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If you plan to give your child a pet, then the best solution would be a dwarf rabbit. He has a friendly and appeasable character. Such animals are unpretentious in care and eat little, do not emit unpleasant odors and can be contained in the apartment high-rise building. They quickly get used to the owners and respond to the received name. Also, eagles love to sit in the hands of the owner, delighting him with their warmth and delicate wool, which is very pleasant to iron.

Friendly animals for home

For the first time, the existence of varieties of the breed of dwarf rabbits was talked about at the end of the 19th century, when miniature eared ears with a standard color were demonstrated at the British exhibition "Polish Rabbit". These animals immediately attracted the attention of the general public, who considered that the breeding of small animals would require less space and feed.

At the first stage, the animals were bred only to get skins, the fur of which was soft and silky. But later the breeders noticed that the dwarf domestic rabbits have a gentle disposition and quickly become accustomed to the owner, becoming true friends.

These animals love to play with children, distracting them from everyday tricks, and enjoy sitting on their hands. The pygmy rabbit is easily trained by simple circus tricks, which children like very much, who are ready to spend several hours with him every day.

The rabbit at home very quickly gets used to its feeder and cat tray, which meets the natural needs.

Variety of shapes, sizes and colors

When acquiring such a friend for a child, adults are interested in how long dwarf rabbits live and how they differ from ornamental representatives of a hare family.

Today, there are many breeds and varieties of dwarf rabbits, which differ from their brethren only in their miniature size. Signs of dwarfism are fixed in the genotype and are inherited.

Decorative animals can have a different shape of the head and ears, colors, length and softness of wool. But in most cases - these are rabbits of medium and large size, having a weight of from 1.5 to 7 kg.

Mini rabbit has a miniature size, which is inherited due to the existing dwarfism gene. A typical house eared dog weighs about 0.8-1.5 kg and easily fits on the palms of two hands.

With proper care, the dwarf rabbit lives for at least 5-7 years, and some individuals can delight their owners up to 10-12 years.

Variety of the length of wool

Depending on the breed, dwarf rabbits may have erect or drooping ears, giving the animals an unprotected appearance, as well as a varied coat color. Their rounded body can reach a length of 30-50 cm, but preference is usually given to animals of smaller size and weight.

The head is about one third of the whole body, the neck is almost absent, and the length of the ears varies from 5 to 20 cm. The breeds of dwarf rabbits are divided into several main varieties:

  • Shorthair, having a hair length of 1.5-2 cm;
  • medium-haired with a length of wool from 2.5 to 4 cm;
  • long-haired or downy, in which the length of hairs is 5 cm or more.

Dwarf rabbit - is, first of all, a friend, and only then - a pet. Due to the gentle nature and the desire to constantly be around people, he gradually replaces such familiar animals as cats and dogs in the homes.

These tiny breeds of rabbits are bred solely to give pleasure to the owners and are great for keeping in a private house or apartment.

Choosing healthy animals

Typically, these rabbits are presented as a gift to children who, as part of the usual game, learn to love nature and animals, devoting a lot of time to caring for them.

Purchasing a pet you need to learn the features of its life cycle. Like rabbits of other breeds (meat and fur), miniature eared ears have a weak immunity and must be promptly vaccinated against major infectious diseases.

It is not recommended to purchase miniature rabbits at the age of up to 45 days, when they have not yet fully switched to adult feed and have not undergone compulsory vaccination against myxomatosis and HBV. Read more in the article "When and what vaccinations do rabbits."

When buying, be sure to check whether the mini rabbit received anthelmintic preparations for removing worms. The baby's coat should be smooth and shiny, his eyes and nose clean, and no growths and ulcers in his ears. Another indicator of the health of a dwarf is mobility, so you should not buy an animal hiding in a corner and hiding from the light.

Loving to play scary little animals

Care and maintenance of dwarf rabbits is not tedious, because these animals are extremely unpretentious. As we have said, they quickly learn to their feeder and cat tray, which sent their natural needs.

Eared pets hardly smell, although it will directly depend on how to care for them. If their cells are constantly cleaned and periodically disinfected, then your apartment will have fresh air, regardless of the time of year.

They love not only to sit in the hands of a child or an adult, but also to walk with them on the street. However, they are extremely shy, reacting to loud sounds and bright lights. Like young children, they enjoy playing and can do small damage to household goods.

When making a choice in favor of a particular breed, be sure to familiarize yourself with their general characteristics, which may differ from the average norms, both in color and length of wool, and in size.

Large breeds of dwarf pets

Among the breeds that are particularly popular, emit the Dutch rabbit. It has a broad head and a rounded body, short front legs and small straight ears.

The Dutch dwarf rabbit is somewhat larger than the standard sizes and reaches a weight of 2.5 kg. The obligatory white wedge passes through the middle of his nose, and the color of the skin can have a black, chocolate, blue and even a tortoise hue.

These animals are excellent in training and live with proper care for up to 10 years. Read more in the article "About the Dutch Rabbits."

The rabbits of the breed lop-eared ram are somewhat smaller. He has a big head and can reach a weight of 1.7 kg. They have a slightly shortened muzzle, which gives the eared ear a cute look, as well as lowered ears hanging 2-2.5 cm below the chin.

Lop-eared sheep have different shades in coat color - from white and tortoise to black and pearl. Some rabbits may have red eyes. They are very fond of children, quickly get used to the toilet, and life expectancy is 7-8 years.

Miniature Fox Rabbits and Rexes

Dwarf foxes rabbits make up a whole group of long-haired animals that have a varied color. According to its structure, the wool resembles a fox, and the weight of an adult individual is about 1.3 kg (although some varieties can weigh up to 800 g).

Their main feature is small protruding ears, the length of which should not exceed 7 cm.

If the ear of a rabbit you purchased is longer than this figure, then you are a victim of deception by acquiring a non-purebred animal.

How many years representatives of fox rabbits live depends solely on their care. The minimum lifespan is 5 years, but there are cases when a homemade eared mouse reaches the age of 8-10 years.

Dwarf Rex are known for extremely soft skin, which resembles chinchilla wool. Their sizes range from 0.6 to 1.5 kg, although the breed standard is considered to be 1.25 kg in weight.

They have short hair and a stocky cylindrical body. The average length of hairs is 14-17mm, which seriously simplifies the care of animals. Standard ears should be rounded at the ends and protrude, and their length can not be more than 5.5 cm.

English Angoras and Lionheaded Dwarfs

English Angora rabbits belong to the long-haired breeds. In appearance, they resemble a shaggy ball with extremely soft wool. Ears decorated with long tassels stand straight.

Animals of this breed are great as a gift for children, but taking care of them is considered difficult, because soft wool is constantly tangled in balls. Suit point is a very popular color - a completely white rabbit has contrasting paws, the tip of the tail, ears or nose. Angora sizes reach 15-25 cm, and weight up to 1.5 kg.

A unique breed are lionhead rabbits or a lion's head. The body of this animal, reaching a weight of 1.7 kg, is covered with short hair, and on the head, shoulders and ears grow long hair resembling a mane. In some individuals, the length of hairs can reach 7 cm, making them look like a "king of beasts."

If the breed is not kept when crossed, the bunny rabbits may not have a mane, and their wool will be short. But with further breeding, signs of the breed will reappear.

These are very shy animals that are afraid of strong noise and require a lot of space for playing and spending time. With proper care, the rabbit will live in your family for 5-7 years.

Short haired kids

A dwarf short-haired colored rabbit that differs by its small size (15-20 cm at the withers) and weighing just over 1.2 kg is perfect for keeping at home. This harmoniously folded animal has short legs and looks like an elastic ball.

The uniqueness of this breed of rabbits lies in the fact that you can pick up an animal that has almost any color. Small sizes do not require the arrangement of a large cage, even if you have two or more individuals in your small apartment.

Caring for a dwarf rabbit is not difficult. He quickly gets used to the cat tray and will only go into it. Animals eat carefully and do not scatter food too much, although it is best to clean the cage regularly, avoiding the development of staphylococcal infections in it.

If you regularly comb out the animals, your housing will not be littered, and the short hair is very well assembled even by the most powerful vacuum cleaner.

Where to buy purebred eared fish

Deciding to buy a rabbit for breeding or as a gift for children, it is best to contact the pet store, where you will be offered animals that fully comply with the characteristics of a particular breed. You can be sure that the little rabbit was given all the necessary vaccinations, as well as a preventive treatment for worms and ticks.

Remember that purebred rabbits with excellent pedigree can take part in elite exhibitions, and their offspring can be very profitable to sell.

You can also contact the club nursery, where you can see the rabbits-producers and have an idea of ​​what your baby will become when it grows up.

You will have the opportunity to compare different types of dwarf animals, and stop on those rabbits, the external signs of which you are most impressed.

In recent years, there have been many announcements about the sale of dwarf rabbits by private individuals. As a rule, prices are lower here than in pet shops and clubs, but there are no guarantees that they will sell you a representative of the net line.

Rabbits with good heredity live longer

Another reason why animals need to be purchased at clubs and pet stores is the difficulty in determining the sex of an animal that is less than three months old. Experienced breeders can easily recognize a female or male and make the appropriate mark in the attached veterinary passport.

Depending on the breed and gender, they will tell you how long such an animal lives on average, and how many high-grade offspring it can bring in its life.

If you comply with sanitary and hygienic standards and maintain a proper diet of feeding, your pet’s life will be guaranteed for at least 5-7 years, and healthier individuals can live up to 10 or more years.

At the same time, genetic predisposition to diseases and hereditary defects, providing the ability to move a lot, high-quality food that is not infected with mold and fungi, as well as preventive treatment of helminth infections and invasive diseases will play a huge role.

Keep clean and temperature

At home, first of all, equip a spacious cage or pet enclosure. They need to be installed in a shaded place, as far as possible from drafts.

Remember that a warm fur coat protects a dwarf rabbit from cold, but at a temperature of 19-20 degrees Celsius, an animal can begin to overheat the body, which ends with a heatstroke and death.

Therefore, it is recommended to keep a plastic bottle with ice in the open-air cage in the summertime, or regularly wipe the inside of your pet's ears with a cloth soaked in cool water.

Animals must have free access to clean water, which must be constantly changed. Wipe the eyes, nose and genitals of animals with a napkin every day and make sure that they do not develop mucous secretions, which can be the first signs of health problems.

Use only high-quality and vitamin-rich feed.

Dwarf rabbits are very fond of cucumbers, carrots and radishes, green grass and fresh hay. It is recommended that dried fruits rich in microelements be introduced into their diets.

The daily ration for animals can be up to 150 g of fresh hay, juicy green food in the amount of 8% of body weight, up to one and a half cups of washed vegetables per 1 kg of weight, 1 tbsp. spoonful of chopped fruit, which can be given no more than 3-4 times a week.

In the daily diet, up to 2.5-3% of the rabbit's live weight should be granulated feed enriched with vitamins, microelements and biologically active substances. Be sure to add salt in the amount of 1-1.5% of the total amount of food.

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