Preparing feed for quails at home


Every poultry owner first of all wonders how and how to feed his animals? Some buy industrial feed, others in order to save create their own hands. Today we look at the feed for quail, what it consists of and how to cook it at home.

What is it made of?

A novice poultry breeder is unlikely to immediately start preparing food for quails on his own. Many simply do not know how to do it, others are afraid to make a mistake. Just they come to the aid of ready-made purchased feed. They are often also chosen by professionals, because such food is made up taking into account all the age characteristics of the bird. And he helps to save time and effort.

Purchased feed produced by special production. The basis of the diet quail is crushed wheat and corn. As a rule, this grain occupies more than 50% of the total composition. The rest of the complement various grain and vegetable impurities, taking into account the age of the bird.


Production of feed for birds is divided into two types: for the young and for adults. Their composition is not particularly different, but still worth knowing some of the features. So, mash for young:

  • PC-1. It is considered essential for all species. As expected, most of it consists of corn and wheat. Also, the grain base contains wheat bran and barley. An important element of this species is bone meal (at least 40%), from which the bird grows quickly and gains weight well. Of the minerals in the feed contains salt.
  • PC -2-1. The basis is the same - wheat, corn. But for good bird productivity, a significant protein portion has been added: fat, fish meal, sunflower oil. Minerals contain limestone and salt.
  • PC-5. The grain part of this feed is 60% (wheat, corn). As a protein supplement (35%), sunflower meal, fish oil, sunflower oil, fish meal are used. The rest (5%) is occupied by a wide group of minerals, for example, salt, chalk, lysine, phosphate. As a rule, it is chosen for growing young and productive females.

For the chicks in the first days of life, you can use any kind of feed, but it should be soaked with water. The following species are suitable for adults:

  • PC-2-2. This is a kind of analogue of the first type of PC-2-1, but the ratio of grain and protein parts here is provided for birds older than 1 month.
  • PC-4. The basis is wheat, corn and barley. Wheat bran and flour are also present as an additive. From minerals limestone, shell and salt.
  • PC-6. This quail feed for 65% consists of grain (barley, wheat, corn), 30% of the protein part (yeast, sunflower oil cake, fish oil) and 5% minerals (lysine, chalk, phosphate).

From birth to 5 weeks

During this period, the bird especially needs a balanced diet. Her body requires a lot of energy for growth and development. Compound feed for quails of this period includes: wheat grain (more than 50%), corn (more than 10%), soybean meal (15%), fish meal (10%), fish oil (1%), salt, monocalcium phosphate, limestone flour premix In particular, the premix includes a full range of essential vitamins and biologically active substances. For example, vitamins A, E, group B, as well as ferrum, zinc, cuprum, cobalt, manganese.

5 to 6 weeks

The mix for this age includes: base - wheat (35%) and corn (35%), sunflower meal (10%), wheat bran (7%), fish meal (5%), sunflower oil (2%), fish fat (1%), soda, salt, monocalcium phosphate, methionine, Bacell enzyme, lysine, limestone powder, Natuphos 1000, natuzim, premix. This composition has food grade DK-51.

From 7 weeks and older

Wheat grain (25%), corn (20%), soybean meal (15%), bran (10%), sunflower meal (10%), fish meal (5%), fish oil (1%), salt, lysine , soda, methionine, monocalcium phosphate, limestone, Bacell enzyme, premix. This is a compound feed brand DK-52.

From 7 weeks and older to fattening

To do this, suitable feed brand, like DK-52-3. It includes: wheat grain (35%), high-protein feed product (20%), corn (10%), sunflower meal (10%), wheat bran (5%), fish meal (5%), fish oil (1 %), methionine, shell flour, monocalcium phosphate, soda, lysine, salt, Bacell enzyme, premix.


Quail is a picky bird, so it will not give up grain. But this does not mean that you can give it, as they say, all that is. You need to carefully make a diet. This can help feed for birds, cooked on their own. Make it a snap.

For young

  1. Take 1 kilogram of wheat, 400 grams of dry corn kernels, 100 grams of barley. Mix the grain, if necessary, remove the debris and carefully crush.
  2. In the resulting cereal mixture, add half a teaspoon of vegetable oil and the same amount of bone meal.
  3. Then add half a teaspoon of salt to the mixture and mix thoroughly.

This feed will last for 40 days for one quail. In order to prepare a grain mixture for all birds, multiply the mass of each component by the number of livestock.

For fattening adult birds

  1. Mix 700 grams of dry corn kernels, 400 grams of wheat and 100 grams of dry peas. Grain carefully crush.
  2. In the dry mixture, add 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil, a tablespoon of salt, chalk and ground shells.

This amount of mixture is also calculated for 40 days. It can be given both in a dry form, and soaked in water (gruel).

Waste additive

All industrial feeds contain a whole range of vitamin and mineral supplements. At home, of course, such an ideal ratio is difficult to achieve. But as a vitamin supplement, you can prepare a mixture of various vegetable and fruit wastes yourself. It is quite economical and useful for birds.

For example, you can take peel carrots, beets, cabbage leaves, greens, peeling apples, pumpkins and other vegetables and fruits. Then all this mixture should be put in a saucepan and put on low heat to simmer for about 40 minutes. This must be done in order to kill all possible harmful bacteria. Then mix the mixture well and give it to the bird in the form of porridge. If desired, it is also useful to add dry cereal feed for quails.




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