those around it suffer. To get into the sense of danger and running a pig from a gun or pistol is very difficult, inept attempts to kill an animal in this way can also cause harm to other inhabitants of your farmstead. To use such an inhuman and cruel method is not recommended!

Slaughter piglets

Piglets can be cut in different ways, depending on their weight. The suckling pig is cut on a special high stool alone. A puncture method in the neck is suitable, because the animal will fall asleep quickly and will not feel pain. The more the piglet weighs, the more help may be needed, yet it is better for someone to hold the hind legs.

Boar slaughter

Large boar houses are usually cut by a whole team. A rare boar weighs less than 100-110 kg, and therefore it takes a lot of force to fix and hold it. Based on the weight of hog more than 120 kg will require a group of three people. The owner lures the animal, and two assistants fix and tie the pig's fore and hind legs.

After selecting one of the methods (shock, puncture of the heart or carotid artery), blood is necessarily drained. Otherwise, the fat will have a red tint, and the taste of meat will be different. The following video shows how the boar is slaughtered.

Useful tips for beginners

A few recommendations for those who conduct their first slaughter:

  • food is restricted to pigs 12 hours before the intended slaughter, but watered as needed, but they stop giving water 3 hours before the cutting time;
  • be sure to wash your pets thoroughly (watering with a hose);
  • Remove the knife from the animal’s carcass only when all movements have ceased;
  • the wound is capped with a piece of wood or champagne cork;
  • blood best leaves in limbo;
  • stunned pig need a sledgehammer or the blunt end of the ax (hit in the back of the head or frontal part of the head).

Is a pig slaughtered when it walks?

Of course not. First, you will not succeed in catching and fixing a well-fed animal, but even if the pig is not fed, it is not known how long you will catch it in the yard. The best way is to lure an animal out of an open-air cage and catch it at the entrance, or lure food to the place where you plan to kill it.

Injured by an incorrect, non-lethal wound, the pig is not just agonized, it also becomes overly aggressive. The picture of such a chase for animals in the yard looks very repulsive. If you are planning to slaughter an animal, take care of all the nuances and the moral aspect of this procedure.




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