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Goat milk is incredibly useful for the human body, and in its structure and composition it is almost analogous to human. Many mothers make baby cereals with this product. The presence in the household of dairy goats is a guarantee of health, because there is always a fresh and healthy product on the table. But how to choose the most milking species with an excellent percentage of milk fat? Features, videos and breeds of goats with decent milk yield indicators are recognized in our review.


In the process of selecting a goat, it is very important to evaluate her physique, find out the exact age and characteristics of milkiness. A healthy animal looks cheerful, has a shiny coat with no bald patches on its body. The backbone is strong, perfectly formed. Legs are straight, a little wide apart.

The most important thing in a dairy goat is the udder. It should have a thin smooth skin without solid areas. In addition, it must be elastic and voluminous, and milk veins stand out clearly. After milking, the udder becomes smaller and gathers in folds. If the goat it hangs and dangles when moving, has small short nipples that make milking difficult, then it is better to refuse to buy this animal.

In the video, you can see how the best thrush for home maintenance looks.

Milk goats have different color and quality of wool. However, this does not affect their performance indicators. In order for the milk to enjoy a decent fat content, while the milk yield was as high as possible, all conditions should be created for the pets that will contribute to high productivity. The important point is a balanced and nutritious meals, daily walking. It is also worth noting that there are breeds that give milk without a characteristic odor, but with proper nutrition, milk can have a pleasant taste and smell.

Special attention should be paid to the place where the animal rests. It must be clean, dry.

The very-most "thrush"

There are several breeds of milk goats that have the highest milk yield. Of these breeds is to choose the one that will be a reliable assistant and nurse for many years. We offer you the ranking of the most milking breeds. In our review you will learn the characteristics of each type of goat, and how much milk they are able to give.

Zaanenskaya breed - deserved record

These are the largest goats in the world, which can reach almost 80 cm at the withers. Their average weight is 60 kg. This breed boasts excellent dairy results and impressive milk yield, as well as excellent fertility. Every day the goat is capable of producing up to 6 liters of milk, and in the year these figures are over 1000 liters.

These animals are not demanding for special conditions and care. High productivity is observed with 3 lambers and each subsequent year the amount of milk is only added. The udder of such goats is in the shape of a pear, the nipples are well marked. To choose a purebred breed, it is necessary to purchase animals from proven breeders, since it is difficult to buy a purebred representative on the market.

It is also necessary to know that Zaanenskoe goats do not heat well. How many years do animals live? It all depends on the health and conditions of detention. Some are kept up to 8 years, but there are cases when they live to be 14-15 years old. This video will help you understand how the representatives of the Zaanensky breed actually look like.

Toggenburg breed

These animals are characterized by medium size, height of about 60-70 cm, strong dry build with a large udder. Wool is soft, has an average length. The weight of a goat is 40-50 kg, a goat is 70-80.

2-3 goats are born in one lambing. Milk productivity is good, for a year a goat gives 800-100 liters of milk, its fat content is about 4%. Toggenbursk milk is used to make high-quality cheese.

This breed is resistant to frost, quickly acclimatize, therefore, suitable for any climate. And the cold season does not affect the volume and quality of milk. How many such goats are kept? As a rule, within 7-8 years.

Gorky dairy breed

Goats are medium in size, have a strong build. Low, up to 60 cm at the withers. There are both horny representatives and horns. Limbs smooth, regular shape, udder of small size. Goat weight up to 45 kg, goat - up to 60.

This breed is distinguished by its multiplicity. For one lambing pet can bring up to 5 babies. Dairy indicators are high (up to 500 liters), some can give up to 1000 liters. In this case, the fat content of the product is in the region of 5.5%.

In addition to milk and meat, animal skins are used, which are valued for their high quality. And their skin is used to make shoes. Keep these goats no more than 9-10 years. These figures depend mainly on how much milk they give.

Russian white

As the name of the breed shows, these goats were obtained in Russia, and a little later came to Ukraine and Belarus. Milk productivity of Russian white has high rates. Milk yield per year is 500-600 l., And fat content is 4-5%.

The goats are quite prolific, bringing 2-3 goats per lamb. Toddlers grow well and quickly gain weight. Also used the skin and leather of goats for the production of footwear and other products.

Animals of this breed are distinguished by decent endurance. How many years do they live? With good productivity they contain up to 10-12 years.

Megrelian breed

These goats are quite large, up to 70 cm high at the withers. They have a long body and strong constitution. They have large horns and a small beard, strong, properly set limbs, a beautifully shaped udder. The wool is rough and has a length of 3-4 cm. The weight of females reaches 45 kg, and the males - up to 60 kg.

Fertility is high, with proper care and full feeding for the year, milk yield can be 400-800 l. The fat content of the product is 5%. A goat usually has 2 goats each.

It is worth noting the high quality of goat milk of this breed. It is used mainly for the production of cheese, cheese, cottage cheese. These pets can easily be kept on the pasture, and also have excellent resistance to various diseases. But it is necessary to remember that this breed does not tolerate a cold climate.


The most unpretentious of all dairy breeds of goats. Even beginner kozovody who want to choose this animal, without any problems will cope with its cultivation and breeding. A feature of the breed is the ability of its representatives to climb trees to feast on leaves. Moreover, these goats have a calm character.

The animal is large, has strong bones, but at the same time, graceful. The height of females is up to 75 cm, males are up to 85 cm. Animals are 60 and 75 kg, respectively. Goats differ in their multiplicity and bring 2-4 kids at a time.

How much milk comes out per year? Milk productivity is excellent and can be 800-1300 liters of milk. It has a pleasant, delicate taste and it makes excellent cheese. Also good indicators of meat productivity. Below we offer you a video, which presents the kids of this breed.

Nubian breed

This type of goat appeared in our early XXI century. The animal is large, tall, the body is long, narrow, the head is small, the legs are high and thin, and the hair is short, silky and smooth. The mass of adult goats reaches 55 kg, goats up to 70 kg.

The multiplicity of the breed is manifested in frequent bats (twice a year), and a 3-4 goat appears. They differ in milk production, which reaches 900 liters of milk per year. In a day a goat can produce from two to four liters of high fat content - up to 8%. It has a pleasant taste and sweet aroma. The meat of animals of this breed is tender and juicy.

Nubian goats have a soft, friendly disposition, they are very mobile and sociable. Do not have an unpleasant smell. Quite demanding to feed and not tolerate cold. How many farmers for many years tried to plant them in industrial farms, the result was not pleasing. These goats are excessively demanding and are ballad and suitable for keeping only in the household.

From the next video you can learn about the features of breeding and maintenance of the Nubian goats.

Cameroon breed

This breed of goat is small in size and is quite popular among farmers. Animals have compact sizes. Feature - curved back horns that do not harm. The pygmy goat has a small beard and thick short hair. Adult females weigh up to 15 kg, males up to 23 kg.

The goats are also prolific (between about 2 and 4 kids). The productivity of goat milk of this breed is in the region of 1.5 liters per day. It is fat, with a pleasant taste and odorless. Differs in that it can retain freshness, as well as taste in the refrigerator for 10-14 days.

Meat characteristics are also very high. Goats are unpretentious and perfectly tolerate any weather conditions, well adapted to the heat and frost. How many years does this breed live? There is an example when a goat at the age of 15 brought in kids and gave high-quality milk. This video provided a mini-zoo, which contains the Cameroonian goats.

Lamancha Breed

Large breed with a powerful physique. The height of goats is up to 75 cm, goats is up to 95 cm. The body is well developed, the legs are straight and strong, the coat is smooth and short. Udder has a good shape. The main difference is very short ears, which can be raised or pressed. The weight of the female is up to 65 kg, the male is about 100 kg.

Goats are multiples and can bring up to 4 kids per lamb. La Mancha also has high yields, and a goat can produce about 8 liters of milk with a fat content of 4% per day. Milk has a pleasant and smooth taste. These animals can live long enough - up to 14-17 years, almost without losing productivity. They are calm and affectionate, undemanding.

Variegated German breed

Bred goats in Germany. There are several varieties of this breed: white, with boots and a dark belt on the ridge and a forest goat of chocolate color. This breed is quite large up to 70 cm, goats up to 90 cm.

Milk productivity at a high level and up to 1100 liters of milk per year. Its fat content is 4%. Animals are calm and unpretentious, it is possible to keep in private households and large farms.

When choosing a dairy breed you should not rush, you must be confident in the health of the animal, its productivity and that the animal will meet all your hopes. Many of them are not whimsical to the conditions and feed, but the better the owner will take care of the animal, the more delicious milk will be, and, as you know, it will be a huge storehouse of nutrients and vitamins.

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